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The Air Holland logo is characterized by a simple black inscription that is transformed into a unique wordmark by two diagonally placed, differently colored “l” characters. These letters stand out against the rest of the horizontally aligned characters. One of the “l” characters is painted orange, while the other is dark blue, conjuring associations with the sun and sky. All glyphs are in lowercase, and almost all (except the “ll”) are written in a font resembling Trenda Black by Latinotype.

The Diagonal “ll” Feature: The placement of the two “l” characters diagonally is a distinctive design choice that separates this logo from a standard text-based design. It injects a playful yet calculated aesthetic element that immediately catches the eye and sets the logo apart.

Color Symbolism: Using orange and dark blue in the two “l” characters is not arbitrary. The orange represents the warmth and vibrancy of the sun, while the dark blue symbolizes the vastness and serenity of the sky. These colors evoke positive feelings and tie directly to the aviation theme, reflecting the sunlit skies under which the airline operates.

Font Selection: Using a font resembling Trenda Black adds a modern and robust feel to the wordmark. It’s straightforward yet sophisticated, mirroring the airline’s commitment to quality and style.

Lowercase Letters: Using lowercase letters in the inscription gives the logo a more approachable and friendly appearance. It helps to foster a connection with viewers, resonating with a wide range of audiences.

Harmony and Balance: The entire design of the logo is marked by a sense of harmony and balance. The playful interplay between the two “l” characters, the thoughtful color choices, and the uniform font all contribute to a cohesive visual expression that is both appealing and meaningful.

Connection to Dutch Culture: Orange is a color strongly associated with the Netherlands, often called the “Orange Nation.” This color is seen as a subtle nod to the airline’s Dutch roots, creating a connection with national pride and identity.

Versatility: The logo’s simplicity ensures its versatility. Its design allows for easy adaptation across various platforms and media, from airplane tails to ticket stubs, maintaining its clarity and impact.

Memorability: The unique twist of the colored “ll” combined with the elegant simplicity of the rest of the wordmark makes the logo instantly recognizable. It leaves a lasting impression, supporting strong brand recall.

Air Holland: Brand overview

Founded: 1984 – 25 March 2004
Founder: John Block
Oude Meer, Haarlemmermeer, Netherlands

Operating between 1981 and 2005, Air Holland was a charter airline based in the Netherlands. Situated in Amsterdam with its main operations run out of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, the airline flew a Boeing 737-400 and 737-800 aircraft fleet.

The primary focus of Air Holland was charter flights, transporting Dutch passengers to various sunny holiday destinations across Europe and the Mediterranean. Popular vacation spots such as Spain, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Egypt, and the Canary Islands were among its frequent routes. The airline was also known for operating charter services on an ad-hoc basis for corporations and sports teams.

The mastermind behind the creation of Air Holland was Dutch aviation entrepreneur Martin Schröder. However, the airline’s journey ended in 2005 when it was integrated into Arkefly, a Dutch leisure airline. This merger led to the transition of its routes and aircraft to the new parent company.

Intense competition, particularly from Transavia and other charter operators, was a key factor contributing to the downfall of Air Holland. Despite these challenges, the airline could transport over 500,000 passengers annually on its charter flights and employed around 250 staff members at the height of its operations.

Meaning and History

Air Holland Logo History

1984 – 1990s

Air Holland Logo 1984

1990s – 2004

Air Holland Logo