AMD Logo


In the AMD visualization, the company’s logo effectively reflects the brand’s direction and product features, emphasizing main goals and objectives. Its symbol represents development, motion, and progress, conveying complete confidence in the products.

AMD: Brand overview

Founded:May 1, 1969
Founder:Jerry Sanders
Santa Clara, California, U.S.
AMD is an American company that manufactures processors, adapters, motherboards, chipsets, and other electronics on integrated circuits. The company was founded by a group led by Walter Jeremiah Sanders and Jack Gifford. The company’s office is located in Santa Clara, California.

Meaning and History

AMD Logo History

As a trademark, the manufacturer uses an abbreviation, which is its name: AMD stands for Advanced Micro Devices. In general, there are two main variants of the logo.

What is AMD?

AMD stands for Advanced Micro Devices, an American manufacturer of computer components, primarily graphics processors and semiconductor microprocessors. They are designed for servers, laptops, desktop computers, and gaming consoles. The company’s main competitors are industry leaders NVIDIA and Intel.

1970 – 1990

AMD Logo 1970-1990

After the company’s foundation, a symbol consisting of two arrows was adopted. One arrow is large and rectangular; the other is smaller but sharper than the first. The arrows symbolize development, motion, and progress in all directions. Due to the specific arrangement, the shape resembles a small letter “a.”

1990 – today

AMD Logo 1990-present

In 1990, the logo received a textual addition in the form of the abbreviation “AMD.” The emblem was strictly symmetrical. The geometric shapes on the AMD logo did not change but became entirely black (the previous version was white with dark edging).

AMD: Interesting Facts

AMD, short for Advanced Micro Devices, is a big name in the world of computers. It was started on May 1, 1969, by Jerry Sanders and some smart engineers. They make things like CPUs and GPUs, which are important for computers and games.

  1. Starting Small: AMD began making ICs (integrated circuits) and then copied Intel’s 8080 processor. This was their first step into making their CPUs.
  2. x86 Architecture: AMD played a big role in making the x86 architecture popular. This is a type of computer brain that many computers use today.
  3. Breaking Speed Records: In 2000, AMD made a processor called Athlon, the first to work faster than 1GHz. This was a big deal for computer speed.
  4. Buying ATI Technologies: In 2006, AMD bought ATI Technologies. This helped them start making GPUs to create better pictures on screens, competing with another company called Nvidia.
  5. More Cores, More Power: AMD is good at making processors with more than one core. This means the processors can do many things at once. Their Ryzen series can have up to 64 cores!
  6. Combining Brains and Eyes: AMD is working on HSA, which would allow CPUs and GPUs to work together on the same chip, making computers faster, especially for big tasks.
  7. Supercomputers: AMD’s technology is used in some of the world’s most powerful computers. These supercomputers can do a huge number of calculations very fast.
  8. Zen Architecture: In 2017, AMD introduced Zen architecture, which improved their processors and allowed them to compete well with Intel.
  9. Radeon Graphics: AMD makes Radeon graphics cards, which are great for playing video games and doing professional graphic work.
  10. Gaming Consoles: AMD’s technology is inside the latest PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, making them key players in the gaming world.

AMD has come a long way, starting as a small competitor to Intel and becoming a leader in making computer parts that help us play games, work, and explore new technologies.

Font and Colors

AMD Emblem

All letters on the AMD logo are uppercase. The letters are executed in a strict style, without serifs. The “A” and “M” are straight, while the “D” has a streamlined shape. The idea embodied in the symbols speaks of complete trust in the company’s products. At the same time, the symbols indicate seriousness and high functionality. The emblem inspires consumers with its practicality, indicates determination, and gives a sense of security.

AMD Symbol

The Advanced Micro Devices Corporation logo consists of graphic and textual elements. The commercial font Gill Sans sans serif is used for the typeface. The abbreviations “AMD” and the arrow formed by polygons are black in the basic version. There is also a version with dark green geometric figures, but it is less common than the classic black and white.

AMD color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C