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The Aixam logo is a symbol of the maximum features placed in the minimum size. A neat emblem speaks of compactness and elegant appearance. Brand cars immediately attract attention and are remembered against the background of ordinary models.

Aixam: Brand overview

Founder:Polaris Industries
Aix-les-Bains, Savoie, France

Aixam is a French manufacturer of minicars, electric vans, and SUVs. Since 2013, it has been owned by the American giant Polaris Industries. The Aixam logo adorns the models: Mega, Minauto, eAixam, Aixam Pro, Emotion.

The production of small cars began based on the bankrupt Arola enterprise in 1983. In 1992, Mega cars were added, and in 2009, NICE. Since 2013, the giant Polaris has taken over the company itself.

Meaning and History

The brand’s logo is designed so that its emblem can be used alone to mark the lineup. The symbol is based on simplicity and conciseness, indicating an ergonomic design.

What is Aixam?

Automotive company based in Savoie specializing in small-sized 5-8 horsepower vehicles running on gasoline, diesel, and electricity.

1983 – 1996

Aixam Logo 1983

1996 – 2007

Aixam Logo 1996

2007 – today

Aixam Logo

The emblem consists of a circle with a large three-dimensional letter A inscribed in it and the name of the brand, made in blue capital letters.

The round shape embodies the wheels of cars, indicating minimalism, harmony, and completeness. The background has a double red and white border, which connects the emblem with permissive and prohibitory road signs.

The red outline resembles a deceleration sign. Most Aixam models cannot go faster than 45 km/h. In many European countries, this allows you to drive a mini-transport without a driver’s license.

The white border is a symbol of ultra-light machines powered by electricity. They have been sold under the Mega brand since 2003. The rim conveys the safety of products for the environment and the absence of harmful emissions.

A large central A is the first letter in the brand name. Its edges blend into the white stroke. It goes beyond and voluminously shows the company’s expansion to the American continent after its purchase by Polaris. Embodies the popularity of small-wheeled vehicles. Every year, up to 16 thousand cars roll off the assembly line.

Font and Colors

The main colors of the logo are red, white, and blue. These are the leading shades of road signs, which connect the emblem with the world of cars and roads.

  • Red – emphasizes and attracts attention. The color of beauty, efficiency, and maneuverability, which machines acquire due to their small size. Red is a shade of danger. SUVs of the brand cope well with driving on uneven terrain and difficult areas.
  • White is the main color of the badge. Transfers the metal from which most machines are made. Indicates a lineup update. Associated with lightness, low weight of machines.
  • Blue is the color of professionalism, a serious approach to work.

The font of the inscription is similar to Rifton Caps but with minor changes. The M glyphs are slanted backward, reminiscent of the structure of the trunk of minicars, which appears to be cut off, reducing the length of the car. The lower parts of the letters merge, making the word continuous. This is another nod to the compact size and close placement of interior elements.

Aixam color codes

Blue BlackHex color:#000d2f
RGB:0 13 47
CMYK:100 72 0 82
Pantone:PMS 282 C
Dark CeruleanHex color:#284e7e
RGB:40 78 120
CMYK:68 38 0 51
Pantone:PMS 7693 C
Queen BlueHex color:#456d9c
RGB:69 109 156
CMYK:56 30 0 39
Pantone:PMS 647 C
GlaucousHex color:#5f89b7
RGB:96 137 183
CMYK:95 137 183
Pantone:PMS 646 C
MarengoHex color:#434d61
RGB:67 77 97
CMYK:31 21 0 62
Pantone:PMS 7545 C
LustHex color:#e2000a
RGB:226 0 10
CMYK:0 100 96 11
Pantone:PMS Bright Red C
Quick SilverHex color:#a2a2a3
RGB:162 162 163
CMYK:1 1 0 36
Pantone:PMS 422 C
Light GrayHex color:#cfd0d0
RGB:207 208 208
CMYK:0 0 0 18
Pantone:PMS Cool Gray 2 C