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The All-Time Low logo is as diverse as the artists’ creativity. Each sign is a new landmark in the band’s career. The emblem reflects inspiration. The letters are like the pulse of life, beating in the band’s veins for 20 years.

All Time Low: Brand overview

Founded:2003 – present
Founder:Jack Barakat, Rian Dawson, Alex Gaskarth, Zack Merrick
Towson, Maryland, U.S.
All Time Low is a punk quartet from Baltimore that began performing in 2003. The band lineup was formed in school by Alex Gaskarth, Jack Barakat, Zack Merrick, and Rian Dawson. For tours, the band also involves additional members. Over their career, the guys have released nine studio albums, six EPs, and over 30 singles. About 40 videos have been shot for songs.

Meaning and History

All Time Low Logo History

Each team logo is specifically created for the next album. That’s why the first logo didn’t appear in 2003 when the band formed, but only in 2005, after the release of The Party Scene. The emblems reflect the album’s songs’ spirit, convey the melodies’ mood, and match the musical genre. Labels under which the discs were released handled the development of the signs, either independently or with the involvement of external designers. Interestingly, The Party Scene is not the musicians’ first album. Two EPs were released a year before the collection, but their logos are nowhere to be found.


All Time Low (album) Logo History

What is All Time Low?

An American punk band full of youth and zest, despite the almost 40-year-old age of its members. Most known for their single Monsters. The guys have been playing together since they were 16-17 years old and love to joke and have fun on stage. Every two years, fans are delighted with a new album. The latest collections have risen to the 4th line in the charts.


All Time Low Logo (The Party Scene) 2005

The logo is timed to the first album, The Party Scene, recorded with Emerald Moon Records to the words of Alex Gaskarth. Mario Garza from the company Robot Plague dealt with the logo design and the collection cover.

The album was very nostalgic, and the logo reflected this. The image features the legs of a dancing couple surrounded by swirling bubbles-kisses. The inscription is made with thin, tall capital letters, which resemble the threads of memories that have made the characters dizzy. Autumn colors are used as the background to convey the idea of reminiscences. Partially hidden black-and-white silhouettes support the overall picture.

The dancing, the idea of the Party, and the open spaces between the inscription elements create a light, floating sensation. Interestingly, the album’s name is written in a smaller font than the band’s name. This technique was used so that the lesser-known band would be remembered by fans more quickly, and songs would be associated with their name.

The image embodies compositions like The Party Scene, and We Say Summer. It presents the band as idealists, wanting to bring something soulful and positive into the world, as stated in the song Hometown Heroes; National Nobodies.

The band’s name comes from a line in the well-known song Head on Collision by the band New Found Glory. The song talks about the bad state of a young man who gets lost and can’t talk about his feelings near a girl. Her presence makes him feel broken, and like he’s at an all-time low. The name conveys the theme of love and describes the state of many indecisive teenagers.

Interestingly, the original name was supposed to be Playground X, which is close to the seniors from a popular computer game.


All Time Low Logo (So Wrong, It's Right) 2007

In 2007, the band released their second album, So Wrong, It’s Right. It was in this album that the logo style was first used, which was repeated on the next three emblems. The new logo was prompted by signing a contract with Hopeless Records, which helped transform the brand.

The design of the album echoes the first one. Instead of a couple, girls are depicted flying among the birds, as most of the songs are addressed to the female half. The emblem in the form of a semicircular inscription framed by beautiful flowers is consistent with the cover’s general romantic spirit.

The center of the sign is again the name of the group. Tall, closely spaced capital letters gradually increase and then decrease. The band’s name is underlined with three lines of different thicknesses, and a plant composition is placed in the center at the bottom. The album title is written in a semicircle at the top, adorned with a floral and leafy ornament.

The sign turned out to be very symmetrical, gentle, and neat. The feminine principle in the emblem is associated with fragrant flowers and the shape of a rainbow, and the special attitude to girls is expressed by underlining.

More than 14,000 copies of the album were sold in a week.


All Time Low Logo (Nothing Personal) 2009

2009 marked the appearance of the band’s third major collection, Nothing Personal, recorded with the same label. Even though the group’s name in the emblem is written in a semicircle, the logo style is fundamentally different. The inscription looks careless. The words Nothing Personal are placed at the bottom, and between All and Time Low is a pirate sign with a skull and crossbones.

Something anarchic and free can be read in the overall style of the logo. The content of the songs does not touch on the theme of pirates, and it’s more about escaping from the world and having a good time in love, which can be seen in Weightless and Hello Brooklyn. The idea is supported by the sparks from the fuse of the dynamite, the letters A flashing from the bottom.

2011 – 2012

All Time Low Logo (Dirty Work and Don't Panic) 2011-2012

The band loved the imagery of the skull and dynamite so much that they used the emblem again. This time for the album Dirty Work, and then for the next creation, Don’t Panic, which saw the light in 2012. The names of the albums disappeared from the composition, but stripes were added, increasing the sensation of an impending explosion and an exclamation mark, enhancing the expression.


All Time Low Logo (Future Hearts) 2015

The logo of 2015 was specially developed for the sixth disc, Future Hearts. The sacred “seeing heart” in a circle is complemented by an inscription in the form of a crescent above the image. The band’s name seems to protect the picture and focus attention on it. The essence of the drawing reflects the title of the album, which talks about the future and the desire to change something in the past. The image of the heart emphasizes feelings and the importance of sensations. The heart seems to have become insightful and looks into the future, trying to find a way. The romantic note of the drawing is associated with the return to the Hopeless Records label with whom they worked on So Wrong, It’s Right.


All Time Low Logo (Last Young Renegade) 2017

In 2017, the team recorded Last Young Renegade, which was very successful and took the 4th line in the Billboard 200. The collection is characterized by a special sound, presumably influenced by the new label Fueled By Ramen.

The album design and emblem complement each other. According to the participants, the theme of youthful mistakes, demons tearing young people apart from the inside, influenced the content of the songs and their identity.

The cover includes things that excite youth: girls, fairy-tale dragons, cars, drinks, and astronauts—a complete mess of dreams to be a cool hero.

Among the bright images, the even glyphs of the logo convey the theme of rethinking, a dispassionate view. The inclination reflects the desire to accept the past that shaped the personality and move forward. Mistakes that drag you down can be a launching pad for development and growth.

For the first time, the collection’s name was used in the emblem, not the group’s. The inscription diagonally with straight letters without additional elements and drawings is also unusual for the collective.


All Time Low Logo (Wake Up, Sunshine) 2020

The 2020 emblem first appears on the cover of Wake Up, Sunshine. The logo presents an entirely new style, full of energy. However, a small element in the form of a sacred eye is left. This time it is not located in the heart, but inside the Sun, in tune with the collection’s title. The label Fueled by Ramen worked on the design.

The group’s name is placed on top. It is written abruptly, by hand. Sharp, prominent first letters of each word create a musical rhythm, like drum beats. The inscription represents young and expressive creative guys.

The album’s title is done in simple capital-bold letters without tilt. Its vivacity is enlivened by the solar eye as if opened with the sunrise.

The uniqueness of the logo is emphasized by the inscription “new album,” which seems to mark the transformation and the beginning of the next stage in the band’s life.


All Time Low Logo (Tell Me I'm Alive) 2023

The band continues to create, and in 2023 they delighted their fans with the album, “Tell Me I’m Alive.” For this, a new logo was introduced.

The repetition of the sharp, pulsating script signifies that the band has finally settled on its brand, which remains constant and does not change with each album.

As if rising from a bloody base, the red letters and the horror-style smiley face hint at the tragic and scary events related to the COVID-19 pandemic. All songs in the album were written during the quarantine period.

The smiley face uses medical symbols instead of eyes: a white cross on a red background and a hexagonal cross with a coiled snake. A cardiogram represents the twisted mouth of the terrified smiley face.

Reflections on life, fear of death, and the global scale of the problem are visible in the logo of All Time Low’s new creation.

Font and Colors

Black color accompanies almost all the band’s logos. The shade is consistent with rock and punk. It conveys the artists’ steady dedication to music and their years on stage. The white elements in some logos point to a rebirth from ashes, a renewal of goals. Red is the emblem of health.

The font chosen for the brand is stylish and unique, reminiscent of a musical rhythm.

All Time Low color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C