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The LG logo is the monogram of the first letters of the merged companies, which became the largest Korean conglomerate. Becoming the basis for the Life’s Good slogan, the emblem reflected the success of the brand, its credo, and its position.

LG: Brand overview

Founded: 5 January 194
Founder: Koo In-hwoi
Seoul, South Korea
Website: lgcorp.com
LG is a South Korean conglomerate that works in electronics, petrochemicals, and mechanical engineering. It arose in 1947 after the merger of the Goldstar and Lucky brands. A few years later, the abbreviation “LG” was formed from their names’ first letters. In turn, she served as the basis for the famous motto “Life’s Good.”

Meaning and History

LG Logo History

The modern logo of the financial and industrial group looks futuristic, although its prototype appeared much earlier – in 1995. Since then, it has not changed much: the designers worked with a color palette and additional details, leaving the main symbol in its original form.

What is LG?

LG is a globally diversified corporation that specializes in the production of telecommunication products, appliances, electronic equipment, and chemicals. It was founded in 1947 by businessman Koo In-hwoi and is privately owned by his family. Today, it is the fourth-largest organization in South Korea, owning numerous subsidiaries and brands. The conglomerate’s name is an abbreviation of the phrase “Lucky-Goldstar.”

Lucky company

1947 – 1963

Lucky Logo 1947-1963

LG’s predecessor had a simple and straightforward logo aimed at Asian consumers because it contained hieroglyphs. They wrote down the full name of the company, which took two lines. The upper inscription was in a red oval, the lower one on a white background.

1964 – 1978

Lucky Logo 1964-1978

After the redesign, the emblem looks more modern. The developers replaced the oval with a rectangle with rounded corners and placed the English letter “L” with a wavy horizontal line. On the right, they placed the name that used to be in a red oval. The designers also used a different font for the hieroglyphs – even smooth and strict, whereas the old logo was italic.

1978 – 1983

Lucky Group Logo 1978-1983

A blue square appeared to the left of the company’s full name. He had ribs curved outward and unsharp corners. Inside was a flower with four curly petals. It was executed with one solid line in white. Each side was shaped like a heart.

1983 – 1995

Lucky-Goldstar Logo 1983-1995

Before the merger, Lucky used the 1964-1978 emblem. But there was still a difference between them. In the updated version, the wave-shaped “L” has a two-tone crown with five beams and white dots at the ends. The corners of the rectangle became even – 90 degrees each. A muted shade of pink was used instead of red. But the designers took the same inscription, with Chinese characters – exactly like on the logo of 1978-1983.

GoldStar company

1958 – 1964

GoldStar Logo 1958-1964

In 1958, the main company had a subsidiary GoldStar. Appliances and electronic equipment were produced under the GoldStar brand, which belonged to the parent company. Its logo consisted of half a star, whose rays formed a crown. At the top of each of them was a miniature circle. The two central rays were black; the other three were white. Under the icon was the name of the company, written in coherent handwritten text with direct letters. The inscription resembled an Arabic script.

1964 – 1983

GoldStar Logo 1964-1983

The designers added a black square, where they placed a white circle with a crown star and the abbreviation “GS.” It stood for an abbreviated version of the company name.

1983 – 1995

GoldStar Logo 1983-1995

During this period, the GoldStar logo consisted of the previous icon painted in a pastel pink shade. The expanded brand name on the right was of the same color. The letters had a strict geometric shape, a minimum of rounding, and even corners. The signs “d” and “a” looked very similar in appearance, the “t” lacked the left fragment of the horizontal bar, and the “r” resembled a bracket.

LG Corporation

1995 – 2014

LG Logo 1995-2014

In 1995, the company’s head combined the brands and gave them a new name – LG. The authors of the emblem presented these letters in the form of a concise monogram. The small “L” is pictured inside the large “G.” And together, they are in the center of the red circle.

LG Logo 2008-2014

A small redesign took place in 2005. Developers added the free-standing abbreviation “LG” to the logo in gray. Another change occurred in 2011 when a three-dimensional version of the symbol with shadows and highlights appeared.

2014 – today

LG Logo 2014-present

The actual emblem exists in two versions: 2D and 3D. They are equal in rights, although the former is more often used as an identification and corporate sign. The latter as a trademark, that is, it serves for advertising and is found on product packaging. The 3D image, as conceived by the authors, should attract attention, because it is a means of visual impact on consumers. It preserves the legacy of the two-dimensional logo and positions LG from a new perspective.

2023 – today

LG Logo 2023

The electronic giant has introduced a new logo that takes a square shape, moving away from the previous circular design. The company decided to simplify its emblem, which already contained a circular element in the capital letter “G.” This letter is stylized to resemble a squinting human face with a nose and mouth shaped like the letter “L.”

The new design choice removed any borders from the abbreviation used as a graphic symbol, thus creating a cleaner and more streamlined look. The change was not just about the shape but also a color modification. The designers lightened the red shade with several tones, transforming it from a deep burgundy to a more vivid scarlet.

This shift in the logo represents more than just a visual update. It reflects the company’s evolving identity and its desire to present itself in a more contemporary and accessible manner. The new square design, devoid of unnecessary embellishments, aligns with a modern aesthetic that prioritizes simplicity and clarity. By subtly altering the color and removing the circular frame, the company retained its recognizable features while giving them a fresh and updated feel. This new logo symbolizes the brand’s continuous innovation and adaptability, showing that even well-established icons can benefit from a thoughtful redesign.

Font and Colors

LG Symbol

A large red circle denotes a globe that reflects the global and technological brand. The remaining elements are also symbolic: “G” is a smile, “L” with a dot is a nose and an eye. A friendly person emphasizes accessibility and friendliness, conveys the company’s desire to establish a long-term relationship with customers, to please them with quality products. The fact that the eye is only one also matters. It speaks of determination and loyalty to their ideals.

LG Emblem

The authors of the emblem used the font, Helvetica Black. In 2014, the “G” lost its familiar notch and took on a more rigorous look. Moreover, the letters have become thinner, and the inscription “LG” has slightly increased and now correlates in size with the famous round badge.

The color palette of the logo consists of LG Red and LG Gray. The main is a dark shade of red, which symbolizes the goodwill of the company. Dark gray is used as an extra one so that the abbreviation does not stand out against the background of the circle and balance its brightness.

LG color codes

Vivid Burgundy Hex color: #990033
RGB: 153 0 51
CMYK: 0 100 67 40
Pantone: PMS 193 C
Spanish Gray Hex color: #999999
RGB: 153 153 153
CMYK: 0 0 0 40
Pantone: PMS Cool Gray 7 C