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Although simple, the American Tourister logo is incredibly informative. It conveys many important messages for potential customers to use the brand’s products confidently. That’s why almost every traveler takes a sturdy suitcase or bulk bag with its brand name on it.

American Tourister: Brand overview

Founder:Sol and Irving Koffler
Providence, Rhode Island, United States
American Tourister is an American company that manufactures travel luggage. Each year it produces several million suitcases and bags, with which you can travel anywhere in the world. It was founded in 1933 and has since become popular far beyond the United States. Samsonite owns the rights to this company.

Meaning and History

American Tourister Logo History

Irving Koffler and the Sol brothers founded the company. The first investments in the future world-famous project came from the Sol brothers. Already in 2009, the company was acquired by Astrum International Corporation. Subsequently, it was renamed Samsonite Corporation. Even though the brand’s history goes back almost 100 years, its logo has changed only twice. This made it possible to increase the visual recognition of the brand significantly.

What is American Tourister?

At the very least, it is an opportunity to buy a quality travel bag at an adequate price. Suitcases are available in different sizes and colors, ranging from children’s bags to sporty ones.

1933 – 1962

American Tourister Logo 1933

The first version of the logo appeared almost immediately after the company’s founding in 1933. It was made using a black and white color palette. It was a rectangle with rounded corners, inside which was the company logo and the brand’s name. The emblem was a stylized airplane wing with a circle between them. Similar emblems were used by many airlines at that time. The background of the emblem was all black. At the top was the word “American” and at the bottom “Tourister” in classic bold, sans serif type. They were uppercase white letters with a black outline. Also, the company logo references the American market, as it completely repeats the style of those years.

1962 – 2014

American Tourister Logo 1962

The first major redesign made the logo more modern and appealing to the target audience. Its style is extremely similar to airline logos. It is an oval, the edges of which are made with a gradient of gray color, creating a sense of three-dimensionality. At the same time, closer to the center, the color becomes completely white. In the center, the company’s name, “American Tourister,” is presented in classic bold sans serif font. Voluminous and thick lines in capital letters look formal and serious, attracting the attention of buyers from all over the world. At the top and bottom of the name are two curved lines, red and blue. This is also a reference to the airplane. Below the blue line on the right is also the inscription “Since 1933”. In this way, the company indicates a great deal of experience and understanding of the market.

2014 – today

American Tourister Logo

The last logo redesign to date took place in 2014. As a result, it became even more minimalistic as the logo was completely removed, and only the wordy name remained. It is in the same font as the previous version, except that all the letters are turned at a slight angle to the right. Overall, you get the feeling that they are written in italics and therefore add speed to the logo. The dark red color looks more unique and fresh when compared to the old color palette.

Under the name is a horizontal line in the middle of which “Since 1933” is written in capital letters of the same color.

Font and Colors

American Tourister Symbol

As a basis, American Tourister always chose comfortable and readable fonts. As a rule, they were classical sans serif fonts made with capital letters.

At different stages of the company’s functioning for the logo, a different color palette was used. The last variant to date is related to the dark red color. It symbolizes passion and the desire to develop. Given that the company is a world-renowned brand, it fully realizes its goals.

American Tourister color codes

Japanese CarmineHex color:#a61b2e
RGB:166 27 46
CMYK:0 84 72 35
Pantone:PMS 200 C