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The central element of the logo AirAsia X – a circle in red – is a symbol of unity and perfection. He expresses the idea that AirAsia X strives for excellence in its work and strives to ensure that every passenger feels part of a large and united community.

The red color of the circle symbolizes energy, passion, and determination. This reflects the company’s values of providing the best service to the aviation industry and being at the forefront of innovation.

The word “AirAsia X” written inside the circle reflects the company’s focus on a customer-centric approach and the desire for the most comfortable journey for every passenger. The literal “X” inside the circle emphasizes the company’s progressive and innovative approach to business and gives the logo a modern and dynamic look.

The logo’s cross-shaped “X” symbol is associated with the idea of paint applied with a paintbrush. This creates an image of the creative freedom and opportunity available to everyone traveling with AirAsia X.

Overall, the AirAsia X emblem is a vibrant and modern symbol that reflects the company’s values, including its commitment to excellence, comfort, and creative freedom.

AirAsia X: Brand overview

Founded: 17 May 2007
Founder: AirAsia
Sepang, Selangor, Malaysia

Meaning and History

AirAsia X Logo History


FlyAsianXpress Logo 2007

2007 – 2022

AirAsia X Logo 2007

2022 – today

AirAsia X Logo

AirAsia X color codes

Lust Hex color: #e71212
RGB: 231 18 18
CMYK: 0 92 92 9
Pantone: PMS 485 C