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The Accenture logo, from the Dublin-based consulting firm of the same name, is an example of succinct information. The identity symbolizes accessibility, openness, the resolve to break away from stereotypes, and the pursuit of new horizons.

Accenture: Brand overview

Dublin, Ireland
Accenture is a public consulting firm founded in 1989. However, the company’s history began much earlier, as it was part of the audit firm Arthur Andersen (founded in 1953), a division for financial and technical consulting. The company then separated and became an independent entity. Today, it is located in Dublin, Ireland, and its network spans about 120 countries worldwide.

Meaning and History

Accenture Logo History

For nearly three months, the administration contemplated a name for the company until business consultant Kim Petersen suggested the option Accenture. According to the management’s plan, it conveys the determination to break away from stereotypes and the pursuit of new horizons that the consulting service guarantees. The group’s name was officially approved in 2001, after which it immediately became an emblem. It symbolizes the intention to help clients change their future for the better.

What is Accenture?

Accenture is a consulting company for the organization, optimization, and planning of businesses, providing human resources consulting services. It is registered in Bermuda, but its office is located in New York.

2001 – 2017

Accenture Logo 2001-2017

The brand name contains only the textual part, consisting of the company’s name. All letters are lowercase, long, and sans-serif, with minimal spacing between characters. The lowercase ‘c’ and ‘e’ have an original design: their lower element is extended, making them appear open. Above the ‘t’ is the mathematical symbol ‘>’, meaning ‘greater than.’

2017 – 2018

Accenture Logo 2017-2018

In 2017, the management decided to change the logo’s structure, making minor modifications. As a result, the characters became wider and more classic, and the accent mark became more expressive. The letters ‘c’ and ‘e’ received a traditional design.

2018 – 2020

Accenture Logo 2018-2020

The redesign of the consulting company’s logo involved changing the color of the ‘>’ (greater than) sign, which is located above the ‘t.’ The developers, without touching anything around, changed its palette from brown to light blue.

2020 – today

Accenture Logo 2020-present

In 2020, the modifications to the mathematical symbol ‘>’ continued. After a series of experiments, it became purple. No other transformations were made.

Accenture: Interesting Facts

Accenture is a big company that helps other companies with advice, digital stuff, technology, and how they work. It started in 1989 and now works all over the world.

  1. How It Started: It used to be part of an accounting firm called Arthur Andersen but became its own company, Accenture, in 2001. The name means focusing on the future.
  2. Worldwide Work: They have offices in more than 200 cities in 50 countries. This means they help people all over the planet.
  3. Places for New Ideas: Accenture has over 20 special places called innovation hubs. They work with clients to generate new ideas and test new technology.
  4. Digital Stuff: They’re into digital things like artificial intelligence, keeping online information safe, and using the cloud. This helps them stay modern and useful.
  5. Caring for the Planet: Accenture wants to benefit the environment. They plan to not add to air pollution by 2025 and are careful about using water, creating waste, and buying things responsibly.
  6. Everyone’s Welcome: They’re proud of having a team with all kinds of people. They work hard to ensure everyone feels included, no matter their background or who they love.
  7. Learning A Lot: Accenture offers its team members many opportunities to learn new things through a special online learning area with thousands of courses.
  8. All About AI: They have a special group focused on using AI and data to help businesses be smarter and make good decisions.
  9. Helping Others: Through the Accenture Foundation, they use their resources to help communities, support education, and do good things worldwide.

So, Accenture is not just a big company; it’s a company that works everywhere, values new ideas, takes care of the planet, and believes in giving everyone a fair chance.

Font and Colors

Accenture Emblem

The simple design accurately conveys the company’s direction of activity and work style. For example, the lowercase letter ‘a’ emphasizes the accessibility of services. The ‘greater than’ sign indicates the forward movement vector. The strict letters indicate a pursuit of perfection.

The logo uses a standard font from the sans-serif group. The color scheme is monochromatic, consisting of a combination of black (text) and red (accent mathematical symbol).

In the new logo, the font was not adjusted – it remained the same as in the 2017 version. The main focus was on the color of the mathematical sign. Thus, after red, it became sky blue and then transformed into light purple.

Accenture Symbol

Accenture Logo Color Codes:

  • purple: Hex #A100FF; RGB 161, 0, 255; CMYK 37, 100, 0, 0; Pantone 2592 C
  • black: Hex #000000; RGB 0, 0, 0; CMYK 0, 0, 0, 100; Pantone Black 6 C


What does the Accenture logo mean?

The Accenture logo signifies accessibility (the word begins with a lowercase letter), openness (sleek symbols with wide inner space), and continuous growth (the mathematical ‘greater than’ sign at the top). There are no other elements besides the name.

Is Accenture’s strategy different from Accenture’s?

The Accenture company has several divisions, including Accenture Strategy and Accenture Technology. They differ in functions: the former plans the strategy for management and business development, while the latter offers their implementation and usage.

What is Accenture’s strategy?

It combines industry expertise, design, and analysis under human guidance. This allows clients to learn to act confidently and quickly.

What is Accenture’s company slogan?

Accenture’s motto is “Let there be change.” It adopted this in the second half of 2020 and added it to the website. Its logo also uses the slogan “High performance. Delivered.”