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The Air Dolomiti logo combines elegance and sophistication, speaking to the airline’s dual nature. It is an Italian carrier within the German Lufthansa group. The design epitomizes international cooperation, excellent service, and a touch of luxury—the main attributes of the parent and subsidiary companies. The emblem captures the essence of well-designed European air transportation, where precision meets style.

Air Dolomiti: Brand overview

In the early 1990s, Italian entrepreneurs founded Air Dolomiti to connect Northern Italy with the rest of Europe, making Verona Airport its home base. By 1993, the airline started flying from Verona to Munich with ATR 42 planes, signaling the start of its mission to connect cities. As more people flew with them, they added bigger ATR 72 planes in 1995 to carry more passengers.

In 1999, Air Dolomiti partnered with the major airline Lufthansa, which allowed it to use Lufthansa’s flight code and colors. This partnership showed Air Dolomiti’s growing reputation and capability. A few years later, Lufthansa took full ownership of Air Dolomiti, leading to major updates like introducing Embraer jets in 2003 and replacing the older ATR planes for important routes.

The airline expanded its operations to Milan’s Malpensa Airport in 2008, increasing its presence in Italy’s business capital. In 2014, Air Dolomiti started flying from Munich with Lufthansa’s branding to improve operations and strengthen its relationship with the German airline.

2018 Air Dolomiti updated its brand and planes’ look to highlight its Italian roots and connection to the Lufthansa Group. Today, Air Dolomiti is crucial in connecting Italy, Germany, and other parts of Europe. It’s fully integrated into Lufthansa’s network, with Munich Airport as a key hub. With a fleet of modern Embraer E195 planes and a dedication to great service, Air Dolomiti is a proud example of Italian aviation, linking places and people across Europe.

Meaning and History

Air Dolomiti Logo History

Air Dolomiti’s logos tell the story of its growth from a local Italian airline to a key player in Europe’s skies, blending Italian flair with German efficiency. As part of Lufthansa, its designs have changed to show its important role in linking European cities and its commitment to quality service. The logos reflect the airline’s history and the cultures it bridges with every flight.

What is Air Dolomiti?

Air Dolomiti, based in Dossobuono, Villafranca di Verona, Italy, is a regional airline that has evolved from a local service provider to a prominent player in European aviation. With an operational base at Verona Villafranca Airport and extending its services through Munich and Frankfurt airports in Germany, the company has created a network that covers many corners of the continent. The company established itself as a reliable regional airline in its early years. The turning point came when it became a subsidiary of German aviation giant Lufthansa, a milestone in its history.

1991 – today

Air Dolomiti Logo 1991

Since starting in 1991, Air Dolomiti has changed a lot, including a new logo that shows what it’s about: a blue-green “bird” made of geometric shapes that look like airplanes. This logo indicates the airline’s preparation for longer flights with bigger planes by 1991.

The design reflects Italian style—full of passion, precision, and no cutting corners, especially when keeping passengers safe. This highlights how seriously Air Dolomiti takes safety, thanks to the hard work of its team.

The logo features three blades that resemble the top view of a moving plane’s tail, suggesting the airline is always moving forward. The design also resembles a compass, showing how Air Dolomiti’s flights take off from various Italian cities and head to different places.

The Air Dolomiti name is written in thin, light letters, making it feel light. A creative detail is the missing part of the “D,” which makes the logo look even lighter. The smooth lines soften the sharp edges of the logo, creating a balance that reflects the careful balance needed in flying.

2012 – today

Air Dolomiti Logo

The Air Dolomiti logo intricately showcases a partnership, merging its identity with its parent company, Lufthansa. This logo cleverly integrates the essence of both brands, symbolizing their unity and collaborative spirit. Central to the design is Lufthansa’s emblem, featuring an iconic bird ascending within a circle next to the company’s name. This imagery stands as a timeless representation of the joy and elegance of flying, reflecting Lufthansa’s longstanding values.

Positioned above this, Air Dolomiti’s unique symbols capture a stylized bird, cleverly assembled from geometric shapes: two parallelograms form its body and wings, and a diamond shapes its tail. This abstract portrayal conveys the notion of flight and embodies Air Dolomiti’s speed, agility, and breadth of service offerings.

To the right, the airline’s name is presented in a slender, sophisticated font, notable for its refined treatment, especially of the uniquely stylized letter “D.” This choice in typography adds a layer of elegance to the logo, emphasizing Air Dolomiti’s distinct place in the aviation sector.

Font and Colors

The font used by “Air Dolomiti” is a sans-serif, known for its clean lines and a modern, minimalist look. It’s bold and uppercase, making the brand’s presence strong and recognizable. The straightforward style of the font enhances readability, ensuring the name is easily identifiable.

“Voliamo con te,” translated from Italian as “We fly with you,” suggests a personalized and comprehensive flying experience. The font for this phrase is lighter and softer than the bold font used for the airline’s name, balancing the overall design with a touch of friendliness and approachability.

The logo also features the phrase “Partner of Lufthansa” in a simple, unadorned font, reflecting Lufthansa’s professionalism and established identity.

The logo’s color scheme combines deep blue, turquoise, and gray, often linked to professionalism, reliability, and authority. Blue is a color widely used in the aviation industry, evoking trust and safety—key attributes for an airline. Turquoise adds a classic and refined look to the design, offering a good contrast with the blue, making the logo easily recognizable.


Is Air Dolomiti a good airline?

Evaluating Air Dolomiti involves considering several factors, such as passenger feedback and operational efficiency. Some passengers have expressed dissatisfaction due to delays and the absence of meal service on flights, which can be particularly upsetting when it leads to missed connections.

However, assessing an airline goes beyond a few negative incidents. Factors like punctuality, service quality, cleanliness, comfort, and value for money are crucial. While airlines may face challenges, their ability to resolve these matters and maintain quality service is key. Air Dolomiti, a member of the Lufthansa Group, focuses on linking passengers with Lufthansa’s longer routes. It primarily operates flights between Italy and Germany, striving to enhance the travel experience for both business and leisure travelers.

Is Air Dolomiti the same as Lufthansa?

Air Dolomiti isn’t the same as Lufthansa, but they work closely together. Air Dolomiti acts like Lufthansa’s Italian arm, mainly flying between Italy and Germany. It offers about 550 weekly flights to Munich and Frankfurt, important airports in Germany. This setup helps connect cities in Italy with those in Germany, making travel and business dealings between the two countries smoother. Lufthansa flies worldwide, and Air Dolomiti helps by providing regional flights that link up with Lufthansa’s bigger network at Munich and Frankfurt. This cooperation improves the services both airlines can offer, linking them as partners rather than making them the same company.

What is the airline code for Air Dolomiti?

Air Dolomiti is a big European airline with a few important codes that help people, and other airlines know who they are. These codes are used for booking flights, managing air traffic, and more.

The ICAO Code for Air Dolomiti is DLA. The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) gives this special code to help with air traffic control and ensure smooth flights. It’s mainly for pilots and air traffic controllers to track who.

The Airline Code for Air Dolomiti is 101. Passengers don’t see this often, but it’s important behind the scenes. It helps with planning, scheduling, and ensuring everything runs on time.

The IATA Designator is EN. This code is given by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and is probably the one you’re most familiar with. It appears on tickets, booking systems, and schedules to help you quickly identify which airline is which.

What planes does Air Dolomiti fly?

Air Dolomiti uses two types of planes, both made by Embraer, a big company from Brazil known for making good, reliable jets for shorter trips. They have 17 Embraer 195 jets, good for flights that aren’t too long but still need to carry many people. These planes use smart technology to ensure they work well and keep passengers comfortable with more space to stretch out.

They also use 4 Embraer 190 jets, which are smaller but still have many of the same great features as the bigger ones. These are great for flights that don’t need as many seats filled or aren’t going as far. This mix of planes helps Air Dolomiti ensure they can always offer a good flight, no matter where you’re going or how many people are flying.