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ABC Logo

ABC Logo

ABC is an American broadcaster. Edward Nobel founded it in 1943. Now the channel is part of the Disney-ABC Television Group and is owned by The Walt Disney Company. She is the youngest television network of the United States Big Three and the fifth oldest broadcasting company in the world. Its headquarters are located in New York, and its work offices are in Burbank, California.

Meaning and History

ABC Logo History
Evolution of the ABC Logo

The beginning of this network dates back to the 1927th year when it was still a radio station as part of the NBC Blue Network. In 1942, the broadcasting service separated, and a year later became an independent station. In 1945, she received a new name and a personal logo, which changed many times. In 1948, the company switched from radio to television.

1945 – 1952

ABC Logo 1945-1952

The debut logo looks very simple and consists only of the company’s name – American Broadcasting Company. The words are arranged in three tiers and are written classically: the first letters are uppercase, the rest are lowercase.

1952 – 1953

ABC Logo 1952-1953

This option lasted a short period and was replaced. But still, it has become legendary, because it laid the foundation for modern logos that are created on its basis. This is a round gray badge with several alternating black and white borders. In the middle is the abbreviated company name – “ABC.”

1953 – 1956

ABC Logo 1953-1956

In 1953, the broadcast network received a new logo based on the Federal Communications Commission’s press. The letters are in a round shield that is crowned with a bald eagle with a zipper in its beak.

1956 – 1962

ABC Logo 1956-1962

The redesign of that period is associated with the transition to color broadcasts. Therefore, it was decided to revise the existing version and modernize it. It depicts a large lowercase “a” with the letters “ABC” in the middle. This version is popularly nicknamed “ABC Circle A.”

1958 – 1962

ABC Logo 1958-1962

At this time, a two-part verbal sign was used. On the first (left) was the company name’s abbreviation, on the second (right) was its detailed name.

1962 – present

ABC Logo 1962-present

The year 1962 became a landmark in the history of the emblem because graphic artist Paul Rand developed a design that marked the beginning of the era of round dark logo with light and lowercase “abc.” The debut of the new version took place on October 19 of the same year, but it was officially approved only next spring – in 1963, along with a color version.

1988 – 2007

ABC Logo 1988-2007

Designers slightly modified the original logo so that it remains clear even with small sizes. To do this, the letters’ width was slightly reduced, and they stopped merging on the screen into one white spot.

2007 – 2013

ABC Logo 2007-2013

Before the launch of the next television season, the network approved a whole set of branding. The changes also affected the emblem, which appeared a shiny metalized background. The Troika Design Group created the new design.

2013 – present

ABC Logo 2013-present

The steel reflection was removed from the logo, which made the disk a new format. Its author is Loyalkaspar, inspired by the work of 1962 Paul Rand.

Font and Color of the Emblem

ABC Emblem

Except for a short period, the television service badge always looked like a circle with an abbreviation for the company name. Depending on the period, he received a corrected design to meet the technical requirements of the time.

American Broadcasting Company Logo

Until 1956, the letters were located in the upper case and supplemented by serifs. Then came the lowercase option, which is still in use. The color scheme of the logo is mostly black and white, but in 1962 it became more diverse: “a” was displayed in red, “b” in blue, “c” in green. But the background has always remained dark.