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The lightness displayed by the Ajinomoto logo shows the optimal connection between the company’s specialization and its identity. The strong alliance instills confidence that the branded products are safe, delicious, flawless, and high-quality. The bright color palette is a great eye-catcher for customers.

Ajinomoto: Brand overview

Founded:17 June 1917
Chūō, Tokyo, Japan
Ajinomoto is a Japanese food manufacturing company. In addition, it sells amino acids, pharmaceuticals, and technology. The main office of the company is located in Tokyo. The diversified enterprise was officially launched in 1917 and has gained fame far beyond the borders of Japan.

Meaning and History

Ajinomoto Logo History

With over 100 years of history behind the Ajinomoto brand, it is not surprising that its visual recognition is at a high level. For the time, the public was presented with seven variants of the logo, one of which was used exclusively in the international market. If most competitors on the market had changes in logos of local nature and within their framework, individual details were updated, then concerning a Japanese company, each redesign offered the audience a new and unique option. Because Ajinomoto is a subsidiary of Suzuki, it’s no wonder the logo used elements of the iconic Japanese brand early on.

What is Ajinomoto?

First of all, it is one of the most popular Japanese brands for food products. The company is trying to gradually develop in many directions, thereby attracting the attention of potential customers.

1917 – 1946

S. Suzuki & Co., Ltd Logo 1917

The first version of the logo was introduced almost immediately after the company’s founding in 1917. It was an emblem, made in the form of an oval of a slightly non-standard shape, outwardly resembling a medallion. Inside was a Japanese lady holding a jar, most likely with spices. Hieroglyphs were painted on the woman’s apron. The background was made in the form of black vertical lines. Customers who associated it with Suzuki liked its interesting and remarkable logo. At the same time, the dull black and white color scheme caused a certain despondency upon acquaintance.

1946 – 1973

Ajinomoto Logo 1946

The brand received the name Ajinomoto only in 1946. Together with him, the original logo was also redesigned. This is an interesting red and white emblem. The main element of the logo is a red bowl with a lid. It has Japanese hieroglyphs denoting the brand name in white letters. They are in bold type with thick lines. An interesting choice made it possible to associate the Ajinomoto logo with home comfort with the company’s products.

1973 – 1986

Ajinomoto Logo 1973

The next redesign took place in 1973. Any images were completely removed from it, including the bowl from the previous version. Saul Bass handled the redesign. The logo was a verbal inscription on two levels. At the top was a stylized “a,” which was a reference to the company’s name. Red outlines and white color inside conveyed the potential and ambitions of the company and its desire to develop. At the same time, the buyer could not immediately associate this symbol with the presented letter since it was made with several curved lines, thereby creating a fancy pattern. Beneath this letter was an inscription in Japanese in bold red type.

1986 – 1999

Ajinomoto Logo 1986

A redesign of the logo in 1986 made it more concise, more confident, and modern. It was based on the brand name, made in a classic sans-serif font using capital letters. The first letter deserves special attention. Firstly, a diagonal line was used instead of a horizontal line, making this symbol more bizarre and interesting. Also, to the left of the name is a red triangle pointing to the right. Stylistically, it is similar to the button to start the video. The area within the “A” and the said triangle created an infinity symbol to indicate the company’s vision and goals.

1999 – 2018

Ajinomoto Logo 1999

Thirteen years after the active use of the previous version of the logo, it was decided to return the red color as the main one. Also, the red triangle to the right of the title has been removed. Now it was exclusively a verbal inscription denoting the brand name. The most graceful and playful look is the first letter, “A,” which received a long tail that connected its lower peaks. The second letter, “J,” was also slightly larger than the rest of the letters. Otherwise, the font remained identical to the previous version. However, the new color palette played a positive role, making the logo more welcoming. In addition, this year, Ajinomoto also began to use the icon. It was a stylized letter “a,” written in white inside a red circle, which was inside a white square.

2010 – 2018 (international market)

Ajinomoto Logo 2010

In 2010, the company had a secondary logo, which brands worldwide use. At the same time, the verbal inscription is completely identical to the one that was presented back in 1999. However, now it is placed inside a multi-colored frame that visually resembles a ribbon. Here are yellow, green, and red colors, indicating the diversity of the product range offered to customers.

2018 – today

Ajinomoto Logo

The most recent redesign of the company took place in 2018. The word inscription remained unchanged, but at the same time, it was somewhat reduced in size and placed under the updated designation Ajinomoto. These were handwritten letters “Aj,” made in smooth lines with rounded ends. Thus, the logo began to look more friendly, thanks to the company’s traditional red and white color palette.

Font and Colors

Ajinomoto Emblem

If the company tried to combine Japanese and world culture in the first variations of the logo, then the latest redesigns have led to the fact that the main element is the inscription “Ajinomoto,” made in a classic classic classic sans-serif font, made using capital letters.

Ajinomoto Symbol

The main theme for the company is a red and white color palette that evokes a sense of professionalism and brand strength.

Ajinomoto color codes

Pigment RedHex color:#ed1c24
RGB:237 28 36
CMYK:0 88 85 7
Pantone:PMS Bright Red C