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The trio that the ACE logo points to is unusual. Its participants are multifaceted personalities who form a single tandem, complementing each other. The elements of the emblem are permeated with movement. The group goes forward and leads the youth.

ACE: Brand overview

Founder:Beat Interactive
Seoul, South Korea
In South Korea, there are many youth groups that play K-pop music. One of them is ACE, a recently formed five-member band. It is run by the private entertainment agency Swing Entertainment, together with the record label Beat Interactive. The official name of ACE is spelled with dots after the “A” and “C” (but not after the “E”). It is an acronym based on the English phrase “Adventure Calling Emotions.” The encrypted word combination suggests that the musicians want to become a source of vivid emotions for people, striving to inspire fans to achieve their goals.

Meaning and History

ACE Symbol

The band made its debut in mid-May 2017. But listeners learned about it much earlier because all five members of ACE managed to become famous media personalities even before the release of the first Cactus song. They attracted attention by leading an active social life. First of all, the team published on their YouTube channel arrangements of world-famous hits and new renditions of dances. Videos enjoyed great popularity. What are millions of views of the cover of “Playing With Fire” by BLACKPINK. In addition, the musicians starred in musicals and attended various shows as guest guests.

Though the band is owned by a small label, the budding stars made a high-profile name for themselves so they could make their long-awaited debut. ACE members not only sing, but they also move very well, which the audience could see at their many street performances. They danced on the street, gathering crowds of people around them. A huge fan base became the backbone of the Choice community. As the musicians admitted, it was the fans that helped them win the Choice Global Hallyu Star Award in 2020.

The K-pop artists rose to fame very quickly, so their first song, Cactus, was met with great enthusiasm. The day of its release can be considered the official date of the group’s appearance. Shortly before that, a teaser of the ACE logo was unveiled. It turned out that it looked like a complex abstract symbol, consisting of wide stripes. At the top is a triangle. A diagonal comes from its bottom edge, which connects with two lines of different lengths. In the empty space is written the name of the creative team with dots after “A” and “C.” The entire left side is aligned vertically, so it slightly skewed the image.

The logo is not as abstract as it seems. The geometric composition has a hidden meaning: each element denotes a specific letter. The upper triangle symbolizes “A,” though without the lower diagonals. Three parallel lines connected by a common basis represent “E.” On the opposite side is “C,” turned around in the opposite direction but still recognizable by its horseshoe shape. It is these letters that make up the band’s name.

ACE: Interesting Facts

A.C.E stands for “Adventure Calling Emotions,” a K-pop group known for its energetic music and performances.

  1. Start: A.C.E debuted on May 23, 2017, with the single “Cactus.” Their name reflects their goal to offer adventurous and emotional experiences through music.
  2. Members: The group began with five members: Jun, Donghun, Wow, Kim Byeongkwan (formerly known as Jason), and Chan. They’re talented in singing, dancing, rapping, and songwriting, with backgrounds in reality TV and musical theater.
  3. Music: Known for blending pop, EDM, and hip hop, A.C.E. aims to stir a range of emotions, often contributing to the songwriting and production process.
  4. Performances: A.C.E. is acclaimed for precise and energetic choreography, which makes its live shows emotionally engaging and physically impressive.
  5. International Fans: Despite coming from a smaller company, A.C.E has a large international fanbase, “Choice,” thanks to its ability to connect with fans globally through social media and tours.
  6. Social Advocacy: They’re recognized for addressing social issues and promoting inclusivity and diversity, winning admiration for their socially conscious approach.
  7. Fashion: A.C.E has made bold fashion choices, like wearing hot pants during their debut, challenging industry norms, and expressing their identity.
  8. Collaborations: They’ve worked with various artists and producers, enriching their music with different styles and influences.
  9. Recognition: A.C.E has won awards and nominations, recognizing their musical talent and cultural impact.
  10. Growth: The group continuously evolves, exploring new music concepts and themes, showing their commitment to their art and fans.

A.C.E’s story highlights their dedication, creativity, and the impact of passion and perseverance in the competitive K-pop industry.

Font and Colors

ACE Emblem

The word “A.C.E.” is written in a custom font. “A” looks like a triangle without a bottom edge, “C” resembles a fallen “U,” and “E” has a shortened middle horizontal stroke. There are no serifs; all lines are the same width. The designers tried to make the letters coincide in structure with the emblem elements, or at least be remotely associated with them.

The main colors of the logo are black and white. This combination emphasizes the minimalist style of the band, its desire for brevity and visual balance.

ACE Logo Color Codes:

  • Black: Hex color:#000000; RGB:0 0 0; CMYK:0 0 0 100; Pantone:PMS Process Black C