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30 Seconds To Mars logo, presented in an audacious red tone, mirrors the vigor and intensity characteristic of rock music. Encrypted within its form, a series of symbols reside, their connotations remaining undisclosed by the band, leading to fan-based theories and interpretations.

The emblem fuels curiosity among the band’s followers, who propose that the band’s title might be concealed within the four symbols. It is suggested that the first symbol comprises two ‘3’s that collectively form a ‘0’. The protruding circle that follows is perceived as a clock face, alluding to the ‘Seconds’ in the band’s moniker.

The emblem’s third component contains lines. The three lines are seen as a clue indicating the number of letters in the word ‘two,’ which sounds similar to ‘to,’ thus contributing to the band’s name. Finally, the fourth part of the logo is seen as a representation of Mars, the celestial body accompanied by two moons, completing the name “30 Seconds To Mars”.

While these interpretations are speculative, they infuse a sense of mystery into the emblem, enhancing the band’s appeal and creating a communal guessing game among fans.

Beyond the enigmatic symbol, the band’s full name appears adjacent to it, displayed in the Bank Gothic font, split into four lines. This font choice, modern and subtly futuristic, enhances the bold symbol and strengthens the band’s brand identity, harmonizing with the band’s genre and artistic identity.

The 30 Seconds To Mars emblem is more than a mere representation of the band’s name. It’s a symbolic puzzle, sparking curiosity among fans and reflecting the band’s enigmatic and captivating musical style.

30 Seconds To Mars: Brand overview

Founded:1998 – present
Founder:Jared Leto, Shannon Leto
Los Angeles, California, U.S.

For over two decades, emerging from the pulsating heart of Los Angeles, California, 30 Seconds to Mars has been a seismic force in the rock music world. Guided by the distinctive vocals and guitar of Jared Leto, accompanied by Shannon Leto’s compelling drums and Tomo Milicevic’s masterful guitar, this trio has been inspiring waves of fans across the globe with their extraordinary sound.

In the twilight of the 1990s, the Leto brothers, Jared and Shannon, nurtured a dream of building a band. Despite Jared’s prosperous Hollywood acting career, his enduring love for music propelled him to venture into this new territory. They soon brought on board Matt Wachter as the bassist and Kevin Drake on guitar, christening the group as 30 Seconds to Mars, hence paving their path in the music world.

The band introduced themselves to the music scene with a self-titled debut album in 2002. While it may not have set the commercial charts ablaze, critics were quick to recognize its potential, thus cultivating a devoted fanbase for the band. Their breakthrough arrived three years later with the release of their second album, A Beautiful Lie. The album graced the Billboard 200 chart at number 36 and presented the hit single “The Kill,” which resonated powerfully with fans.

The release of their third album, This Is War, in 2009 saw the band catapulting to stardom. The album made an impressive entrance at number 18 on the Billboard 200 chart and featured the acclaimed single “Kings and Queens,” earning them a string of MTV awards and critical praise.

Led by the artistic vision of frontman Jared Leto, the Grammy-nominated musicians enthralled audiences with their cinematographically designed music videos. The band’s experimental approach to videos, evident in tracks like “The Kill,” “From Yesterday,” and “This Is War,” revolutionized the art form.

In 2013, the release of their fourth album, Love, Lust, Faith, and Dreams, marked another triumph. Debuting at number 6 on the Billboard 200 chart, it included popular singles “Up in the Air” and “City of Angels.” The band further broadened their musical horizons with the 2018 release of their fifth album, America, featuring collaborations with Halsey and Zedd.

For over 20 years, 30 Seconds to Mars has been an unstoppable force in the realm of rock music. Their potent combination of evocative lyrics, electrifying live performances, and groundbreaking music videos have won the hearts of a growing legion of fans. As they continue evolving and creating music transcending boundaries, the horizon seems incredibly bright for this dynamic trio.

Meaning and History

30 Seconds To Mars Logo History

The brand identity of this band is deeply rooted in their unique blend of alternative rock, space rock, and progressive elements. Their music is distinguished by its sonic experimentation, intricate melodies, and lyrical depth, marking them as distinct in the rock genre. The band has created a unique sonic identity that instantly resonates with their fans and distinguishes them from other groups.

Their commitment to pushing boundaries further amplifies their brand image. Whether it’s their daring musical choices or their thought-provoking lyrics, they continuously challenge norms, creating a brand identity synonymous with creativity and innovation. This audacity to defy conventions has cemented them as an influential force in the music scene.

30 Seconds To Mars (album) Logo History

Their distinctive visual aesthetic also contributes to their brand identity. The band’s music videos and album art consistently showcase a thematic, almost cinematic approach, adding another layer to their music. This aspect of their brand identity not only sets them apart but also enriches the overall listener experience, making them memorable and influential figures in the world of rock music.

What is 30 Seconds To Mars?

30 Seconds To Mars, stylized as Thirty Seconds to Mars, is an American rock band established in 1998. Hailing from Los Angeles, California, the group has managed to make a mark in the music industry with its unique style and sound.

From its inception, the band’s musical journey has been one of evolution and success. Notably, they have released multiple studio albums and have embarked on several world tours, entertaining audiences with their distinctive style of rock music. Known for their energetic performances and experimental soundscapes, they have earned a dedicated following worldwide.


30 Seconds To Mars Logo (Edge of the Earth) 2003


30 Seconds To Mars Logo (A Beautiful Lie) 2005


30 Seconds To Mars Logo (This Is War) 2009


30 Seconds To Mars Logo (Love, Lust, Faith and Dreams) 2013


30 Seconds To Mars Logo (America) 2018

30 Seconds To Mars color codes

Venetian RedHex color:#c00000
RGB:192 0 0
CMYK:0 100 100 25
Pantone:PMS 485 C