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Amilcar Italian: Brand overview

Founded in Paris in 1921 by Joseph Lamy and Emile Acar, Amilcar was a French automobile brand with an interesting heritage. The brand name Amilcar was ingeniously derived from an anagram of the founders’ last names, Acar and Lamy. Initially, the company located its production in Paris. However, as the demand for cars grew, the company moved to a larger facility on the outskirts of the city, namely in Saint-Denis.

Amilcar became widely known in the racing world for its impressive victories at the Monte Carlo Rally in the mid-1930s, namely in 1934, 1936, and 1937. During the 1920s and 30s, the brand focused primarily on building compact and fuel-efficient cars; several models, such as the Amilcar CC, CS, and M-Type, were produced in the 1920s.

Amilcar’s approach was based on innovative design elements such as overhead cam engines and hemispherical combustion chambers, which were revolutionary for the time. However, despite its pioneering spirit, Amilcar ran into financial difficulties in the late 1930s. As a result, the company produced its last automobile in 1940, after which it was finally shut down.

From its founding in 1921 to its closure in 1940, Amilcar managed to produce about 35,000 cars. Despite being recognized early on for its speed and race wins, the company was ultimately unable to withstand the harsh economic conditions following World War II, which led to its demise.

Meaning and History

Amilcar Italian Logo History

1921 – 1940

Amilcar Italian Logo

The Italian division of the French company Amilcar had a unique logo. It consisted of fancy text typed in embossed uppercase font. The letters “A” were distinguished by an angular crossbar with a sharp end pointing downward. As a result, a white rhombus could be seen in the letter’s gap. The rest of the glyphs were also unique: they were all connected by a long horizontal band, which made them look like links in a chain.

The sharp end of the letter “A” indicates something important. It was as if the letter itself was telling you to look here. The horizontal bar connecting all the letters together gives the impression that the company is about teamwork and collaboration. It’s a logo that makes you think yet remains fun.