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The Adyen logo is simple and geometric, reflecting the variety of channels for conducting trade transactions. It symbolizes payment terminals and bank cards, reminiscent of the numerous “ports” ready to process financial transactions.

Adyen: Brand overview

Founder:Arnout Schuijff, Pieter van der Does
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Adyen is a Dutch company that has been providing online payment acceptance services since 2006. It works with credit cards, bank transfers, and other payment systems worldwide. The company has its own mobile app, and the main currency is the euro. The system processes over 100 billion euros per year and generates revenue of 1 billion euros.

Adyen strives for integration with various technologies and innovative solutions to provide its clients with the most efficient and secure payment services. Thanks to this approach, the company has gained the trust of major international brands such as Uber, Spotify, and eBay, which have chosen Adyen as their payment partner.

Meaning and History

Adyen Logo History

The Adyen symbol has remained virtually unchanged since the company’s founding for over 18 years, which testifies to the stability and reliability of the service. The logo is based on associations, and its imagery creates a close connection with money and profit, eliciting a desire to try one’s hand at commerce. The emblem’s design uses principles of simplification and openness, making the platform easy to use and accessible to a wide audience.

What is Adyen?

Adyen is a leading Dutch payment platform that provides payment acceptance and processing, currency conversion, integration into websites and mobile apps, consolidation of payment data from various sources, report generation, and statistics. In addition, the service offers tools for risk analysis and management. The company has 2,180 employees and is headquartered in Amsterdam.

Unique aspect: Adyen actively collaborates with numerous well-known international brands, such as Uber, Spotify, and Netflix, which is a testament to the high quality and reliability of the services provided. This makes the platform particularly attractive to entrepreneurs and businesses of various scales that aim to ensure the security and convenience of payment transactions for their clients.


From 2006 to the present day, the company’s logo demonstrates a creative approach. The inscription uses an unusual font with open glyphs. Each letter contains an element reminiscent of the following:

  • The slot of an ATM or terminal where a card or banknotes are inserted.
  • A payment terminal in a store that a card is swiped through for payment.

All associations are related to finance, transactions, and purchases, reflecting the core essence of the system. The open lines of the letters symbolize:

  • No limits. The system does not have restrictions on depositing or withdrawing funds, which sets the service apart from competitors.
  • Compatibility with various payment systems worldwide, making the platform convenient.
  • A wide selection of devices for making payments.
  • A variety of functions and capabilities.

It is noticeable that the cuts in the letters are directed in different directions, emphasizing the versatility of the system. Adyen allows consolidating information about all payments in one place, including those that occur in-store through a terminal and on a website. This attracts many entrepreneurs to Adyen.

Font and Colors

The green color of the logo is associated with money, being the characteristic shade for dollar bills and 100-euro notes, which are often used in circulation. Green also evokes the image of young sprouts, symbolizing growth and profit. It demonstrates the potential for entrepreneurs to generate income and increase their assets using the company’s services.

The combination of the green color with the platform’s name elicits associations with new beginnings and annual spring renewal. The shade also speaks to the constant development of the system: the company was founded in 2006, began turning a profit in 2011, ranked 10th in Forbes’ list of cloud services by 2016, and rose to 5th place by 2017.

The logo’s font was specially designed for the company, based on Mossimo 200 Soft Black as the foundation.

Adyen color codes

Bice GreenHex color:#33b454
RGB:51 180 84
CMYK:72 0 53 29
Pantone:PMS 354 C