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Air Alsie: Brand overview

Air Alsie, a regional carrier based in Denmark, offers domestic and international flight services, including passenger and charter flights. Founded in 1989, the company is headquartered at Sonderborg Airport and operates flights from Copenhagen.

The airline’s operations cover many destinations in Denmark, such as Aarhus, Billund, and Bornholm. In terms of international destinations, the airline serves selected cities in various countries, including Norway, Sweden, Germany, and the UK.

An important feature of Air Alsie’s fleet is the ATR 72-500 turboprop aircraft, which is characterized by its ability to perform short takeoffs and landings. This allows the airline to provide air cab and charter services to a wide variety of clients, from corporate executives and sports teams to incentive groups.

Privately owned Air Alsea employs around 100 staff, which ranges from pilots and flight attendants to operational, technical, and administrative staff. As part of its inclusive business philosophy, the airline fosters ties with local communities.

Through strategic codeshare agreements with partners such as Scandinavian Airlines, Air Alsie is expanding its service offerings to provide its customers with a wider range of flight options. To maintain profitability, the airline is constantly adjusting its routes and services to meet the changing needs of regional markets.

Meaning and History

Air Alsie Logo History

1989 – today

Air Alsie Logo

The two curved blue lines represent the initial letter “A” in the airline’s name. These lines are devoid of crossbars, as the designers intended them to resemble the tail of an airplane. In addition, they are slanted to the right to create a sense of movement. Below is the phrase “Air Alsie.” The two “A’s” in the name have a similar shape but are distinguished by diagonal crossbars. The rest of the glyphs look standard; only the connected letters “L” and “S” stand out. The inscription is completely gray and is made in bold italics.

The use of blue in the design symbolizes reliability and authenticity, which are highly valued in the aviation industry. The absence of crossbars in the shape of the letter “A” creates a minimalistic and modern aesthetic, while their tilt to the right gives the logo a dynamic feel. The gray text in bold italics gives the logo formality and elegance. Special attention to the connections of the letters “L” and “S” draws the viewer’s attention, making the brand name more memorable.