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The logo of AEM (Association of Equipment Manufacturers) is a good example of harmony between visual identity and products. The main elements of the logo represent the range of products and shapes. The massive sign tells about the goods’ guaranteed reliability, versatility, and high technical capability.

AEM (Association of Equipment Manufacturers): Brand overview

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States

AEM has a simple, geometric logo because it is a tech company that sells heavy equipment and promotes its manufacturers. The abbreviated name stands for Association of Equipment Manufacturers. The year of its appearance is 1894. The number of participants is more than 1000, which produces over 200 types of products for the agricultural, road, and construction industries. The association’s head office is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The beginning of AEM goes back to the end of the 19th century when manufacturers of agricultural implements and special-purpose vehicles needed to be enlarged. So they managed to resist competition, find profitable interaction points, and expand the business. In the course of development, the organization changed its name several times. It was first known as the National Association of Agricultural Implement and Vehicle Manufacturers (NAAIVM). In 1911, the company became known as the Construction Industry Manufacturers Association (CIMA).

The current association appeared much later – in 2002 when CIMA and EMI (Equipment Manufacturers Institute) jointly formed AEM (Association of Equipment Manufacturers).

Meaning and History

Association of Equipment Manufacturers Logo History

The modern service draws on its many years of experience and uses a new visual identity because the rebranding touched all aspects of its activities.

What is AEM?

AEM is an abbreviation for the trade association of heavy equipment manufacturers from the United States. This abbreviation stands for Association of Equipment Manufacturers. The organization is engaged in producing and selling machinery, equipment, and inventory for the agricultural, construction, and road sectors. It is recognized as the largest industry structure in North America, as it has more than 1,000 companies. Its headquarters is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Until 2019

Association of Equipment Manufacturers Logo before 2019

During this period, the AEM logo consisted of the name. These were bold letters with an asymmetrical “M,” whose right leg was wider than the left. The style is grotesque and geometric, with smooth and precise lines. The glyphs were colored blue and placed between two red elements with concave sides. The inscription occupied the central part of a white oval with cut edges. The upper and lower figures looked like an excavator bucket or a bulldozer blade, which confirmed the technical orientation of the association’s work.

2019 – today

Association of Equipment Manufacturers Logo

The current logo comes from a redesign due to AEM joining the board of Commodity Classic. The emblem has become simple and practical. Bulky details disappeared from it – only the name of the organization remained. The developers trimmed the right side of the “M” and made the letter proportional. In addition, they removed the wide font and opted for a thin one. A new geometric shape appeared in the upper right corner of the logo: it consists of one square and two lines bent by 90 degrees. In height, this design coincides with the glyphs. Below them is the full name of the commercial and industrial association, left-aligned. The inscription is horizontal, even, made with grotesque gray symbols.

Font and Colors

Association of Equipment Manufacturers Emblem

Since the work of this organization is related to technology, the Association of Equipment Manufacturers’ logo is made in a geometric style. It has straight lines, right angles, and precise shapes. Even after the redesign, these criteria remained a priority.

Association of Equipment Manufacturers Symbol

The inscription “AEM” is typed in the first emblem with a typeface identical to the TeeFranklin Heavy from the Suomi Type Foundry studio. In the second case, the font used for the title is similar to David Bold, and the bottom line is grotesque Arabic-font-2013 Bold. The modern palette consists of black, red, and white. In the previous version, the colors are brighter. These include red and blue.

AEM (Association of Equipment Manufacturers) color codes

NickelHex color:#76777a
RGB:118 119 122
CMYK:3 2 0 52
Pantone:PMS Cool Gray 9 C
Neon RedHex color:#ef4128
RGB:239 65 40
CMYK:0 73 83 6
Pantone:PMS Bright Red C