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Amazon Web Services Logo

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Logo
Amazon Web Services (AWS) Logo PNG

Amazon Web Services is a subsidiary of Amazon that provides APIs and cloud computing platforms. All marked services are distinguished by an extended technical infrastructure of an abstract type, building blocks, and distributed computing options. One such tool is EC2 (Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud). It allows you to use a virtual PC cluster that is available over the Internet when you need it. The department appeared in 2006, although the development of the startup started four years earlier.

Meaning and History

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Logo History
Evolution of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Logo

AWS currently operates in many countries worldwide because it is a powerful method of accessing massive computing power. Moreover, this method is cheaper and faster in operation than real server farms, requiring the creation and separate maintenance. Whereas in this case, interested parties can only pay for the desired service and use it. And the company has a lot of them: analysis, management, storage, development, networks, databases, mobile tools, and tools.

To emphasize the inextricable bond with the parent company, the new structure received a logo in the same distinctive style. It appeared in conjunction with the launch of a virtual product and directly conveyed its essence. The service has two emblems in total.

2006 – 2017

Amazon Web Services Logo 2006-2017

The debut logo reflects the AWS business. On the left, there are five identical cubes assembled from three rhombuses each. Geometric shapes are rotated to form three sides – right, left, and top. These are symbolic “boxes” – boxes with information and digital products. There are white lines of different lengths between the rhombuses, which form the edges of yellow cubes, visually resembling a honeycomb.

Next to them is the inscription “Amazon Web Services.” The words are arranged in two lines. The main thing is, of course, the common name with the parent company. It is larger than the others and occupies the entire top row. The rest of the elements are made in thin letters and are placed at the bottom.

2017 – present

Amazon Web Services Logo 2017-present

When the service gained recognition, its owners redesigned, opting for an abbreviated name. Therefore, the current logo has only two key elements – the abbreviation “AWS” and the trademark Amazon smile, composed of an arrow pointing to the right and up. It creates a kind of grinning smile and reminds users that this service is its subdivision. But instead of charcoal black, as in the original, the developers chose dark graphite.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Emblem

To emphasize the inextricable link between AWS and Amazon web services, the designers used a consistent style. This means that their logos are not identical but very close to each other in design, fonts, colors, and graphics. This strategy allows you to determine: the programs belong in the same direction immediately visually. The changes to the logo were mainly related to the number of elements in it: now they are reduced to a minimum.

In the modern version, a typeface resembles the Cormac Book as much as possible with some changes. All letters are lowercase, smooth, sans serif, located at a small distance from each other.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Symbol

The proprietary palette now contains two colors: warm yellow # ff9a00 and powdered black # 202b3c. Previously, a more intense range was used, consisting of lemon yellow and charcoal black.