ADO Logo


The ADO logo is a perfect embodiment of the personality of a company that produces furniture for the home. It is massive, large, and memorable, with an original design, where each element is harmoniously blended with a single symbolism. The main thing is that the manufacturer showed the product’s face, presenting it as a reliable, durable, and stylish interior element.

ADO: Brand overview

Klaipeda, Lithuania
ADO Furniture is a young Lithuanian furniture manufacturing company (JSC) located in Klaipeda. Offers modern furnishings (mirrors, sofas, bedside tables, tables) standard and custom.

Meaning and History

ADO Logo History

ADO Furniture was registered in 2019 by Marius Kulberkis with an authorized capital of 3,000 euros. In 2020, with 12 employees, the company’s income was more than 411 thousand euros. And in 2021, ADO received one of the prestigious Stipriausi Lietuvoje certificates, confirming the financial reliability of the company and a positive impact on the development of the Lithuanian economy.

The first logo did not show the essence of the company’s activities. Therefore, its change after official registration was expected.

What is ADO?

A furniture company that produces designer items for home improvement from natural materials. Located in Klaipeda.

2003 – 2019

ADO Logo 2003

The team has been designing and creating furniture since 2003. The atelier’s logo was a simple three-letter abbreviation: ADO. Softly rounded sans-serif contours conveyed the simplicity and ergonomics of the created objects—nothing superfluous in the designs and logo. Products easily fit into the interior. The main feature is convenience. The black color represented the use of natural-based materials – metal and wood. The base was made of a steel profile coated with black powder paint for many products.

The decoding of the abbreviation has several options:

  • In Lithuanian: architecture, object design (architektūra dizainas objektas).
  • In English: author’s developments to order; author’s design of objects.

2019 – today

ADO Logo

In July 2019, ADO Furniture was officially registered, and a new logo was developed. It is more elegant and meaningful.

The main element – ADO – has been preserved. The name is written in large wide letters with a letter space between them. Below we added the English inscription Furniture (furniture) in thin and elegant font along the entire length of the ADO. In addition to the word “furniture,” which directly indicates the direction of work, three more visual elements have been added to the logo to complement the impression:

  • Stylized letter “A.” The upper part of the first stick and jumper was removed from it. Thanks to this, it imitates a sofa, bed, or armchair in shape.
  • A thin dividing line is added between the top and bottom of the logo, formed by the elongated upper stick of the letter F. This makes the letter look like a bed. The dividing line shows two stages in the existence of the firm.
  • The ADO font has been changed to a crisp with pronounced corners. He conveys the curves of the furniture and the features of the metal frame, forging details since ADO is also engaged in metalworking.

In general, the logo has become more elegant. It shows the design work, which conveys the creative spirit of the enterprise.

Font and Colors

ADO Emblem

The emblem is exclusively black. It symbolizes the basis, draft, sketch, and the willingness of designers to realize the dream of each client by painting the product in the colors chosen by him. The black lettering on a white background is in keeping with the Scandinavian style, with basic black, white, and gray colors. The airiness and spacing between the letters complete the impression.

ADO Symbol

The font of the word ADO is Rexton Regular with a modified author’s “A.” For furniture, an analog of Axios Regular was chosen.

ADO color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C