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The team’s image is firmly associated with an arctic bird, as it is present in the name and logo. Artists aimed to emphasize the uniqueness of the Pittsburgh Penguins logo. Hence, a penguin has always been featured on the hockey club’s emblem. Additionally, the penguin is directly associated with a cold region and ice.

Pittsburgh Penguins: Brand overview

Founder:Fenway Sports Group
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S.

In 1897, the first amateur hockey team appeared in Pittsburgh, USA, followed by the creation of the first synthetic ice, which had no analogs in North America for a long time. However, the legendary “Pittsburgh Penguin” only came into existence in 1967, after the NHL expanded from 6 to 12 clubs. Among the newcomers entering the elite was the “Pittsburgh Hornets” from the AHL. The team owners decided that with the change in status, it was time to change the name. “The Hornets were a lower league team. We knew we wouldn’t get the best players in the expansion draft, so we didn’t want to continue to be seen as an AHL-level team,” recalls Peter Block.

The new name had to start with “P,” like “Pittsburgh.” It was coined by the wife of one of the investors, Carol McGregor. It turned out that locals had dubbed the “Civic Arena” as “Igloo” for its dome-shaped roof, which means an Eskimo dwelling. Then she had an idea: igloo – ice – penguins.

At the same time, the same name was suggested by 700 people out of 26,000 who participated in a contest from the Post-Gazette publication. Artist Hessner was paid $1,500 to develop six possible Pittsburgh Penguins logo options. Soon, the designers would add to the club’s emblem a running penguin, which in the 90s was replaced by a penguin “postage stamp,” but then returned.

At the peak of its existence, the “Pittsburgh Penguins” wore blue and white uniforms but later switched to white club colors – gold and black. These are similar to the “Pirates” color scheme, Pittsburgh’s early 20th-century hockey team, and borrowed the colors of the local police uniform. These colors are also present on the city’s flag. The same tones are found on the coat of arms of British Minister William Pitt the Elder, after whom Pittsburgh was named. The “Golden Triangle” symbolizes the city with its skyscrapers, commercial and office centers, theaters, and bridges. Therefore, the gold color of the Pittsburgh Penguins emblem is very significant. The Boston hockey team Bruins, whose players wear the same color, are still angry at the “penguins”: these should be only their colors.

Meaning and History

Pittsburgh Penguins Logo History

In 1968, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, became the hometown of the new hockey franchise “Pittsburgh Penguins” as part of the NHL expansion from six to twelve teams. Seven logos of penguins on skates (except for 1992-2002) make up a unique collection that the “Pittsburgh Penguins” have been collecting for many years. Another important element is the mysterious yellow triangle, which is present on all emblems without exception. The Antarctic bird has transformed from amusing to focused. Designers tried to convey its natural character – aggressive nature, selflessness, and the ability to withstand huge loads even on ice.

What is Pittsburgh Penguins?

It’s the official name of a hockey team, which in narrow circles is known as Pens. “Pittsburgh Penguins” is a regular participant in the NHL’s Metropolitan Division and a five-time Stanley Cup winner. The club has existed since 1967 and currently plays at PPG Paints Arena.

1967 – 1968

Pittsburgh Penguins Logo 1967-1968

The original logo appeared in 1968. It depicted a penguin in white gloves, a scarf, and black skates. In its wings, it held a hockey stick. The image was superimposed on a yellow triangle located inside a white circle with the words “Pittsburgh Penguins” in blue font. Bob Hessner designed the “Pittsburgh Penguins” emblem in 1967. The artist was paid $1,500 for providing the club with its first logo.

1968 – 1972

Pittsburgh Penguins Logo 1968-1972

The team’s second logo was a slight modification of the previous one. The penguin lost its scarf and acquired a more fierce look, symbolizing the team’s fighting spirit. The image of the penguin on skates and the yellow triangle became smaller, and the dark blue circle expanded. The team name appeared inside the circle, and the font of the word mark was changed to a more classic white.

1972 – 1992

Pittsburgh Penguins Logo 1972-1992

The new logo was introduced in 1973. The dark blue circle and the team name in it disappeared. The penguin above the yellow triangle remained the same as its predecessor: it was still dressed in black skates and held a stick in its hands.

1992 – 1999

Pittsburgh Penguins Logo 1992-1999

Following new trends, the franchise’s logo acquired a bold, minimalist, and abstract look. It was the era of the penguins with a postage stamp. The logo’s focal point became the penguin, and the yellow triangle merged into a single image. One side of the triangle was painted yellow, the other – drawn in black and white stripes. They were separated by a white line, smoothly transitioning into the penguin’s head.

1999 – 2002

Pittsburgh Penguins Logo 1999-2002

There were no significant changes in the “Pittsburgh Penguins” logo, just a slight adjustment in the color tone.

2002 – 2016

Pittsburgh Penguins Logo 2002-2016

In 2003, the team expressed a desire to return to the original penguin on skates, but with minor changes. The triangle returned to the “Penguins,” but instead of yellow, they chose a different shade – Vegas Gold. The old-school skating penguin with a stick looked like it did in 1973.

2016 – today

Pittsburgh Penguins Logo 2016-present

In 2016, the franchise introduced a new “Pittsburgh Penguins” logo to commemorate the half-century anniversary of its original logo.

Bob Hessner developed the earliest version. Today’s emblem is his artistic reinterpretation, as in the process of transformation, the bird became more athletic. This was facilitated by just one stroke – an inverted oval. Therefore, in the first version, the penguin is ordinary – fat, emphasizing the lower part of the body, and in the modern version – pumped and broad-shouldered.

The anthropomorphic character is depicted against a triangle background. In improvised gloved hands, it holds a hockey stick, imitating running on an icy field during a match. The bird is standing on skates, on which it seems to be gliding forward. All this is hockey paraphernalia because the designer’s task from the very beginning was to convey it in the logo.

Pittsburgh Penguins: Interesting Facts

The Pittsburgh Penguins are a hockey team from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. They started in 1967 and are known for being good at hockey.

  1. Stanley Cup Wins: They’ve won the Stanley Cup, the biggest prize in hockey, in 1991, 1992, 2009, 2016, and 2017. They were the first team to win it two years in a row during a period when rules about how much money teams can spend made it hard to do.
  2. Famous Players: Some of the best hockey players, like Mario Lemieux, Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin, and Jaromir Jagr, have played for them. These players are very important to the team’s success.
  3. Mario Lemieux: Mario Lemieux is super special because he was an amazing player and helped the team when they didn’t have enough money. He even became the main owner to keep the team in Pittsburgh.
  4. Team Colors: Since 1980, their colors have been black and gold, just like Pittsburgh’s football and baseball teams. This shows how united the sports teams in Pittsburgh are.
  5. Their Arenas: They used to play in a place called “The Igloo” until 2010 because it looked like an igloo. Then, they moved to a new, modern place called the Consol Energy Center, now known as PPG Paints Arena.
  6. The Igloo: “The Igloo” was the nickname for their old home because it had a dome-shaped roof that could open and close. It was a famous building in Pittsburgh.
  7. Winning A Lot: The Penguins have won the Stanley Cup twice, first in the early ’90s and then again in the mid-2010s, showing they’ve been good for many years.
  8. Helping Kids Play Hockey: They help kids in Western Pennsylvania play hockey through different programs. They want to ensure that hockey grows and benefits the area.
  9. Mascot: Their mascot is Iceburgh, a penguin character that’s been around since 1992. Iceburgh is fun and loved by fans at games and events.
  10. Big Rivalries: They have big rivalries with the Philadelphia Flyers and the Washington Capitals. These games are always exciting because the teams want to beat each other.

The Pittsburgh Penguins have a big impact on hockey with their wins, famous players, and work in the community. They’re a well-loved team in the sport.

Font and Colors

Pittsburgh Penguins emblem

The earliest versions feature a circle reminiscent of a classic puck in structure. In 1972, the developers removed it, leaving only an inverted isosceles triangle. Then, in 1992, the team reworked the design and ordered a new logo from Vance Wright Adams and Associates. The result of the collaboration was an unusual logo consisting of a triangle combined with a penguin.

One side of the geometric figure resembled an open bird wing, which acquired realistic features. But twenty-eight years later, the “Pittsburgh Penguins” decided to return to the old image created at the dawn of their sports career. At other times, changes only concerned color.

Pittsburgh Penguins symbol

The emblem itself does not contain any inscription – it is used separately. The upper word is typed in uppercase letters without serifs, and the lowercase is typed in lowercase with serifs.

The team’s palette consists of three colors, each of which has its place in the emblem. It’s Pittsburgh yellow (individually developed), white, and black.

Pittsburgh Penguins color codes

Pittsburgh GoldHex color:#ffb81c
RGB:255 184 28
CMYK:0 28 89 0
Pantone:PMS 1235 C
BlackHex color:#010101
RGB:1 1 1
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C


What does the Pittsburgh Penguins logo mean?

The team’s emblem depicts its mascot – a penguin. It is shown on skates, in gloves, and with a stick to demonstrate its connection with hockey. In the background, there is an inverted yellow triangle. This element symbolizes the majestic architecture of Pittsburgh – tall buildings and bridges.

Why did the “Penguins” change their logo?

In 2016, the hockey club underwent a redesign. This is how its owners marked the upcoming 50th anniversary of the “Pittsburgh Penguins,” and at the same time, they returned the traditional yellow color to the logo.

When did the “Pittsburgh Penguins” change colors?

The team adopted a black and gold palette in January 1980. Before that, it used completely different colors: white and blue, which predominated in sports attire.

What does the triangle on the “Pittsburgh Penguins” jersey mean?

This element of the “Pittsburgh Penguins” identity is a tribute to the Golden Triangle. This is the name of the city center, where the hockey team is based.