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ABC Motors logo is characterized by its originality, a trait that distinguished this English manufacturer of engines for road and flying machinery. The logo features an abbreviation executed in a bubbly font of a curved shape. The unevenness of the letters is due to their following the contours of the circle they are placed in: the ring limits their height. As a result, the extreme “A” and “C” are smaller in size than the central “B.” Next to the last glyph is a bold dot. All elements are colored in a warm shade of yellow and placed on a cool black background.

The bubbly font of a curved shape gives the logo a distinctive and playful look. This design choice reflects the brand’s commitment to innovation and ability to think outside the box.

The unevenness of the letters, with the “A” and “C” being smaller than the central “B,” adds a dynamic quality to the logo. This design element suggests a brand always moving and evolving, reflecting its association with the engine manufacturing industry.

The bold dot next to the last glyph is a unique design element that adds a touch of modernity to the logo. It balances the design and draws the viewer’s eye to the central “B.”

The use of a warm shade of yellow against a cool black background creates a striking contrast, making the logo visually appealing and memorable. This color choice suggests a bold and confident brand, qualities essential in the competitive engine manufacturing industry.

ABC Motors: Brand overview

Founded:1912 – 1951
Founder:Ronald Charteris
Hersham, Surrey, England
ABC Motors, a British company known for manufacturing cars, aircraft, scooters, and engines, was established by Ronald Charteris in 1912. Its original name was the All British Engine Company, headquartered in Hersham, Surrey.

The early years of ABC Motors were dedicated to building engines for cars and aircraft. The 1920s, however, saw the company expanding its manufacturing range, including the Skootamota motor scooter and the ABC car model.

The company earned a reputation for its lightweight, high-performance engines, widely used in various racing applications, including Malcolm Campbell’s land speed record-breaking vehicles. ABC Motors also produced Skootmobile scooters and the Voiturette cyclecar during the 1920s and 30s.

In the heat of World War II, the company played its part in the war effort by manufacturing engine components for military aircraft.

Once the war ended, ABC Motors focused on motor scooters and microcars. Due to a fuel shortage, the Rascal and Cub microcars were particularly successful in the 1950s. However, despite its successes, ABC Motors encountered financial difficulties and declared bankruptcy in 1951, which marked the end of its nearly 40-year operation.

At the height of its operation, ABC Motors had approximately 500 employees working at its factory in Hersham. The company had a significant early impact on the design of lightweight engines and motor scooters. However, the company fell into financial hardships in the early 1950s. Despite its closure, elements of ABC Motors’ engine technology continued influencing the industry.

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