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The conceptual logo of Turkcell reflects the company’s historical legacy, which has always had a mascot distinguishing it from other mobile operators. Despite moving away from the original design, the emblem, just like many years ago, symbolizes wireless signal transmission.

Turkcell: Brand overview

Founded:5 October 1993
Founder:Ericsson Telekomünikasyon Anonim Şirketi, Çukurova Holding Anonim Şirketi, Kavala Yatırım Anonim Şirketi, Hüseyin Murat Vargı
Istanbul, Turkey
Turkcell is a Turkish mobile phone operator. It appeared in February 1994 under the name Turkcell İletişim Hizmetleri A.Ş. Its founders are Mehmet Emin Karamehmet and Murat Vargı. The head office of the telecommunication service is located in Istanbul, Turkey.

Meaning and History

Turkcell Logo History

The operator was the first to launch a GSM network on a global scale, covering most of the country’s territory and competing with more well-known mobile communication providers. By 2007, it had established several subsidiaries abroad, through which it began to attract subscribers at an international level. Today, its coverage operates in Kazakhstan, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Ukraine, and several other countries.

The gradual but confident work strategy is reflected in the emblem of the mobile service. Almost from the very beginning, it depicted a horned snail – a personified symbol. In total, the telecommunications company has had five logos over the years.

What is Turkcell?

Turkcell is the largest Turkish telecommunications company, providing a wide range of services to more than 50 million subscribers. It was founded in 1994 and became the first mobile communication operator in Turkey. The holding is now actively investing in 5G technology, developing its applications, and expanding its network of stores.

1994 – 2001

Turkcell Logo 1994-2001

The emblem depicted a crawling snail with high horns, which are associated with antennas. The mollusk folded its hands and smiled warmly. From its head emanate wavy signals – two semicircles of different sizes. To the left is the inscription: the name of the mobile network, executed in blue uppercase letters.

2001 – 2005

Turkcell Logo 2001-2005

In this version, the snail is drawn next to the word “Turkcell.” It looks friendly and points with its hands to the inscription, in which the designers changed the font. Wave signals emanate from the horns of the mollusk, depicted in a two-to-two ratio (on each side).

2005 – 2011

Turkcell Logo 2005-2011

Developers again moved the snail to the beginning of the operator’s name but completely removed its body. Only the bow tie, which had been on it since the first logo, was left. The font was made bold and lightened by several tones.

2011 – 2017

Turkcell Logo 2011-2017

The era of the stylized snail began in 2011. The animal was completely “camouflaged,” focusing on the horns as transmitters of the mobile signal. They were placed in a yellow circle. The letters were stretched and narrowed.

2017 – 2018

Turkcell Logo 2017-2018

The difference between the modern version and the previous one is in the light tones and the absence of a bright glare on the yellow background.

2018 – today

Turkcell Logo 2018-present

After the update, the current logo looks like the 2011-2017 version but in a 2D format. Designers removed the overflows, shadows, gradients, and reflections, leaving only a warm yellow color. The horns of the snail stand out against its background. They also adjusted the inscription – added boldness to the letters. The light blue color was replaced with the same dark shade.

Turkcell: Interesting Facts

Turkcell started in February 1994 and quickly became Turkey’s top mobile phone company. It’s known worldwide for being good at what it does.

  1. The First in Turkey: Turkcell was the first company in Turkey to use GSM, a type of mobile phone system. Now, most people in Turkey use its service to make calls, access the Internet, and use other phone services.
  2. Cool New Services: Turkcell was the first to let people do their banking on their phones, which changed how people in Turkey handle their money. They didn’t have to go to the bank anymore; they could just use their phones.
  3. Going Global: Turkcell isn’t just big in Turkey; it works in other countries, like Europe and Asia. This shows that it’s a big deal at home and abroad.
  4. Fast Internet: Turkcell was one of the first in Europe to give people 3G, which lets you use the internet fast on your phone. They’re working on making it even faster with 4G and getting ready for 5G.
  5. Apps for Everything: Turkcell made some apps that people in Turkey use. For example, BiP lets you message and call people, and Fizy lets you listen to music.
  6. Helping Out: Turkcell helps with education, health, and keeping the environment clean. They use technology to make things better for people.
  7. Winning Awards: People worldwide have given Turkcell awards for being innovative and good at what it does, like for its technology and helping the community.
  8. Taking Care of Customers: Turkcell listens to customers’ needs and wants. It was one of the first in Turkey to start a program to thank its customers for sticking with them.
  9. On the Stock Market: Turkcell is the only company from Turkey listed on the Istanbul and New York stock markets. This means many people think it’s a very stable and interesting company.
  10. Thinking Digital: Looking into the future, Turkcell wants to be known as a “digital operator.” This means it’s focusing on digital services, like online ads, paying for things on your phone, storing stuff on the internet, and helping with government services online.

Turkcell has gone from being a new mobile phone company to a leader in the digital world, not just in Turkey but everywhere. It keeps coming up with new ideas and ways to use technology to help people daily.

Font and Colors

Turkcell Emblem

The snail is present in all versions of the logo: until 2005, it was drawn entirely, until 2011, only the head, now the horns. The mollusk symbolizes confident coverage of the entire territory, even inaccessible areas where no operator can reach, only the “snail.” In Turkey, due to the high rocky mountains, there are many blind spots, so the telephone company made a bet on solving this problem, which attracted many subscribers.

When the logo was last changed, the Turkcell inscription received a new font. Since 2011, Satura Text has been used, and for branded products, a combination of Regular and Bold fonts.

Turkcell Symbol

Despite the stability of the color palette, it has undergone a series of transformations. For example, the color of the text part constantly changed from dark (on the debut logo) to light (in the current version). Blue and yellow were chosen as the main combination. They are saturated, dark, and striking. The yellow color remained from the snail, and the blue symbolizes the sky and surroundings.

Turkcell Emblem

In the new Turkcell logo, because the letters are bolder than before, the inscription on the logo seems wider and more grounded. However, the developers did not change the font. The color palette shifted from the light spectrum to the dark, turning blue into a rich sky blue. Designers made the yellow color slightly warmer, shifting it by one or two tones.

Turkcell color codes

YellowHex color:#fec20d
RGB:254 194 13
CMYK:0 24 95 0
Pantone:PMS 7549 C
BlueHex color:#217abf
RGB:33 122 191
CMYK:83 36 0 25
Pantone:PMS 7461 C