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The All Nippon Airways (ANA) logo is a two-tier emblem that symbolizes the company’s culture, innovation, and technological excellence. At the top is the name of the company ANA, made in dark blue. To the right of the inscription is the ANA symbol – a two-color diagonal or vertical stripe, where a large dark blue stripe symbolizes the sky, and a smaller light blue stripe symbolizes the horizon. On the lower level, the inscription Inspiration of JAPAN reflects the company’s dedication to Japanese culture and inspiring flying experiences.

The ANA symbol reflects the company’s values, such as a high level of technology and ensuring the safety of passengers during flights. The emblem All Nippon Airways underlines the company’s commitment to leadership and excellence in the aviation industry. The color scheme of the logo, especially the dark blue color, gives the emblem an officiality and seriousness, which marks the company’s high reputation in the aviation world.

All Nippon Airways: Brand overview

Founded: 27 December 1952
Founder: ANA Holdings Inc.
Shiodome City Center, Minato, Tokyo, Japan

Meaning and History

All Nippon Airways Logo History

1958 – 1982

All Nippon Airways Logo 1958

1982 – 1986

All Nippon Airways Logo 1982

1986 – today

All Nippon Airways Logo

All Nippon Airways color codes

Air Force Blue Hex color: #0e318f
RGB: 14 49 143
CMYK: 90 66 0 44
Pantone: PMS 661 C
Spanish Sky Blue Hex color: #02a8ea
RGB: 2 168 234
CMYK: 99 28 0 8
Pantone: PMS 2925 C