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Telus logo is heading into the future. Pushes technology forward to create a happy life for people. The emblem reflects the determination and care that, like a needle and thread, help to weave a picture of a more perfect world.

Telus: Brand overview

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

The motto “The future is friendly” reflects Telus Communications Inc.’s vision because its divisions work for the future and use modern technologies for this. The company’s subsidiary brands are represented in digital health, security, IT services, the Internet, IPTV, and wireless telephony.

The Canadian telecommunications firm Telus Communications is part of the Telus Corporation, which was founded in 1990. Both companies began with the telephone provider Alberta Government Telephones, created in 1906 and serving Alberta’s province. Its headquarters were located in the tallest skyscraper in the city of Edmonton.

In 1990 Telus Communications was founded based on Alberta Government Telephones. This restructuring was needed to facilitate the company’s transfer from the public sector to the private sector. Privatization ended in 1991 when the provincial government got rid of the last stake in AGT. Over the following years, Telus continued to change: first, it merged with the Edmonton Telephones Corporation, which led to the final disappearance of the Ed Tel and AGT trademarks, and then it merged with the British Columbia Telephone Company and laid the foundation for Telus Corporation.

Meaning and History

Telus Logo History

The Telus corporate identity has been original from the very beginning. The company found a symbol that reflected its desire to grow and develop: a combination of thin lines directed upwards. The designers made them two-tone so that the elements were visually separated. Graceful stripes resembled the letters “t” and “l” while the brand’s full name was still nearby. In the 2000s, the logo was redesigned, but only the color changed because long-term traditions are important for Telus.

What is Telus?

Telus is a brand of Telus Corporation, a Canadian conglomerate providing services in telecommunications, agriculture, security, healthcare, and information technology. Most often, the name refers to the subsidiary Telus Communications Inc., which provides mobile communication, television, and internet services to millions of customers.

1996 – 2000s

Telus Logo 1996

The Telus logo is common to all divisions that bear this name. He is associated with a wide range of services, representing the brand in consulting, security, health, information technology, and telecommunications. The wordmark looks very minimalistic but is remembered for its simplicity. It is complemented by a more complex element: a graphic symbol in the form of a two-color monogram.

The left side of the logo seems abstract only at first glance. This is a rather meaningful combination of the letters “T” and “l,” by which all Telus divisions can be identified. Many companies choose monograms as their emblems, but this holding is one of the few that has chosen a handwritten font for decoration. Therefore, the lowercase “l” looks the same as in the letter – in the form of a curving strip.

But the capital “T” is much more difficult to recognize because instead of a vertical stroke, a diagonal loop “l” is used. Moreover, the horizontal line looks like a long needle, which passes through the intra-letter space “l” and balances on both sides with its sharp part.

The original monogram distinguishes both the parent company and its subsidiaries. This is because Telus Communications is inextricably linked to the Telus Corporation holding group and its many brands. A common symbol, complemented by an inscription, demonstrates the integrity of the identity at all levels. The unusual style emphasizes the uniqueness of the telecommunications corporation and its importance in the service market.

2000s – today

Telus Logo

The designers changed the logo’s color palette, making the thin lines clearer. This improved the perception of the stylized monogram. The light green loop was repainted in a brighter and more saturated shade of green, and the “needle” threaded through it, and the inscription next to it acquired a dark purple color.

Font and Colors

Telus Emblem

Typography is an important aspect of design, so Telus uses the crisp Helvetica Neue font, which displays well at any size thanks to its clean lines and no serifs. But the lettering on the logo has slightly different lettering: when you zoom in, it becomes noticeable that the “S” is different. Rather, it resembles a similar letter from the Bitstream Vera Sans Bold or DejaVu Sans Condensed Bold typefaces.

Telus Symbol

The palette includes three colors. White (# 000000) serves as the background, as usual, light green (# 81cd23) is used for the handwritten “l” from the monogram, and dark blue (# 273599) is used for the inscription “TELUS,” and a diagonal line is drawn on the left side of the logo.

Telus color codes

Kelly GreenHex color:#66cc00
RGB:102 204 0
CMYK:50 0 100 20
Pantone:PMS 802 C
Blue DiamondHex color:#49166d
RGB:73 22 109
CMYK:33 80 0 57
Pantone:PMS 2617 C