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AerSale: Brand overview

AerSale, a comprehensive aviation company, offers a variety of services and products focused on commercial aircraft owners and operators. Founded in 2008, the company is based in Coral Gables, Florida.

Offering a wide range of solutions, AerSale focuses on various aspects of the aviation industry. These include aircraft and engine leasing, offering used parts (USM), and even maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) services. In addition, the sale of airplanes and related components makes up a significant part of the company’s portfolio.

AerSale is known for its commercial aircraft parts, accessories, and USMs suitable for various aircraft models and engines. The company has a repair station certified by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration to provide a high level of MRO services for aircraft components.

AerSale’s success is attributed to its strategic relationships with various aviation industry stakeholders, including airlines, cargo operators, MROs, and suppliers. These alliances help the company effectively deliver comprehensive aviation services.

The company operates globally, providing aircraft, engine, component leasing, and trading services for Boeing, Airbus, and other component manufacturers. AerSale has offices in the United States, Mexico, France, Malaysia, the Netherlands, UAE, and Ireland and operates internationally.

In 2020, AerSale became a public company listed on the Nasdaq Stock Market. The following year, its revenue exceeded $340 million. Today, the company employs nearly 500 aviation professionals spread across global offices and service lines.

Meaning and History

AerSale Logo History

2008 – today

AerSale Logo

Because AerSale is in the business of jet aircraft maintenance and repair, its logo depicts a segment of a turbojet engine, the fan assembled from blades that passengers see when boarding an airplane. The design uses various shades of gray and blue and uses a gradient to create a sense of depth. The jet engine is divided into two parts, with dark blue lettering on a white background. To make the brand name even more prominent, the designers chose a contrasting bold font with large rectangular serifs.

The choice of turbojet engine directly correlates with AerSale’s line of business, making it easy to identify the company’s services. The shades of gray and blue in the design symbolize the mechanical intricacies of jet engines and the sky, respectively. The use of a gradient gives the engine a three-dimensional look, emphasizing its complexity. The dark blue text on a white background is a strategic solution to emphasize the brand name, while the bold font with rectangular serifs increases visibility and creates a sense of stability and reliability.