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Amazon Kindle Logo

Amazon Kindle logo
Amazon Kindle Logo PNG

Amazon Kindle is a line of tablet computers for reading digital books. The first model of e-book appeared on sale in autumn 2007. Over time, the range has expanded, as well as the software capabilities of devices. Now, Amazone tablets allow you to browse, buy, and download any internet publication from the Kindle Store.

Meaning and History

Amazon Kindle Logo History
Amazon Kindle Logo Evolution

The Amazon Kindle logo consists of two parts. The first part is the Amazon logo, which was adopted in 2000. The Turner Duckworth agency invented the design and font of the logo. On the symbol from “A” to “Z” stretches a curved yellow, orange arrow. The arrow seems to indicate that the company meets all customer requirements – literally “from A to Z.” The color of the inscription is variable: the inscription can be black or white depending on the background on which the brand symbol is applied.

The second element of the inscription is the word “kindle” in the same yellow, orange shade as the arrow. Karin Hibma and Michael Patrick Cronan, brand consultants, suggested using this word as a name for Amazon’s e-book series. The slim, un-snot-snotted letters are reminiscent of Bliss Regular, a non-standard commercial font designed by Jeremy Tankard.

Amazon Kindle emblem

There is also an extended version of the Amazon Kindle logo. The inscription of the logo takes a secondary place – all attention is paid to the graphic composition in the background. In the center is the figure of a boy. The boy sits under a scattering tree and holds a Kindle e-book in his hands. The dark colors on the emblem indicate that night is approaching. But the boy is in no hurry because he is immersed in the world of books.