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“Communication is always on trend here,” says the Vodafone logo. The emblem reflects the love for customers. Active support of their connections and contacts. Represents a company through whose services a huge amount of information passes.

Vodafone: Brand overview

Founded: 16 September 1991
Founder: Ernest Harrison, Gerry Whent
Newbury, Berkshire, England, UK
Website: vodafone.com
Vodafone is an English telecommunications corporation founded in 1981 by Ernest Harrison and Gerry Whent. Its development began with the department of Racal Strategic Radio Ltd. – a subsidiary of Racal Electronics. It formed a business called Racal-Vodafone. Its head office is today located in London (UK).

Meaning and History

Vodafone Logo History

On September 16, 1991, Racal-Vodafone was separated from its parent company and became the Vodafone Group. It was headed by one of the founders – Gerry Whent. To this time, the first logo with the actual name of the new structure was mentioned. It uses the word “Vodafone”, formed from fragments of the phrase “vo ice” + “da ta” + “fone”. In the entire history of the service, she had six logos.

What is Vodafone?

Vodafone is a British telecommunications operator providing mobile and landline communications, internet TV, and digital television. The brand emerged in 1991 following the merger of two companies. Its founders are Ernest Harrison and Gerry Whent. It operates primarily in Europe, Africa, Asia, and Oceania.

1981 – 1985

Racal Strategic Radio Ltd Logo 1981-1985

The debut emblem features the word “Racal” written in capital white letters in separate red squares.

1985 – 1991

Voda Racal Telecom Logo 1985-1991

During this period, the company’s second name – Racal-Vodafone, where “Racal Telecom” is at the bottom, and the large “Voda” is at the top, was beaten on the logo.

1985 – 1997

Vodafone Logo 1985-1997

Since 1985, another version of the logo has been used in parallel, based on the company’s new name – “Vodafone”. The badge consisted of subtle serifs in red capital letters, and a straight white line crossed the word horizontally.

1997 – 2006

Vodafone Logo 1997-2006

In 1997, the emblem of the telecommunications service received a redesign. It looks like a red circle with a white quote in the center.

2006 – 2017

Vodafone Logo 2006-2017

During this period, the developers proposed another version of the logo, replacing the previous version’s colors. Then there was a combination of gray and red with three-dimensional reflections-shadows.

2017 – today

Vodafone Logo 2017-present

In 2017, the management decided to return to the 1997 logo – two-dimensional, flat, white, and red.

Font and Colors

Vodafone Emblem

The author of the new logo is the London studio Brand Union. She focused on the direct speech sign (in the quotation mark) and offered various branding packages. It presents not only the main sign of visual identification but also icons, buttons, short symbols, inscriptions.

Vodafone Symbol

If the previous version of the word was simple and smooth, the current version is complex. For example, in a thin sans serif font, the letter “O” is played, which repeats a graphic character. But the color palette has always been the same – a combination of red and white. In one of the periods, gray was added to them.

Vodafone color codes

Electric Red Hex color: #e60000
RGB: 230 0 0
CMYK: 0 100 100 10
Pantone: PMS Bright Red C