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Designers created a complex filigree logo for Alabama State Hornets teams to sting opponents like a hornet and not give them a moment’s peace. The logo of the division consists of a ruthless insect. It overwhelms opponents with painful attacks, maintaining leading positions. Terrifying power and determination – that’s what this emblem conveys.

Alabama State Hornets: Brand overview

Montgomery, Alabama, U.S.
Alabama State Hornets is a sports association of Alabama State University, founded in 1867 and located in Montgomery, Alabama. It has been operating since 1874. It comprises 16 men’s and women’s teams in soccer, basketball, tennis, baseball, volleyball, and so on. It’s part of NCAA Division I and competes in the Southwestern Athletic Conference under the leadership of Jennifer Lynn Williams.

Meaning and History

Alabama State Hornets Logo History

The sports department’s logo of this university has remained unchanged since 1999. It consists of two interrelated parts – graphic and textual. The latter is represented by an abbreviation consisting of the first symbols of the university’s name – “ASU” (Alabama State University), emphasizing the teams’ affiliation. The font is strict, simple, wide, sans-serif. The stroke is stylized as a stinger, and the bottom half is tightly pressed to the base. All letters are connected and have a transition.

The graphic sign is an enraged hornet. It’s the mascot of the sports department, representing the Vespa genus, resembling a wasp externally. The insect’s wings, eyes, legs, and antennae are colored grey, and the body is in black and yellow stripes. It has a sharp stinger at the end. Meanwhile, the hornet is flying through the letter “threatening opponents.” Although the letters predominate on the emblem, the mascot is visible due to the contrast.

What is Alabama State Hornets?

Alabama State Hornets is the name of 16 sports teams associated with Alabama State University, located in Montgomery, Alabama. They participate in NCAA Division I and compete in the Southwestern Athletic Conference.

1999 – today

Alabama State Hornets Logo 1999-Present

Alabama State Hornets Football

Alabama State Hornets emblem

The university’s soccer team was formed in 1901. It competes in the NCAA Division I soccer championship. It hosts home games at its new Hornet Stadium, which opened in November 2012. The athletes’ coach is Donald Hill-Eley.

Alabama State Hornets Basketball

Alabama State Hornets symbol

The university has men’s and women’s basketball teams. They are part of the Southwestern Athletic Conference. Since 2019, they have been coached by Lewis Jackson, who has held this position for the 14th season.

Alabama State Hornets: Interesting Facts

The Alabama State University Hornets are a big deal in college sports, playing in the top college division and being part of the Southwestern Athletic Conference.

  1. They’re from a Historically Black College: Alabama State University is in Montgomery, Alabama, and is a historically black school. Its sports teams, the Hornets, help build school pride and are a big part of its culture.
  2. Lots of Sports: The Hornets don’t just play one or two sports; they’re involved in a bunch, like football, basketball for boys and girls, baseball, softball, volleyball, tennis, golf, track and field, and soccer. This means students have many chances to play different sports.
  3. A Cool Stadium: Their football team plays in the ASU Stadium, which opened in 2012. It can hold around 26,500 people, showing that the school cares about giving its athletes and fans a great place to enjoy sports.
  4. Big Football Game: The Hornets play a huge game against Alabama A&M University called the Magic City Classic every year. It’s a big deal, with many fun events celebrating a long rivalry and the culture of historically black colleges.
  5. Winning Teams: The Hornets have won many championships in the Southwestern Athletic Conference, showing their excellence in sports like football, basketball, and track and field.
  6. Great Women’s Basketball: The girls’ basketball team has won many awards recently, including conference championships, and they’ve played in the big national college tournament. This shows that they’re a strong team.
  7. Smart Athletes: Alabama State University ensures its athletes do well in school, not just sports. They’ve had many athletes who are good at sports and great students.
  8. Helping the Community: The Hornets are encouraged to help in their community, showing that the school cares about more than just sports. They do projects to make a positive impact on people around them.
  9. Strong Track and Field: Their track and field team, especially the girls, is good and competes at a high level, even winning big competitions.
  10. Awesome Band: Their marching band, the Mighty Marching Hornets, isn’t a sports team, but it’s a big part of the game day experience. They’re known for putting on great shows and have even been on TV.

So, the Alabama State Hornets are all about being excellent in sports, helping their community, doing well in school, and having a strong sense of pride and tradition.

Font and Colors

Alabama State Hornets color codes

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CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C
Lemon CurryHex color:#c99700
RGB:201 151 0
CMYK:0 25 100 21
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