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The Xiaomi logo is simple and concise, just like the design of the electronic devices produced by this company. Minimalism is currently in fashion, and the logo of the Chinese corporation perfectly fits its requirements. Yet, it is striking enough to catch the eye.

Xiaomi: Brand overview

Founded:6 April 2010
Founder:Lei Jun
Beijing, China
Xiaomi is an electronic and technical trade brand based in Beijing (China). The company has existed since April 2010 and was founded by a group of entrepreneurs led by Lei Jun and Lin Bin. It specializes in the production of high-tech digital devices: smartphones, routers, headphones, laptops, modems, routers, and so on. It adheres to the principles of innovation, which is reflected in its logo.

Meaning and History

Xiaomi Logo History

The global career of the brand began with widespread popularity in the domestic market. It was then that the company’s management decided to expand its customer base. Firstly, it revised the name and branding, as only Asians can easily pronounce the word “Xiaomi,” while for residents of other countries, it is problematic. Ultimately, the administration chose the shortened version of MI. It is this version that was included in the emblem.

What is Xiaomi?

Xiaomi is a Chinese corporation that produces household appliances, electronic devices, and related software. Founded in 2010, it quickly became the second-largest smartphone manufacturer in the world. The company was founded by a group of people led by billionaire Lei Jun, with its headquarters located in Beijing.

April – August 2010

Xiaomi Logo 2010

In mid-2010, eight partners united to start producing software for mobile devices. They named their company Xiaomi and gave it a logo with inscriptions in two languages: Chinese and English. The word “xiaomi” is aligned at the bottom right and consists of bold sans-serif lowercase letters. It translates to “little rice grain,” which is a reference to one of the Buddhist aphorisms about the ability of such a grain to stop a river. Two large ideograms occupy the top line. All symbols are in white. The base is a rectangular dialogue bubble with rounded corners painted in dark orange.

2010 – 2014

Xiaomi Logo 2010-2014

Apart from the graphic sign, the debut logo contains the name in Chinese and the website’s electronic address. The white letters “MI” are stylized and placed in an orange square. Outwardly, they resemble ideograms. The middle line of “M” is separated from the rest, which are depicted as gates. “I” is missing.

2014 – 2021

Xiaomi Logo 2014-2021

With its entry into the international market, the company undertook a minor redesign to improve the visualization of its corporate style. For this, developers enlarged the square with graphic signs and rounded corners. All other elements were removed.

2019 – 2021

Xiaomi Logo 2019-2021

Users did not always perceive the emblem adopted in 2014 as a sign associated with the Xiaomi brand. For many gadget users, it was like another brand. Therefore, in 2019, the company decided to add the word Xiaomi to the visual identification of the logo.

2021 – today

Xiaomi Logo

In 2021, the Xiaomi New Product Launch Part 2 took place. It was then, on March 30, that the public first saw the new logo of the consumer and mobile electronics manufacturer. It differs little from the old one, but Japanese designer Kenya Hara tried to change some details to match the concept of the corporate style called “Alive.” As a result, the square icon became round – more precisely, it took the shape of a square with very rounded corners. The shade of orange was also slightly changed. As for the stylized letters “m” and “i,” they remained the same in the main version. However, the company owners decided to use the Mi emblem only as a parent logo and to place the word sign with a gray inscription “Xiaomi” on all devices.

Xiaomi: Interesting Facts

Xiaomi, started in 2010 by Lei Jun and some friends, quickly became a big deal in tech and gadgets worldwide. They make cool stuff like phones, gadgets for your house, and many other smart products.

  1. What’s in a Name: “Xiaomi” means “millet” in Mandarin. It’s about doing small things well first, then aiming for bigger goals, which is how Xiaomi thinks about making new gadgets.
  2. Growing Fast: Xiaomi became the fourth-biggest phone maker in the world, which shows how fast it’s grown.
  3. Selling Online: Xiaomi sells its products online and talks with its customers instead of using ads. This helped them sell good gadgets at nice prices and made a lot of fans.
  4. Their Own Software: Before making phones, Xiaomi made MIUI, their version of Android, which people liked because it was easy to use and got updates based on what users said.
  5. Flash Sales: Xiaomi started doing “Flash Sales,” where they sell stuff cheap for a short time, and everything gets sold super fast.
  6. Xiaomi offers all kinds of Products. It doesn’t just make phones; it also makes things for your home, wearables, electric scooters, and even lifestyle stuff to make life better and more fun.
  7. Going Global: Xiaomi first sold products in China but now sells in many countries, including India and parts of Europe, making it known worldwide.
  8. Big Sales: Xiaomi has broken many sales records, especially in India, where many people love their phones.
  9. Helping the Planet: Xiaomi tries to be good for the environment by using less packaging, encouraging recycling, and choosing better product materials.
  10. Always Creating: Xiaomi spends a lot of time and money on making new things, like better cameras, smart AI, and making everything work together in the smart home.

Xiaomi went from being a new company to a big name in tech by making cool, affordable gadgets and listening to what people want.

Font and Colors

Xiaomi Symbol

According to the official explanation of the brand owners, “MI” is an abbreviation for the phrase “Mobile Internet.” At the same time, the company’s management noted that it is also a comical version of “Mission Impossible,” since leaving the country, they faced many problems in the early years of work. One of them was the forced purchase of a domain with the same name to legalize their trademark.

Xiaomi Emblem

The logo uses a life-affirming combination of orange and white colors. This same combination is included in the corporate color palette.

Xiaomi color codes

Safety OrangeHex color:#ff6900
RGB:255 105 0
CMYK:0 59 100 0
Pantone:PMS Bright Orange C