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Alta Automobile: Brand overview

Founded in Athens in 1962, Alta Automobile has carved a niche for itself in the Greek automotive industry as a manufacturer of light cars and motorcycles. It all started with an initial facility in Athens, where three-wheeled trucks and motorcycles were assembled. The main engine was the reliable 50cc Sachs. One of the famous early models was the 50S motorcycle, of which an impressive number of examples have survived to this day.

In the following years, during the 1960s, the Alta company expanded its activities and began producing three-wheeled passenger vehicles – microcars and cabs. These were powered by Alta’s proprietary two-stroke engines.

With the advent of the 1970s, Alta shifted its focus to automobile production, which was a turning point in the company’s development. The company produced many compact and fuel-efficient car models, including the Alta 600, Baby, and City.

At its zenith in 1975, Alta’s Athens plant was a bustling center with about 100 employees. However, the company’s journey was not without its difficulties. By 1978, Alta was on the verge of bankruptcy due to problems with quality control and product development.

Despite the company’s best efforts to create a niche for itself in the economy car market, its endeavors failed in comparison to more established automakers. After operating for about 15 years, the company was forced to cease operations in 1978 due to financial difficulties. Thus, the legacy of Alta Automobile remains a Greek automobile company striving to take its rightful place in a competitive industry.

Meaning and History

Alta Automobile Logo History

1962 – 1978

Alta Automobile Logo

The Greek company Alta once produced a round logo on motorcycles, cars, and three-wheeled trucks. This logo had a laurel wreath frame on a yellow background. Inside the wreath was a green disk with white lettering. The letters were tall and resembled Greek ornamentation, known for its rigid geometry. The letters, or glyphs, had a golden outline and were double-underlined: one line was above the letters, and the other was below them.

The yellow background creates a sense of energy and warmth, while the green disk creates a sense of freshness and life. The tall letters, reminiscent of Greek ornamentation, suggest that this is a brand with history and tradition. The golden outline makes the letters more colorful as if decorating them. Two lines, one at the top and one at the bottom, serve as a frame for the name, making it the main part of the logo.