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“With us, you will hear the caller perfectly,” the Airtel logo promises. The company is constantly improving its technologies and equipment, which allows it to occupy a leading position in the market.

Airtel: Brand overview

Founded:7 July 1995
Founder:Sunil Bharti Mittal
New Delhi, India
Airtel is India’s largest telecommunications network with a high international presence. It began by bidding – more precisely, winning one of four mobile licenses at an auction. This event dates back to 1992. Then the company underwent a series of major transformations, after which it was reorganized by 1995, having received its current name. Its founder is businessman Sunil Bharti Mittal, who opened a small enterprise to manufacture push-button telephones in 1984. It was it that turned into a super operator of world significance. The company’s head office is now located in New Delhi, Delhi NCT (India).

Meaning and History

Airtel Logo History

Having received a telecommunications service’s official status, the company immediately thought about developing a simple but bright logo. She stopped her choice on the name, which she decided to play uniquely.

What is Airtel?

It is an international telecommunications operator from India. He works on the territory of his country, as well as in 18 countries of the world. He specializes in mobile networks, fixed broadband, and a variety of voice services.

1995 – 2010

Airtel Logo 1995-2010

The original version shows a two-color rectangle with one white stripe and two red ones. On a light background is the first part of the operator’s name – the word “Air” with a red dot above the black letters. On the red half is the second segment of the name – “tel.” The inscription is made in an unremarkable sans-serif font – strict and too straight. The only highlight is the junction of the letters “r” and “t” at the level of a single line that runs between the cap and the crossbar.

2010 – today

Airtel Logo 2010-present

Further expansion of the business led to a renewal of the global telecommunications network strategy and required a rebranding. The implementation of the strategically important idea began in 2010 when a new identification mark was adopted, proposed by the London agency Brand Union. According to the author’s idea, it appeared as a result of a six-month online competition and reflects the limitlessness of telephone communication.

The emblem is based on the stylized letter “a” or, as the company claims, “Airtel wave.” The semi-swirled symbol is in front of the service name and is incorporate red. It consists of a single line, which is thinner in distant places and wider in closer ones according to the spatial perspective.

2014 – today

Airtel Logo

In 2014, a telecommunications company started using another logo in addition to the one created in 2010. This version is more structured because it contains the phrase “THE SMARTPHONE NETWORK,” where the second word is emphasized in bold. All other letters are thin. The motto is written in grotesque and is located at the very bottom, centered. Above it is the name Airtel, rendered in the traditional style of custom lowercase glyphs. And even higher is the brand’s iconic symbol in the form of a wide deformed spiral. It looked plastic due to its smooth curves and rounded ends. It contains the letter “a.” This emblem is red, like the previous one, but its color has a tint similar to a light marsala.

Font and Colors

Airtel Emblem

Even though the updated logo is much more progressive than the previous version, some experts criticized it for its lack of personality. They see it as similar to the graphic designations of Videocon, Vodafone, and Air Arabia. Such a roll call in design is because the same British studio Brand Union developed the Vodafone emblem. Critics have also noted the icon’s similarity to an uppercase “D” rather than a lowercase “a.” This forces the telecommunications operator to place the explanatory word “airtel” next to the letter.

The logo uses one of the typefaces of the Ubuntu family – from the Medium category. She has lines of medium width, free intersymbol space, slightly cut strokes. The lower right corner of the letter “a” is absent, as well as the lengthening of the “l” and “t,” so the inscription looks light and airy. Visually, it is in harmony with the graphic sign in the form of a wave, balanced by the unfinished strip.

The telecommunications company chose the red shade Hex: # FF0000 as their corporate color. It conveys dynamism, energy, intensity well. The early version was combined with white and black, which made the palette difficult to visualize. Now bright red is more memorable: it is on a white background and is not shaded by any other color.

Airtel color codes

RedHex color:#ff0000
RGB:255 0 0
CMYK:0 100 100 0
Pantone:PMS 1655 C

What does the Airtel logo meaning?

It stands for the dynamic power of immense energy that brings a company and its customers closer together. The first letter of the brand name is encrypted in the graphic icon. The wavy shape, curved lines, and soft highlights make it warm, lively, and inviting.

How can I buy Airtel prepaid bill online?

To do this, you need to use Airtel Payments Bank: • enter a phone number; • choose an operator; • indicate the amount; • click on Get invoice; • click on Pay now; • log in with your mPIN and your mobile number; • choose a payment method.

What is the font of the Airtel logo?

The Airtel logo is written in a strict geometric font. The grotesque has a slightly rounded shape, and the ends of the legs of some letters are cut off.

Why did Airtel change its logo?

The redesign of the logo was a forced measure after the purchase of the African operator Zain Telecom. Its logo was in the shape of a light wave, and in order not to lose customers, Airtel adjusted to its style by adding its name. Best suited for the “curl” was “a.”