AEHRA: Brand overview

Founded in 2022, AEHRA is an Italian startup specializing in electric vehicles. Co-founders Hazim Nada and Sandro Andreotti created the company to develop and manufacture high-end electric cars.

Although AEHRA has not yet started production of any vehicle models as it is in the initial stages of development, the company has unveiled its plans for the future. The company plans to introduce its first electric SUV in 2025 with a projected range of 500 miles.

In 2023, AEHRA announced that it had received €500 million in funding from an investment company based in Saudi Arabia. This significant investment will help the company to develop further and manufacture vehicles.

AEHRA’s main goal is to combine advanced electric vehicle technology with innovative design principles to create a new brand focused on sustainable transportation. However, while still in its infancy, the company continues to work on securing additional funding, finalizing its manufacturing facilities, and turning concept designs into real vehicles ready for production in the coming years.

Despite the challenging nature of the automotive industry, AEHRA is committed to becoming a leading player in the premium eco-friendly mobility segment.

Meaning and History

AEHRA Logo History

2022 – today


The Italian automaker’s logo is elegant and conceptual. Despite its minimalistic look, it carries a deep meaning. If you connect the first and last letters “A,” you get a road going to the horizon. In negative space, an arrow pointing upward appears. To achieve this, the designers gave the letters a unique shape – they look like a set of geometric shapes, as they are missing some elements. The text is black, uppercase, and made in a futuristic style.

The upward-pointing arrow is there for a reason. It is an upward movement or watching the car climb a steep hill. It’s not just a beautiful design; it also says something about the power of the car. The geometric shapes also give the car a super modern look, like something out of a science fiction movie. There’s a lot of vibrancy built into the simple design.