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AAA: Brand overview

In 1919, AAA (Ateliers d’Automobiles et d’Aviation), a pioneer of the early French automobile industry, was founded in Paris. Founders André Salomon and René Cotton, who had a background in the aviation industry, led this new venture.

AAA began by creating a small two-seater electric car called the Alvo. This vehicle was battery-powered and had a range of over 60 miles.

A notable leap in the company’s development came in 1920 when it merged with another electric car manufacturer, Société Electrique des Voiturettes. This strategic move allowed AAA to diversify its product range. The company began producing a wide range of electric vehicles, including commercial variants such as cabs, vans, and buses.

Despite these successes, AAA faced stiff competition from gasoline vehicle manufacturers. The slow development of electric vehicle technology at the time further aggravated the company. In 1920, AAA fell into receivership, resulting in its assets being acquired by another automobile manufacturer, Berliet. After surviving for almost a year, AAA eventually went out of business.

Despite its short existence, AAA was a significant pioneer of electric vehicles in early 20th century France amidst the development of automobile technology. The company was an early illustration of the potential ubiquity of electric vehicles and showed how the landscape might have changed if battery technology had developed faster in that era.

Meaning and History

AAA (Ateliers d'Automobiles et d'Aviation) Logo History

1919 – 1921

AAA Ateliers dAutomobiles et dAviation Logo

This logo represents restrained energy encased in a circle, which is in keeping with the company’s focus on automobile manufacturing. The Paris-based company, which existed for only one year, decorated its logo with three brightly colored letters “A,” formed from the phrase “Ateliers d’Automobiles et d’Aviation.” The bold letters look slender because they are tall. Straight, elongated lines give the symbol a sense of strict geometricity, emphasizing its connection with the technical sphere. Rectangular notches on the legs of letters correspond to flat top cuts of glyphs; both have smooth surfaces.

The tall letters “A” in the logo seem to reach for the sky, which is great for a company that is also interested in aviation. The straight lines make the logo look very neat and precise, as if it was measured twice and cut once. And the rectangular cutouts? They are like a finishing touch that gives the whole product a finished look but without being too flashy.

AAA (Ateliers d’Automobiles et d’Aviation) Logo Color Codes:

  • Red: (Pantone 485 / Hex #D81E05)


What does the AAA (Ateliers d’Automobiles et d’Aviation) logo stand for?

AAA, or Ateliers d’Automobiles et d’Aviation, is a French manufacturer known for its automobiles and airplanes. Founded in the early 1900s, the company is one of the leading manufacturers of high-performance automobiles. The company’s logo reflects its dual specialization of automotive and aviation, symbolizing innovation and precision engineering.