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At first glance, it might appear that the emblem of the Anaheim Ducks hockey club is abstract and depicts something unclear. But in reality, this is not the case: the emblem is hyper-realistic. It features a duck’s foot imprint. Subconsciously, this can be associated with the team’s desire to leave its mark in the history of sports.

Anaheim Ducks: Brand overview

Founder:Henry & Susan Samueli
Anaheim, California, U.S.

Anaheim Ducks is a hockey team from Anaheim, California. The club plays in the Pacific Division of the Western Conference of the NHL. The franchise was founded by Michael Eisner, CEO of The Walt Disney Company, in 1993 and in the city of Anaheim, a newly built stadium costing 103 million dollars had been constructed, which did not host any teams. After a conversation with Bruce McNall, owner of the “Los Angeles Kings,” Eisner became convinced that the NHL would not object to expanding the league to the western states of the USA. Gary Bettman, the new NHL commissioner, required Eisner to pay an entry fee of 50 million dollars, half of which was compensation to McNall for sharing territorial rights. Michael Eisner became the owner of the hockey club.

The team received its first name, “Mighty Ducks of Anaheim,” in honor of the young hockey players from Minnesota, famous movie heroes. The film was released in 1992 and immediately became a hit and led to a unique event in sports history. Thanks to the comedy, the new club joined the National Hockey League. Inspired by the success of the movie, Michael Eisner, a big hockey fan and father of two sons who played in youth teams, acquired the rights to create a real NHL club in 1993.

The movie collected over 50 million dollars in the USA, so it is not surprising that the franchise owners decided to name the team “Mighty Ducks.” Such a name was considered an excellent brand promoter, which could make money and win an army of fans from the very first day of the team’s existence.

In 2006, after the club was sold, it was announced that the team would be renamed simply “Anaheim Ducks” and have its emblem changed. The team from the Californian city of Anaheim is still called “Anaheim Ducks.”

“To start, we needed to decide on the shape and colors,” recalls General Manager Jack Ferreira. “We sat in Walt Disney’s office and looked at various sketches. The sweaters were supposed to be green-gold. It seemed to me that it looked too shiny and pretentious, like a circus on ice. In the end, we settled on a more modest option.” The primary colors became purple, jade, silver, and white.

The Anaheim Ducks logo was used in the Disney movie “D2: The Mighty Ducks.” The goalie mask in the shape of a duck’s beak, created for the famous Disney character Donald Duckling, gave the team popularity beyond North America. The duckling on the logo was supposed to attract the attention of young fans, who would surely bring their parents to the hockey game. As a result, initially, half of the audience at the arena consisted of children under 13 years old.

In 2005, the club changed owners, who reworked the Mighty Ducks logo, and the form lost its cartoonishness. Not everyone understands the modern logo of Anaheim Ducks, which is the imprint of a webbed duck foot, which eventually forms the letter D, which stands for Ducks. The overall image of the Anaheim Ducks emblem gives an impulse of movement and expresses excitement, speed, and competitiveness.

Meaning and History

Anaheim Ducks Logo History

Each of their logos has its own quirk that makes them, if not quickly recognizable, then at least unique. Walt Disney developed the basis at the suggestion of the franchise’s first owner, Jack Ferreira. He discussed everything with the master of animation – from the color of the hockey sweaters to the elements of the franchise’s logo. As a result, a cartoonish image was created that attracted the attention of fans.

What are Anaheim Ducks?

It is a professional hockey team representing the Pacific Division in the National Hockey League. It is also a member of the Western Conference. The Walt Disney Company founded it in 1993, naming it after the movie “The Mighty Ducks.” In 2005, the franchise came under the control of Henry and Susan Samueli.

1993 – 2006

Mighty Ducks of Anaheim Logo 1993-2006

The first logo of the team, “Anaheim Ducks,” based in Anaheim and called “The Mighty Ducks of Anaheim,” was an inverted turquoise triangle with a black circle inside it. The central element of the emblem was a goalie mask in the shape of a duck located above two crossed yellow sticks.

2006 – 2010

Anaheim Ducks Logo 2006-2010

In 2006, the franchise shortened its name to Anaheim Ducks and changed its logo. Although formally, it was just a wordmark, it looked unique due to the peculiar shape of each letter. The text became golden with orange and black outlines. The shape of the letter “D” differed significantly from the others. The slightly elongated uppercase letter resembled a webbed foot. Above the team’s name was placed the wordmark “Anaheim” in black lettering.

2010 – 2013

Anaheim Ducks Logo 2010-2013

More muted colors compared to the 2006 emblem and all the changes in the new emblem.

2013 – today

Anaheim Ducks logo

After a series of transformations, the designers left only the webbed duck foot on the official symbolism – flat, resembling an imprint. However, since the modern version is based on the previous emblem, this is not just a “trace,” but the initial letter of the team’s name. The visual connection of the duck’s foot with the letter “D” is very well stylized. Each inner part is neatly outlined by a white stripe, the outer one – by gray.

In the center of the logo, three small strokes perform a dual role: they are both the natural pattern on the membranes and the inter-letter space. Instead of the usual side foot of “D,” sharp protrusions are used, allowing the combination of two completely different elements – the letter and the foot.

Anaheim Ducks: Interesting Facts

The Anaheim Ducks are a hockey team from Anaheim, California. They play in the Pacific Division as part of the National Hockey League. Here’s what makes them special:

  1. How They Started: Disney created the Ducks in 1993, naming them after a movie called “The Mighty Ducks.” They had a logo and outfits that matched the movie.
  2. New Name and Owners: In 2005, Henry and Susan Samueli bought the team and changed its name to the Anaheim Ducks. They also introduced a new logo and colors.
  3. Big Win: In 2007, the Ducks won the Stanley Cup for the first time, beating the Ottawa Senators. They were the first team from California to win it.
  4. Honoring Players: The Ducks have retired the number 8 for Teemu Selanne, a key player in their 2007 win known as “The Finnish Flash.”
  5. A Great Duo: Paul Kariya and Teemu Selanne were an amazing pair on the team, known for playing well together.
  6. Trailblazers: Their 2007 win made them the first California team to win the Stanley Cup. Later, the Los Angeles Kings won it in 2012 and 2014.
  7. Mascot Fun: Their mascot, Wild Wing, entertains fans at games with his fun antics. He wears the team’s jersey and a goalie mask.
  8. Cool Jerseys: The Ducks’ jerseys have been unique and sometimes debated. The first had a cartoon duck goalie mask; newer ones often nod to their original look or try new designs.
  9. Rivalries: They have big rivalries with the Los Angeles Kings and the San Jose Sharks because of where they are located and because they often play against each other, especially in important games.
  10. Helping the Community: The Ducks help out in Southern California with the Anaheim Ducks Foundation. This group works on health, youth hockey, and making the sport more available to people.

These points show why the Anaheim Ducks are more than just a hockey team. They’ve had a big effect on their fans and the sport of hockey in California.

Font and Colors

Anaheim Ducks emblem

If the initial version is full of various details, then all subsequent ones, on the contrary, are minimalistic. They contain only a large word, “Ducks” (2006 version) and one letter (2013 logo). The first emblem indicates the corporate palette, type of sport, and team name. For this, the developers used a goalie mask in the shape of a duck’s beak. It is located against the background of two crossed sticks, a black circle, and an inverted triangle.

Anaheim Ducks symbol

In the second and third versions of the logo, the main attention is paid to textual elements. The stylized letter “D” performs a dual role: it signifies both the picture and the name. This sign transitioned from the previous emblem, where a personalized font was used. All symbols in the word “Ducks” are in uppercase and have separate serifs in the form of sharp spikes. The inscription “Anaheim” is made in a blocky font.

The current version of the logo contains the corporate palette of the baseball team: black, dark silver, orange, and golden metallic. White color is also present, although it is not on the official list.

Anaheim Ducks color codes

BlackHex color:#111111
RGB:17 17 17
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C
Metallic GoldHex color:#b5985a
RGB:181 152 90
CMYK:9 29 66 24
Pantone:PMS 465 C
OrangeHex color:#f95602
RGB:249 86 2
CMYK:0 65 100 0
Pantone:PMS Orange 021 C
SilverHex color:#a4a9ad
RGB:164 169 173
CMYK:21 11 9 23
Pantone:PMS 429 C


Why did “Anaheim Ducks” change their logo?

The Samueli family, who bought the team in 2005, decided to add seriousness to it and conducted a rebranding. Therefore, it got a new name (Anaheim Ducks) and another logo – concise and precisely corresponding to the name.

How did “Anaheim Ducks” get their logo?

The creation of the original Anaheim Ducks logo took a lot of time because it emerged from 700 concepts. Since the team belonged to the Walt Disney Company, a cartoonish style was adopted. The logo was designed by two animators: Tony Cipriano and Fred Tio.

What happened to the “Mighty Ducks” logo?

The “Mighty Ducks” logo, like the old team name, was replaced by new versions. Designers removed the mask, sticks, and puck and added a duck foot imprint – the trace that “Anaheim Ducks” will leave in hockey. The color scheme was also changed and now includes silver and orange colors.

Is the “Mighty Ducks” logo a trademark?

The Mighty Ducks logo is a trademark with registration number 1995934 and belongs to ANAHEIM DUCKS HOCKEY CLUB.