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Acadian: Brand overview

The Acadian compact car was introduced in 1962 by General Motors Canada exclusively for the Canadian market. The purpose of this launch was to provide Canadian Pontiac-Buick dealerships with a domestically produced compact model, as the Pontiac Tempest was not sold in Canada at the time.

The first generation Acadian, which lasted until 1969, was modeled after the Chevrolet Corvair. It had the same rear-engine, air-cooled design.

In 1970, the Acadian was redesigned as the Chevrolet Nova, receiving a more traditional front-engine and rear-wheel drive layout.

Throughout its production run, the Acadian was marketed as an affordable entry-level compact car aimed at the average Canadian consumer. During the ten years of production, the Acadian achieved good sales, attracting buyers on a tight budget looking for a basic GM compact car unique to the Canadian market.

However, the Acadian was discontinued in 1971 when GM decided to make the global Pontiac Astre model available in Canada.

Approximately 288,000 Acadians were produced at the GM Canada plant in Oshawa, Ontario, during its production run, which corresponds to two generations of the car before its discontinuation.

Meaning and History

Acadian Logo History

1962 – 1971

Acadian Logo

The vertically elongated Acadian logo suggests that it was placed on a model with a similar shape – sleek and elegant. At the base of the logo is a tall rectangle with a dimensional border divided into two unequal parts. The smaller part is at the bottom and features three red maple leaves – the symbols of Canada. The larger part is at the top and is dark blue in color. Inside it is the capital letter “A” circled with a white outline. The upper part of this letter extends beyond the geometric figure, towering above it.

The tall rectangle brings to mind something majestic, but it is not conspicuous. The red maple leaves are like a quiet hint of Canada. The letter “A” coming out of the box is reaching for something bigger. The logo sort of whispers: “Hey, look, I’m stylish and cool, but in a relaxed way.”

Acadian Logo Color Codes:

  • blue: Hex #003896; RGB 0, 56, 150; CMYK 100, 63, 0, 41; Pantone 661 C
  • black: Hex #000000; RGB 0, 0, 0; CMYK 75, 68, 67, 90; Pantone Black 6 C
  • green: Hex #D6F7C8; RGB 214, 247, 200; CMYK 16, 0, 22, 3
  • red: Hex #CF142B; RGB 207, 20, 43
  • yellow: Hex #FFD700; RGB 255, 215, 0