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The A Day to Remember logo is majestic and monumental. The emblem shows the band’s ambition to make a mark in history and be remembered by fans for many years. The sign represents a band with style, a mission, and a path.

A Day to Remember: Brand overview

Founded: 2003 – present
Founder: Tom Denney and Bobby Scruggs
Ocala, Florida, U.S.
Website: adtr.com
A Day to Remember is a Floridian quintet that was formed in 2003 in the city of Ocala. Founders Tom Denney and Bobby Scruggs were the only ones who left the band later, and the current members are McKinnon, Westfall, Woodard, Shellnutt, and Skaff. The band has released seven studio albums with Victory Records under their label, ADTR.

Meaning and History

A Day to Remember Logo History

The band’s logos focus on the essence of the name. The signs reveal wear and the passage of time. The band has been playing for a long time, and now viewers observe old, peeling posters. This technique demonstrates the world’s transience, evoking thoughts of eternity and the meaning of life. The band conceived its first logo a year after its inception, coinciding with the release of the independent EP: Halos for Heroes, Dirt for the Dead. The second emblem is associated with their third album, Homesick. The recording and production were handled by Victory, who likely designed the new logo.

What is A Day to Remember?

An American band combining hardcore and pop-punk in their music. They stand out for their unusual melodies. The group independently released their first EP and sold it at concerts. After that, seven studio albums were released in collaboration with four labels. The latest contract is with Fueled by Ramen. The band regularly tours Europe, the US, and Australia.

2004 – 2008

A Day to Remember Logo 2004

The band’s emblem consists of an inscription that resembles a sticker due to the wide white border around each symbol. The title is arranged in two levels. The ends of the words on the right are slightly tilted, indicating a long time since the sticker was applied. The cracked, lined background brings in an antique effect. The entire exterior of the logo resonates with the theme of memory.

The emblems do not reflect the band’s first name, End of an Era. It was changed in the first year of its existence. The current name was suggested by the girlfriend of the band’s founder, drummer Bobby Scruggs, during one of the rehearsals. The members liked the name, and they decided to keep it. Scruggs was kicked out of the band after two concerts because his playing was not up to par.

2009 – today

A Day to Remember Logo

In 2009, a new logo was created for the band’s third studio album, reflecting the year’s significant events: the band refreshed its lineup and embarked on its first headlining tour.

The large capital letters with truncated corners signaled a new stage in the life of A Day to Remember, their growing popularity and fame. The image resembles a massive monument to someone great, slightly touched by time. Hence the wear on the edges of the inscription.

The logo demonstrated that the band has left a significant mark in music history, which will not fade soon.

Font and Colors

The black color blends well with the theme of memory and the hardcore style in which the musicians play. Dark shades evoke feelings of sadness and melancholy. They are associated with loud, powerful sounds typical of metal.

The font of the inscription is Mako Black. Each character resembles a hewn boulder, a cliff. The inscription conveys calm and confidence, indicating the strength and unity of the band.

A Day to Remember color codes

Black Hex color: #000000
RGB: 0 0 0
CMYK: 0 0 0 100
Pantone: PMS Process Black C