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Energy, movement, dynamics, and drive are the main factors of the visual identity of the sports channel. The 6Streams logo epitomizes all four factors of an active lifestyle. The colors add expression to it and make it very expressive because the task of television is to attract the attention of viewers.

6Streams: Brand overview

6streams is one of the largest sports resources dedicated to match streaming. The main focus is on American sports, so any user will be able to watch any NBA, NHL, NFL, etc., match without any problems. In order to go to the broadcast, the user does not even need to register an account, as all the functionality is available to unauthorized users. Match broadcasts are free, but at the same time, the company has installed external advertising. Therefore, at certain moments of the match, the video may be interrupted by a block of small clips from partners. However, the high-quality picture and resolution, suitable for both TVs and smartphones, are the key advantages of 6streams.

Meaning and History

6streams Symbol

For several years, 6streams has been offering users to watch sports events for free, which on official resources are available only by subscription. As a rule, we are talking about significant sums, which many visitors are not ready to allocate. You can find the broadcast of a match right after you go to the main page of the site. It displays a list of upcoming matches. To start watching, the user needs to click on the link.

Visual brand recognition is at a high-level thanks to hundreds of thousands of users who are fond of popular American sports leagues. For the entire time, only one logo variant was presented to the target audience, but it conveyed the project’s focus as clearly as possible.

What are 6streams?

It is a site that allows millions of sports fans around the world to easily watch sports matches broadcast on American TV channels. We are talking about dozens of matches a day shown in high quality.

Sports-savvy people will immediately recognize the 6streams logo as a slightly modified icon of the NBA, the world’s largest basketball league. Interestingly, the silhouette of the player has been replaced by an alien with a basketball, as indicated by his head. The inspiration for this element was the logo of Reddit, a portal dedicated to social networks. This creature on the usual NBA logo looks stylish and convincing. If we talk about the background, it is two halves of a circle, made using red and blue colors.

To the right of the emblem is a verbal inscription made in two lines. It reads: “Markov Creeks.” The first word is made in blue color, the second – in red. The inscription is in the classic bold sans-serif font. All lowercase letters give the logo a positive vibe and appeal.

Interestingly, the top word is a bit larger than the bottom one. Globally, the 6streams logo conveys the sporting orientation of the project. A person who has been fond of sports for more than one year will have no trouble analyzing it.

Font and Colors

6streams Emblem

The wordmark on the 6streams logo is in a classic bold sans-serif font. It perfectly complements the emblem and, in general, allows the project to stand out from its competitors engaged in free streaming of sporting events.

The blue-red color palette repeats the NBA logo. Thus, representatives of the 6streams project created not only a memorable logo but also outlined the goals and objectives of the site.

6Streams Logo Color Codes:

  • Blue:Hex: #254d8c; RGB: 37, 77, 140; CMYK: 74, 45, 0, 45; Pantone: PMS 7686 C
  • Apple Red: Hex: #d81e2f; RGB: 216, 30, 47; CMYK: 0, 86, 78, 15; Pantone: PMS 185 C


What does the 6Streams emblem mean?

The 6Streams emblem is a redesigned version of the NBA logo, retaining the classic blue and red vertical banner and featuring a white silhouette of a player holding a basketball. The twist is that the player has an alien-shaped head, an element borrowed from the official Reddit logo.