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AerSale logo showcases a part of a jet engine – the fan comprised of blades that passengers see when they board – given the company’s involvement in servicing and repairing jet airplanes. The illustration features shades of grey and blue, with a gradient to create a sense of volume. The jet engine is divided into two sections by a dark blue inscription on a white background. The designers chose a contrasting bold font with massive rectangular serifs to make the brand name more prominent.

The logo of this platform offers a rich visual experience and carries a distinct meaning that aligns with the company’s core business. The various elements come together to form a cohesive representation:

Jet Engine Fan: Central to the design, the jet engine fan symbolizes the company’s primary focus on servicing and repairing jet airplanes. The depiction of the blades provides a direct visual connection to the company’s expertise and specialization. It’s a visual cue that instantly communicates the brand’s domain of operation.

Color Scheme: Utilizing shades of grey and blue, the logo mirrors the metallic components and the technological sophistication characteristic of the aviation industry. The grey conveys professionalism, reliability, and balance, while the blue adds depth and trustworthiness to the logo.

Gradient Effect: Incorporating a gradient within the design adds dimension and realism to the engine’s fan blades. This creates a tactile sense and emphasizes the technical precision and craftsmanship that the company prides itself on.

Division by Inscription: The dark blue inscription dividing the jet engine into two parts provides a platform for the company name and symbolizes the services’ diagnostic and problem-solving aspects. It visually represents the company’s ability to dissect, analyze, and repair complex machinery.

Contrasting Bold Font: A bold font with substantial rectangular serifs further underscores the brand’s robust identity. It reflects a sense of authority and excellence in the field, promoting an image of strength and competence.

White Background: The use of a white background for the text acts as a clean slate, highlighting the brand’s integrity and commitment to quality service. It ensures that the intricate details of the design stand out, providing clarity and focus.

Integration with the Aviation Industry: The logo’s design seamlessly integrates the brand with the aviation industry with its explicit reference to jet engine components. It establishes a clear identity and a sense of belonging to a specific niche within the broad spectrum of aerospace services.

AerSale: Brand overview

Founder:Nicolas Finazzo & Robert B. Nichols
Coral Gables, Florida, U.S.
AerSale, a comprehensive aviation company, offers many services and products targeted at owners and operators of commercial aircraft. The company, which was established in 2008, is based in Coral Gables, Florida.

Providing a diverse array of solutions, AerSale caters to various facets of the aviation industry. These services range from leasing aircraft and engines to offering used serviceable material (USM) parts and even encompassing maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) services. Moreover, the sale of aircraft and related components forms a significant part of the company’s portfolio.

AerSale is renowned for its aftermarket commercial aircraft parts, components, and USM, suitable for various aircraft models and engines. The company operates a repair station certified by the Federal Aviation Administration to ensure top-notch MRO services for aircraft components.

AerSale’s success lies in its strategic relationships with various stakeholders in the aviation industry, including airlines, cargo operators, MROs, and suppliers. These alliances help the company deliver integrated aviation services effectively.

The company’s reach spans the globe, facilitating aircraft, engines, and component leasing and trading across product lines from Boeing, Airbus, and other OEMs. With offices and operations in the USA, Mexico, France, Malaysia, the Netherlands, the UAE, and Ireland, AerSale maintains a strong international presence.

In 2020, AerSale transitioned into a public company listed on the Nasdaq stock exchange. The following year, it recorded impressive revenue figures exceeding $340 million. Today, the company boasts a dedicated workforce of approximately 500 aviation professionals distributed across its global locations and service lines.

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