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The globally recognized Italian household appliance manufacturer’s favor is also evident in its recognizable visualization – the simple yet memorable DeLonghi logo. Its simplicity and affordability, along with the unique charm of the text block, have ensured the sign’s consistency and permanence.

DeLonghi : Brand overview

Founder:Giuseppe De’Longhi, Fabio De’Longhi
Treviso, Italy
DeLonghi is an Italian conglomerate involved in the production of major and minor household appliances. It emerged in 1902 when Giuseppe De’Longhi invented his first heating device. Currently, it has numerous branches worldwide and owns major brands.

Meaning and History

DeLonghi Logo History

The company’s logo is simple and affordable. Its central element is the word “DeLonghi.” Above the letter “e” is a long line. This diacritical mark indicates the length of the vowels.

The clearly defined shapes give the inscription a special charm and make it recognizable. The ends of the print characters are thickened and adorned with short serifs. The font is individual: it was specifically developed for the logo.

What is DeLonghi?

DeLonghi is an Italian company that produces a wide range of products, including air conditioners, electric kettles, toasters, microwave ovens, stoves, coffee makers, blenders, and other appliances for the home and office. Founded in 1902, the company has evolved from a small workshop to a globally recognized manufacturer of small household appliances.

The conglomerate’s name is depicted inside an oval rectangle with white and blue contours. The geometric figure itself is also blue. The inscription, conversely, is white. In some versions, deep black is used instead of the main color. Such a monochromatic palette enhances the contrast and draws attention to the logo.

Font and Colors

De'Longhi Emblem

The logo of this brand is characterized by its consistency: it has not changed since its approval, so it remains the same as it was in 1902. It consists of an elongated oval positioned horizontally. The emblem is recognizable by the thin blue edging, which forms a shadow over the white inner strip. This makes the emblem bulky.

Following it is another elongated oval – of dark blue light with the inscription in the middle. The company name is executed in light wide letters with minimal inter-character spacing. To remove the dividing apostrophe, the designers placed it above the “e” in a short strip and wrote the following letter in capital. The logo also features a play of shades in the gradient transition from dark blue to light blue.

De'Longhi Symbol

The household appliance manufacturer chose a font with wide serifs for its logo. The inscription is executed using a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters: “D” and “L” – uppercase, the rest – lowercase. The color palette is traditional and branded, including several shades of blue and white.

DeLonghi color codes

SapphireHex color:#012055
RGB:1 32 85
CMYK:99 62 0 67
Pantone:PMS 2766 C