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The Alta Automobile logo, once adorned on the motorcycles, cars, and three-wheeled trucks produced by the Greek manufacturer, is a circular emblem framed by a laurel wreath. This design is a classic symbol of victory and honor, harking back to ancient Greece, where laurel wreaths were awarded to victors in athletic competitions and poets.

The laurel wreath encircles a yellow background, surrounding a white inscription with a green disc. The choice of yellow and green is seen as a nod to the vibrant landscapes of Greece, with its sun-drenched coasts and lush greenery. The contrast between these colors also ensures the logo stands out, enhancing its visibility and recognizability.

The letters within the green disc are tall and reminiscent of Greek ornamentation, known for its rigid geometricity. This design choice pays homage to the brand’s Greek heritage and lends the logo a sense of stability and strength. The glyphs are outlined in gold, a color often associated with quality and luxury, hinting at the manufacturer’s high standards.

Two underlining lines, one at the top and the other at the bottom, further emphasize the inscription. These lines are seen as a visual representation of the brand’s commitment to excellence from the beginning to the end of its manufacturing process.

The Alta Automobile logo is more than just a brand identifier; it symbolizes the company’s Greek heritage, commitment to quality, and victorious spirit. The use of traditional Greek elements, combined with a modern design approach, results in a timeless and relevant logo. It’s a testament to the brand’s rich history and enduring values, encapsulated in a design that is as striking as it is meaningful.

Alta Automobile: Brand overview

Founded:1962 – 1978
Athens, Greece
Founded in Athens in 1962, Alta Automobile carved its niche in the automotive industry of Greece as a manufacturer of lightweight vehicles and motorcycles. It all started at their initial facility in Athens, where three-wheeled trucks and motorcycles were assembled. Their go-to engine choice was the reliable 50cc Sachs. One of the renowned early models was the 50S motorcycle, whose durability left an impressive number of surviving units to date.

In the subsequent years throughout the 1960s, Alta broadened their scope and ventured into producing three-wheeled passenger conveyances consisting of microcars and taxis. They were power-driven by Alta’s signature two-stroke engines.

When the 1970s dawned, Alta redirected its focus toward car manufacturing, marking a pivotal change in the company’s direction. The company rolled out numerous compact and economical car models in its stride, including the Alta 600, Baby, and City.

In the zenith of its operations around 1975, the Athens factory of Alta was a bustling hub of about 100 employees. However, the company’s journey was not devoid of challenges. By 1978, Alta faced bankruptcy, with its demise being attributed to problems with quality control and product development.

Despite its best efforts to create a niche in the economical car market, Alta’s endeavors fell short when pitted against more established car manufacturers. After approximately 15 years, the company had to halt its operations in 1978, succumbing to financial adversity. The legacy of Alta Automobile thus remains a Greek automotive venture striving to make a mark in a competitive industry.

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