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AKT: Brand overview

AKT Motos, a Colombian manufacturer of motorcycles and ATVs, was founded in 2004 as part of Grupo Corbeta. The company was originally called Ensambladora Corbeta and was created by entrepreneurs from Envigado, Colombia. In the first years, the company assembled motorcycles and ATVs under the brands Atlas, Zeus, and Apache, using imported components.

In 2008, a significant event took place: the company opened a new factory. This allowed AKT Motos to move to independent production of some components. In 2012, the company took a significant step forward with the introduction of the Executioner, the first motorcycle made entirely in Colombia, with 70% local components.

In 2014, the company rebranded, dropping its original name, Ensambladora Corbeta, and renaming itself AKT Motos. This change coincided with an increased emphasis on domestic production.

Today, AKT Motos offers a wide range of products, including motorcycles, scooters, ATVs, and motorized bikes. The main market remains Colombia and Latin American countries.

Having established itself as one of the only domestic motorcycle manufacturers in Colombia, AKT Motos is making a significant contribution to the local economy by developing its production capacity and technical know-how.

Meaning and History

AKT Logo History

2004 – today

AKT Logo

The dynamism of the ACT logo is manifested in the presence of two horizontal stripes: a white one crossing the abbreviation and a red one below it. These stripes give the logo visual energy. The inscription is made in two layers: one part fills almost the entire space of the emblem, and the second part is adjacent to the end of the red line. Both texts have common features: italics, capital letters, fluidity, absence of serifs. However, they differ in size, weight, and style. For example, the word “Motos” is much smaller than “AKT.” That said, the contrast between the two is balanced and subtle.

The white and red stripes not only make the logo distinctive but also create a sense of action or movement. The two layers of text make the eye move from the large “AKT” to the smaller “Motos,” which gives the logo a dynamic feel. The choice of smooth sans serif fonts keeps it simple and easy to read.