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At first glance, it is clear that the Alcorn State Braves logo is blocky. It symbolizes leadership, lofty goals, and inaccessibility to competitors. Large serifs, harmoniously connected with the lower part, embody the stability and steadfastness of the sports organization in achieving victories.

Alcorn State Braves: Brand overview

Founded: 1871
Lorman, Mississippi, U.S.
Alcorn State Braves is a sports association consisting of 15 teams that belong to Alcorn State University, located in the city of Lorman, Mississippi. The sports department was founded in 1871 and is headed by Derek Horne. The teams compete in Division I of the NCAA and are members of the Southwestern Athletic Conference.

Meaning and History

Alcorn State Braves Logo History

The first and modern logo looks almost the same. It shows the confidence of the teams, loyalty to sports principles. The 1996 version shows a single letter “A” in a classic upper case serif font. Instead of the crossbar, it says, “Alcorn.” It goes beyond the sign and divides it into two parts.

After a redesign in 2004, the logo has a 3D effect. The effect is formed by the large letter flare and darkening on the right side of the word “Alcorn,” which is made in the capital font. As a result of the next update (2017), the color of the emblem has been enhanced: instead of beige, there is gold instead of purple – dark purple.

What is Alcorn State Braves?

Alcorn State Braves is an athletic association consisting of 15 student teams belonging to Alcorn State University. They are located in Lorman, Mississippi, participate in the Southwestern Athletic Conference, and compete in NCAA Division I.

1996 – 2003

Alcorn State Braves Logo 1996-2003

2004 – 2016

Alcorn State Braves Logo 2004-2016

2017 – today

Alcorn State Braves Logo 2017-Present

Alcorn State Braves Football

Alcorn State Braves emblem

The football team was formed in 1921. It takes part in the first division of the NCAA Football Championship. He is a member of the Southwestern Athletic Conference. Three times she entered the playoffs of I-AA / FCS.

Alcorn State Braves Basketball

Alcorn State Braves symbol

The university has two basketball teams: male and female. They both compete at the Southwestern Athletic Conference. Home games are played at the Davey Whitney sports complex.

Font and Colors

Alcorn State Braves color codes

Blue-Violet Hex color: #46166a
RGB: 70 22 106
CMYK: 34 79 0 58
Pantone: PMS 2617 C
Marigold Hex color: #e9a713
RGB: 233 167 19
CMYK: 0 28 92 9
Pantone: PMS 130 C