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The AFA logo, a creation of a Spanish car brand, is a striking yet professional emblem that effectively communicates the company’s identity. The logo’s design is circular, reminiscent of a steering wheel, a fitting symbol for an automobile company. However, it doesn’t follow the typical roundel design often seen in car logos; instead, it presents a unique structure that sets it apart.

At the heart of the logo is an accentuated circle intersecting by a horizontal band stretching from edge to edge. This band houses the abbreviation “AFA,” which stands for the brand’s name. The letters are rectangular, with one-sided serifs turned to the left. This unique typography adds a touch of modernity and sophistication to the design.

The primary background color of the logo is black, a choice that lends the design a sense of power, elegance, and sophistication. The logo’s border is outlined with a contrasting white line, further encased in a thin black contour. This double outline enhances the logo’s visibility and adds depth and dimension to the design.

AFA: Brand overview

Founded: 1943 – 1944
Founder: Joan Aymerich Casanoves
AFA was a fleeting Spanish automaker that briefly existed during World War II, standing for Aymerich Fábrica de Automoviles or Aymerich Automobile Factory in English. The company, founded by Joan Aymerich Casanoves in Barcelona, Spain, operated from 1943 to 1944.

AFA produced only one or two examples of one model in its short lifespan, called the AFA 5cv convertible. This modestly sized two-door, four-cylinder convertible has been designed with the everyday consumer in mind. However, the car never entered mass production.

Detailed information about the activities of AFA or the 5cv model is scarce due to the fleeting existence of the company. Difficult wartime circumstances and limited manufacturing capability likely led to AFA’s demise shortly after it began, perhaps only reaching the prototype development stage.

Although AFA was not a commercial success, its story is a daring attempt to create an affordable convertible in the struggling Spanish automotive sector during economic hardship.

Meaning and History

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