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Airlines of Tasmania: Brand overview

Peter Ebrink founded Airlines of Tasmania in Hobart on January 12, 1977, to connect Tasmania’s island communities more effectively. Starting with just three small Cessna 182s, the airline made its first flight from Hobart to Flinders Island on February 18, 1977, which marked the beginning of improved regional travel in Tasmania.

During the early years, the airline focused on developing a network of domestic routes to bring the islands closer together. By the early 1980s, it had added larger planes like the 21-seater Embraer EMB 110 Bandeirante, increasing its capacity and reach. In 1984, the airline expanded its service to Melbourne, marking its growth from a local carrier to a notable name in Australian aviation.

The 1990s saw further growth with the addition of Jetstream 31/32 jets, enabling faster and farther flights to major cities like Sydney and Melbourne. Despite challenges in the late 2000s, including intense price competition that threatened its independence, the airline continued to serve the Tasmanian community.

In October 2008, Regional Express (Rex) acquired Airlines of Tasmania. This change ended its independence but allowed the brand to fly regional routes in Tasmania under Rex’s management. Today, Regional Express continues to operate these flights from Cambridge Aerodrome near Hobart with a fleet of Saab 340s, maintaining the legacy that Ebrink started.

Even after the merger, the Airlines of Tasmania brand remains a significant part of Tasmania’s aviation history, symbolizing the enduring commitment to connecting its communities and enhancing accessibility across the region.

Meaning and History

1977 – today

Airlines of Tasmania Logo

The blue name “Airlines of Tasmania” is highlighted in an elegant font reminiscent of Ophian Roman from FontSite Inc. The subtle tapers and recesses of the balance of straight and rounded elements are noticeable in this typeface. However, this lettering is obscured by the large letters “A” and “T” on the left. The horizontal top of the letter “T” protrudes above the neighboring letters, resembling an open umbrella. The letter “A” is sharply slanted to the right, and its bright red color fills the logo with energy.

The contrast between the elegant typeface and the bold, large letters “A” and “T” creates a sense of movement and dynamism. The bright red color of the “A” and its extreme slant create a sense of urgency and liveliness, hinting at the airline’s commitment to on-time and energetic service. The elongated horizontal top of the “T” creates a sense of security or reach, alluding to the airline’s extensive network.