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The Adamastor logo combines the mysteries of antiquity with an ultra-modern minimalist approach. Just as the magical rune Uruz embodies the bull’s power, the company’s cars encapsulate a primal, unknown force that transforms the vehicle into an extraordinary supercar.

Adamastor: Brand overview

Adamastor, a supercar manufacturer from Portugal, was founded in 2010 by Ricardo Quintas and Nuno Faria. Headquartered in Porto, the company’s key strength is using engineering excellence and technological advances in motorsport to create high-performance supercars.

The first Adamastor model, the GT5 V8, was introduced in 2013. This model was very exclusive and was produced in quantities of only five. The GT5 featured a lightweight carbon fiber construction and a mid-engine V8 engine layout.

2016, Adamastor expanded its portfolio with a new supercar, the Rodin. Powered by a twin-turbo V8 engine, the Rodin developed over 1,000 horsepower in track specification.

The unique selling proposition of Adamastor’s limited edition supercars is the integration of racing technology, including advanced telemetry systems and active aerodynamics.

In addition to manufacturing finished vehicles, Adamastor is dedicated to providing engineering services focusing on composite materials and technologies of value to the motorsports and aerospace industries.

Adamastor is a relatively young boutique automaker producing its supercars in small quantities. Its goal is to take innovative concepts from the race track to the road with its high-performance cars.

Meaning and History

Adamastor Logo History

2017 – 2022

Adamastor Logo 2017

The brand name is derived from a mythical character encountered by Vasco da Gama on his voyage, as described in a Portuguese poet Luís Vaz de Camões poem. Adamastor represents the tumultuous elements and obstacles and has divine origins as one of the giants, born of the earth and sky.

The manufacturer has thus indicated that the car embodies tremendous capabilities and strength. Only gods can conquer such a giant. The car owner dominates the road. The supercar offers speed, maneuverability, and unforgettable beauty.

The emblem features a character’s mask in a metallic style on a shield with red, blue, and iron trim. It displays durability, super abilities, and invincible power.

The color scheme indicates the car’s affiliation with France, and the mosaic in the paintwork connects the image with the flags seen on a racetrack.

2022 – today

Adamastor Logo

The Portuguese supercar brand uses a minimalistic logo with no frills. It is a conceptual approach corresponding to sports cars, where everything should be rationalized for a quick start and fast driving. The emblem is extremely simple and consists of just one symbol – the initial letter of the brand name. It resembles the capital letter lambda from the Greek alphabet. It has graceful curves and perfect straight lines. The legs are smooth but angular at the tips. Although the lambda is usually associated with the letter “L,” the company has drawn a parallel with the letter “A.” The frame of the symbol looks like a gasket in an engine.

This logo tells what the automobile brand stands for without shouting about it. The lambda symbol is a quiet nod to race tracks and speed. Its design doesn’t scream: “Look at me!” but draws attention and makes you think. The frame, which looks like an engine gasket, further ties it to the world of automobiles, like an inside joke only car enthusiasts can understand.