AEW Logo


Wrestling shows combine elements of theatrical performance and martial arts, which is why companies associated with this sport use unusual emblems. The AEW logo seems brutal, youthful, and elegant at the same time. The fact is that the wrestling promotion is engaged not only in holding competitions but also in advertising, which means that it needs the most attractive visual symbol.

AEW: Brand overview

Founded:January 1, 2019
Founder:Tony Khan
Florida, U.S.

AEW is an American wrestling promotion company. Holds several championships: AEW World Championship, TNT, World Tag Team Championship, Women’s World Championship, TBS, FTW. Organizes matches. Owns the TV shows Dynamite and Rampage and YouTube channels. In addition, the AEW logo combines several additional divisions: Games, Heels, Music, and Shop.

AEW is a young company founded in 2019 by businessman Antony Khan. For three years, she became the USA’s second-largest wrestling promoter, thanks to famous wrestling stars’ support.

Meaning and History

AEW Logo History

The promoter’s logo perfectly aligns with the direction of work and the company’s goals. It has never changed since its inception.

The emblem consists of a stylishly designed inscription with a gradient on a black background. In the center of the composition is a large abbreviation AEW. Stands for All Elite Wrestling (All elite wrestlers).

What is AEW?

The second most popular and largest private promotional agency in America is promoting wrestling fighters. The company is headquartered in Florida.

All – indicates the desire for complete leadership in their niche.

The word Elite refers to a team of 7 famous wrestlers, three of whom have worked together since 2016 (Omega and the Jackson brothers, nicknamed Young Bucks). This team supported Khan’s undertaking, leaving their other contracts and promoting AEW, which led to the inclusion of their team name in the company name and logo.

Now the wrestlers are even more strongly associated with the emblem, as a trio of Elites have earned vice-presidential positions for their merits and are part of the company’s management elite.

The expression All Elite in the logo also indicates that the agency signs contracts with the most successful and talented wrestlers – the direction elite. And in the future, they will perform only at the promoter’s events.

AEW Symbol

The abbreviation letters on the logo are located very close to each other, which hints at a contact sport. In this case, A and W are in the foreground and are painted white. This indicates an emphasis on young and promising wrestlers who are given a chance to prove themselves.

The letters cover the E, made in gold and located in the background. This choice demonstrates that the Elite club was at the beginning, the agency’s founding and that the team’s composition is the golden fund of wrestling. The color hints at the champion titles that the winners of tournaments receive from the company and the belts, the rich decoration of which is made in gold tones.

The company’s full name is written above and below the abbreviation and is linked by white lines forming a rectangle around AEW. The figure personifies the arena and its rope fences. The decoding of the abbreviation leaves no doubt about what exactly the company does.

All letters of the inscription have cracks and dots, which give the signs “masculinity.” Such an idea is a tribute to the scars and injuries of the players—a symbol of blows and the result of furious battles.

The black background adds brutality to the composition. Most fights occur in a dark hall with one ring illuminated, and the black color of the substrate demonstrates this. All the audience’s attention is focused on the center of the arena, as in the logo, a large inscription inside the schematic ring attracts attention.

The entire composition of the logo is clear and harmonious, as well as well-thought-out battle scenarios that allow the creation of high-class entertainment shows in the arena.

Font and Colors

AEW Emblem

Primary colors: black, white, and gold.

  • Black dominates the composition, creating a sense of danger, mortal combat, and male energy. It is the prototype of the wrestling hall.
  • White – perfect contrast with black. Indicates the youth of the company and shows the search for young talents.
  • Gold – demonstrates elite sports entertainment. This shows that the agency is the best. With its help, young athletes achieve great popularity, fame, and high income.

The contrast of black and white is a prototype of the struggle between good and evil. All the characters on the stage represent one side. Most wrestling scenarios are based on the confrontation between positive and negative heroes. At the same time, gold is a victory for the best and a reward for them.

The inscription font is similar to Leon Heavy.

AEW color codes

Light KhakiHex color:#f3eb9b
RGB:243 235 155
CMYK:0 3 36 5
Pantone:PMS 601 C
PeruHex color:#bc8333
RGB:188 131 51
CMYK:0 30 73 26
Pantone:PMS 7570 C
BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C