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The PlayStation logo is a racing track that the console user enters, and the game world is full of adventure and speed. The emblem shows a three-dimensional image, thanks to which the characters and objects look as if they were alive.

PlayStation: Brand overview

Founded: December 3, 1994
Founder: Sony Interactive Entertainment
Minami-Aoyama, Minato, Tokyo, Japan
PlayStation is a globally renowned brand representing several generations of consoles, media centers, line controllers, and handheld devices. It appeared in December 1994 – simultaneously with the release of the first game console. It is a division of Sony Interactive Entertainment, which created it as the original project. The headquarters of the trademark is located in Tokyo (Japan).

Meaning and History

PlayStation Logo History

Today, the brand falls into the globally recognized category because its consoles and video games have captured the world’s attention. The unique logo can be seen anywhere in the world. Despite its youth, its emblem has already been updated several times and has several versions.

The beginning of the planetary march of the logo goes back to 1988, when Sony, in collaboration with Nintendo, tried to create a console. But disagreements arose between them regarding the plans of the project, so the companies terminated the agreement. After that, the Japanese corporation took five years to independently develop the game console, which came out a year later than the target date. She also presented the original logo.

What is PlayStation?

PlayStation – a Japanese video game brand owned by Sony Interactive Entertainment. It includes seven consoles (5 home and two handhelds), several magazines, a website, a smartphone, and a media center. The first gaming console under this name was released in 1994.

1994 – 2009

PlayStation Logo1994-2009

The debut emblem appeared in 1994. It is based on the artistic combination of the letters “PS” – short for PlayStation. In total, the management was presented with about 20 options, among which this one won. Its author is Japanese artist-designer Manabu Sakamoto, creator of other equally well-known Sony signs (VIAO).

He proposed a three-dimensional logo, in which “P” is depicted standing, and “S” lying as if it were the shadow of the first letter. The semi-ovals are played in an interesting way, for which the upper part of “P” is left open. Overall, this is a unique combination of text, graphics, and color, as the round elements are colored differently – blue, red, and yellow.

There is another variation, which is used for the PlayStation 3. It has a blue “S” located almost horizontally and complemented by yellow and red dots at the top and bottom. In another version, the company returned to its debut color scheme but made the logo in a completely different form.

Manabu Sakamoto has also developed a complete set of symbols, including some other marks: the brand can use them for any generation of consoles. In these versions, too, the “P” with a white letter “S” inside is played.

2009 – today

PlayStation Logo 2009-present

The current modification of the PlayStation label is the most minimalistic in terms of the color scheme. It consists of a classic mix of black and white, maintaining an elegant look in contrast. Based on the presentation form, this is a complete copy of the previous version with an accurate ratio of geometric shapes and graphics.

The individual designations of each series of the game console are still in use. In them, the contour lines are curved in the form of the letters “P” and “S,” and on the right is the serial number of the console or video game. The symbols are serpentine and are inseparably written.



PS4 Logo

The emblem of the fourth version of the console, released in November 2013, corresponds in style to the brand’s general concept. On the left, there is an icon in the form of capital letters “PS,” one of which stands vertically, and the other seems to be its flat projection or shadow. On the right is the abbreviation for PlayStation. It is made with outline symbols. Due to their unusual shape, the curved stripes resemble ribbons or kabbalistic symbols. The series number of the game console is indicated next to it. The number “4” is made large – even massive, with thin lines. This impression is created not only because of the large clearance but also because of the shortened leg.


PS5 Logo

Although the sony playstation ps5 logo of the new generation console appeared in November 2020, it still has old roots. The design of the emblem is the same as the previous version. The only change is in the numbering. The game console is supplemented with the original number “5”, which denotes its next number. Outwardly, it resembles both the first and second letters from the abbreviation “PS.” She has the same large format, similar curves. However, there is still a slight difference: in the upper left corner of the five, a right angle of 90 degrees is visible.

Font and Colors

PlayStation Emblem

The logo uses a custom typeface designed in a package with the rest of the visualization. Its author is the designer Sakamoto, who created it, especially for the PlayStation project. The letters are distinguished by strict and even lines with smooth curves at “a,” “o,” and partly “n,” so they look simple. The basic emphasis is on the capital “S” and “P,” as well as on the “t,” which has half of the upper stroke cut off.

In terms of color, the logo has been focused on three shades for most of its history: yellow, red, and blue. The current version of the emblem is monochrome due to the laconic combination of black and white.

PlayStation color codes

Black Hex color: #000000
RGB: 0 0 0
CMYK: 0 0 0 100
Pantone: PMS Process Black C