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AFA: Brand overview

AFA was a Spanish automobile company that existed briefly during World War II; it stands for Aymerich Fábrica de Automoviles or Aymerich Automobile Factory. Founded by Joan Aymerich Casanovés in Barcelona, Spain, the company operated from 1943 to 1944.

In its short life, AFA produced only one or two examples of one model, called the AFA 5cv convertible. This modestly sized two-door, four-cylinder convertible was designed with the everyday consumer in mind. However, the car was never put into serial production.

Detailed information about the activities of AFA and the 5cv model is scarce due to the short existence of the company. Difficult wartime conditions and limited production capabilities likely caused AFA to cease operations soon after it began, perhaps reaching only the prototype stage.

Although AFA was not a commercial success, its story is one of a bold attempt to create an affordable convertible in the economically struggling Spanish automotive sector.

Meaning and History

AFA Logo History

1943 – 1944

AFA Logo

The Spanish automobile brand’s logo looks quite imposing but professional at the same time. It has a round shape that may remind you of a steering wheel. However, it does not look like a classic rondel. It has a completely different structure. Apart from the prominent circle in the center, there is a horizontal strip running from edge to edge. On this stripe is the abbreviation “AFA.” The letters are rectangular, with one-sided notches turned to the left. The main background is black, and a contrasting white line with a thin black outline runs along the edge.

The horizontal stripe makes the logo look slightly different and cooler. It gives the impression that the brand does not want to be like everyone else, having its own style. The letters “AFA” are like a secret code of the brand, saying that this car is something special. The black and white colors give the car a classic but not too serious look.