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Aixam Mega: Brand overview

Founded as Arola in 1983 in Aix-les-Bains, France, the company now known as Aixam-Mega began its journey by producing minimalist microcars with minimal safety requirements. In 1992, Mega Group acquired Arola, marking a change in brand identity and production line. The company was subsequently renamed Aixam-Mega and began producing more reliable four-wheeled microcars.

Having achieved success in producing legal models with a speed limit of 28 miles per hour, Aixam-Mega created vehicles that did not require a full driver’s license. This unique offering contributed to the company’s success in the 1990s and early 21st century, when it expanded its range to include compact city cars in a variety of variants – coupes, sedans, and vans.

In 2013, Aixam-Mega’s situation changed again when the controlling stake was acquired by Polaris Industries, an American powersports company focused on the micro-car segment. Under the new owner, the company continued to produce miniature quadricycles focused on urban transportation needs in Europe.

As of 2022, the production volume of Aixam microcars at the company’s French facilities exceeded 380,000 units, demonstrating its strong presence in the urban mobility segment.

Meaning and History

Aixam Mega Logo History

1993 – 2007

Aixam Mega Logo 1993

2007 – today

Aixam Mega Logo

The French have turned this car company’s logo into a tough symbol. The designers intensified the shadows, added a black frame, used a cool silver color, and enhanced the chrome effect. The gray contour stripe became wider, and the area of dark zones on the blue background increased. In addition, the emblem creators moved the lettering outside the ring. They connected the letters and colored them in a rich blue color. The letter “M” in the name took the form of a block variant located inside the circle. All the glyphs are uppercase and solid, which hints at the reliability of the equipment.

The logo has a certain zest, giving the impression that the machines are durable and designed for long-term use. The rich blue color adds a bit of serenity, making you take another look at it. The letter “M” in a circle is like a gem that attracts the eye.