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Boston Bruins Logo

Boston Bruins logo
Boston Bruins logo PNG

The Boston Bruins are an ice hockey team located in Boston, Massachusetts. The franchise was founded in 1924. These days it is the NHL third-oldest team and the oldest in the USA.

Charles Adams, the owner of the grocery store chain in Boston, became an avid hockey fan after watching the 1924 Stanley Cup. He was burning with a desire to bring his professional hockey team to Boston. Fortunately, Adams managed to convince the NHL officials to expand the League and accept a team from the United States. On November 1, 1924, the Boston Bruins joined the National Hockey League. The Canadian professional hockey player Art Ross was appointed as general manager and coach of the team. The Bruins’ owner, millionaire Charles Adams met him during the trip to Canada in search of players.

Boston Bruins emblem

When it comes to a group of teams called the Original Six, likes and dislikes tend to fade into the background. The Boston Bruins is the third A-list hockey club after the Montreal Canadiens and Toronto Maple Leafs to maintain its NHL status. Their foundation marked a major turning point in the history of hockey in North America. Indeed, the League, which began play with teams in Ontario and Quebec, embarked on rapid expansion to the USA.

Boston Bruins symbol

Franchise owner Charles Adams set his heart on introducing yellow and brown color palette matching the colors of his grocery chain. As for the team’s name, he wished it to signify the power and strength of “Boston.” Thus, Charles Adams made up his mind to hold a name-the-team contest. One of the fans of the newly-established team thought of the “Bears” nickname since it is perfectly related to “untamed animal embodied with size, strength, agility, ferocity and cunning, while also in the brown color category.” Adams admired this idea, yet he decided to name the team “Bruins,” the word identifying a bear originated from the medieval English fairy-tales and folklore.

Boston Bruins logo history

Boston Bruins Logo History
Boston Bruins Logo Evolution

The Boston Bruins are one of the oldest franchises in the history of ice hockey, as their history dates back to 1924. The team entered the NHL for the 1924-25 season with a brown and yellow logo, featuring a bear. Throughout its history, the basic team colors remained yellow and black and sometimes brown. The Boston Bruins have seven logos in total, three of which look like a circle with spokes. The Bruins spent many years on fine-tuning of their logo. They did a great job, as even the slightest change was a colossal advantage. By the way, the circle has nothing to do with the wheel. It implies that Boston is the true center of America, and all roads lead there.

1924 – 1926

Boston Bruins Logo 1924-1926

The original Boston Bruins emblem featured a brown bear on the prowl surrounded by a yellow-scripted “Boston” wordmark. The beast seemed to walk on the brown-scripted “Bruins” on a yellow background.

1926 – 1932

Boston Bruins Logo 1926-1932

The basis for the second logo was the inaugural one, yet with minor changes. The brown bear was still in the center. The font of “Boston” and “Bruins” wordmarks were changed, though they were still in a different font. The yellow elements of the previous logo were changed to brown and vice versa. The background was completely removed. The logo stroke a nice balance between image and text. It was also this logo that celebrated Boston’s first Stanley Cup in 1929.

1932 – 1934

Boston Bruins Logo 1932-1934

In the mid-1930s, the franchise mothballed its bear-adorned logo and went with a blocky brown “B” with a thick yellow outline as the logo. It was an extremely minimalistic logo. By the way, nobody knows what “B” stood for: Boston or Bruins or both of them.

1934 – 1949

Boston Bruins Logo 1934-1949

Blocky yellow-outlined “B” remained unchanged, though its main color was switched from brown to black.

1949 – 1995

Boston Bruins Logo 1949-1995

The hub-and-spoke design of the Boston Bruins logo lasted for 45 years. The black “B” with a yellow outline, was placed inside a black circle with eight yellow spokes. It still was a relatively simple design, to be sure. However, the circle symbolized Boston as the major transportation hub and center where all roads lead. Subsequently, this wheel underwent several alterations until it took a modern shape.

1995 – 2007

Boston Bruins Logo 1995-2007

In 1996, the Boston Bruins logo was slightly updated. The “B” was a bit taller, more closely resembling the font used in the original B-logo. The letter looked more contemporary and neat. Most noticeable though were the new black trim accents around the B, the spokes, and the border. A thin yellow outline appeared around the black circle.

2007 – till now

Boston Bruins Logo 2007-Present

2008 introduced the Reebok Edge jerseys. With the fresh duds came more alterations to the logo. Its design combines the 1996 and 1933 logos. It features a smaller “B” with a raft of thicker black accents, giving the current logo a more voluminous, yet aggressive appearance. The black outline of the spokes has become thicker, as well as the outer yellow border. The spokes are symmetrical now.