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The greatness of the Los Angeles Kings logo is fully emphasized. The crown, clubs, and shield convey much of the imperial status. The team’s name also obliges, referring to the beginning of noble roots and the aspiration for the highest nobility. This demonstrates the athletes’ focus on victory.

Los Angeles Kings: Brand overview

Founder:Philip Anschutz, Ed Roski
Los Angeles, California
The Los Angeles Kings team has been playing in the National Hockey League since 1967. However, its history began even earlier – in 1966, when Canadian-American businessman Jack Kent Cooke obtained an NHL franchise for Los Angeles. The owner chose the name Kings and a gold-purple color scheme to emphasize the team’s high status.

Meaning and History

Los Angeles Kings Logo History

The Los Angeles Kings have a standard approach to logo creation. It involves placing the full name of the city or its initials above the crown, a practice seen in nearly every version of the club’s emblem. The only exception was the 2002-2011 version, when designers removed all inscriptions.

What are Los Angeles Kings?

This is a hockey team that is part of the Western Conference. It plays in the NHL, representing the Pacific Division. The Los Angeles Kings were formed in 1967 and are one of the six teams that began playing as part of the expansion of the National Hockey League. Its home stadium is the Staples Center.

1967 – 1975

Los Angeles Kings Logo 1967-1975

The team debuted in the 1967-1968 season. The purple-gold hockey jerseys were adorned with an emblem in the form of a rectangular shield with a sharp base. Inside the coat of arms was a crown consisting of many small details: circles, ovals, crosses, and lines. Above the symbol of royal authority was the word “KINGS,” and even higher – “LOS ANGELES.” The club’s nickname was written in a serif font, with the lower diagonal line of “K” smoothly curving. A standard block font was used for the name of the city.

1975 – 1987

Los Angeles Kings Logo 1975-1987

Eight seasons after a successful start, the team updated its logo for the first time. The main changes concerned the word “KINGS”: designers enlarged it, moved it to the center, made the letters italic, and surrounded them with numerous horizontal strokes to create a sense of motion. They also worked on the font for the phrase “Los Angeles,” reduced the crown, and thickened both contours of the shield – yellow (inner) and purple (outer).

1987 – 1988

Los Angeles Kings Logo 1987-1988

In the twenty-first season, the hockey club introduced an entirely new emblem. This event coincided with the acquisition of Wayne Gretzky. Designers changed the color palette of the logo to match the color scheme of another NHL team – the “Los Angeles Raiders.” As a result, the shield became dark gray, while the inscriptions and contours turned black. The only element not modernized was the crown: it remained purple-yellow, as before.

1988 – 1998

Los Angeles Kings Logo 1988-1998

The purple-yellow crown didn’t last long – just a year later, it was made black and white. Changes also affected the shield: developers chose a lighter shade of gray and added a wide white line along the entire contour. In addition, they expanded the shield in the middle, giving it a cross-like shape so that the word “KINGS” didn’t hang in space.

1998 – 2002

Los Angeles Kings Logo 1998-2002

After ten years, the team introduced an emblem with a triangular shield and a new crown, which occupied the upper left corner. In the right corner was depicted the sun: a circle with rays of different lengths. Below was a lion with a hockey stick. Two more clubs crossed the shield. Above and below, inside two inverted trapezoids, were the words “LA” and “KINGS.” Compared to previous years, there was less gray and much more black and blue.

2002 – 2011

Los Angeles Kings Logo 2002-2011

In 2002, the logo radically changed. The main distinctive sign of the “Los Angeles Kings” became a large crown with two crossed clubs at the sharp top. The shield, inscriptions, and other elements disappeared.

2011 – 2019

Los Angeles Kings Logo 2011-2019

In 2011, the traditional shield initially owned by the club returned. Designers divided it into two parts: the upper part contained the abbreviated name of the city, and the lower part – the crown. This time, they abandoned the blue color, focusing on black, gray, and white.

2019 – today

Los Angeles Kings Logo 2019-present

In the latest version of the emblem, the colors have changed slightly: black has become more saturated, and an additional silver border has appeared around the perimeter of the shield. As a result of expanding the border, the elements decreased slightly in size.

Los Angeles Kings: Interesting Facts

The Los Angeles Kings, an ice hockey team from Los Angeles, California, have made a big mark in the National Hockey League (NHL) since they started.

  1. Starting Out: The team began on February 9, 1966, when the NHL added six new teams, doubling its size. The Kings were one of these new additions.
  2. First Stanley Cup Win: It took a while, but in 2012, the Kings won their first Stanley Cup by beating the New Jersey Devils. This was a huge moment for the team and their fans.
  3. Second Win: They didn’t wait long for another victory, winning the Stanley Cup again in 2014 against the New York Rangers. This showed they were one of the top teams at the time.
  4. Miracle on Manchester: One of their most famous games happened in 1982 when they returned from a 5-0 deficit to win 6-5 overtime against the Edmonton Oilers. This game is remembered as one of the greatest comebacks.
  5. Getting Gretzky: In 1988, the Kings traded for Wayne Gretzky, a legendary player. This improved the Kings and made ice hockey more popular in places where it wasn’t a big deal.
  6. Cool Jerseys: Over the years, the Kings’ jerseys have changed from purple and gold to black and silver with Gretzky’s arrival, each color scheme representing different eras for the team.
  7. Home Arena: The Kings play at the Crypto.com Arena, a big sports and entertainment center in downtown Los Angeles. They share this arena with the Los Angeles Lakers and Clippers.
  8. Famous Players: Several Kings players, like Wayne Gretzky and Luc Robitaille, have been inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame, which shows the team’s high talent level.
  9. Broadcasting Pioneers: The Kings have been ahead of the curve in sharing their games with fans, using online streaming, and having celebrated broadcasters like Bob Miller.
  10. Helping the Community: The Kings do a lot outside of hockey, too, working on projects for young people, schools, and the environment. Their Kings Care Foundation is a big part of their work in the community.

From their beginning to now, the Los Angeles Kings have had many great moments, from big wins to getting one of hockey’s biggest stars. They’re about playing hockey and making a difference in their city.

Font and Colors

Los Angeles Kings Emblem

Over half a century, the Los Angeles Kings logo has undergone significant changes, although designers tried to adhere to the classic concept. They retained the quadrangular shield with a sharp base and crown, albeit in a modernized form. They also considered the arrangement of elements: the inscription is traditionally located in the upper part, and the symbol of royal power occupies the lower half of the emblem.

In the modern version of the logo, only the abbreviation “LA” remains from the phrase “Los Angeles Kings.” It is written in an unusual font, which was introduced as early as the 1998-1999 season, making it noticeable and self-sufficient. The letters feature an original design: the absence of serifs is compensated for by pointed and flared edges.

Los Angeles Kings Symbol

The original palette includes gold and purple colors. In 1987, black and gray were added, and in 1988, they were completely replaced. However, the chosen combination of shades became associated with gangster culture, so in 1998, it was supplemented with dark blue. However, the redesign of 2011 returned to the familiar silver-black palette.

Los Angeles Kings color codes

SilverHex color:#a2aaad
RGB:162 170 173
CMYK:21 11 9 23
Pantone:PMS 429 C
BlackHex color:#010101
RGB:1 1 1
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C


What does the “Los Angeles Kings” logo represent?

The Los Angeles Kings logo is a pentagonal shield with a black background and a triple contour. It is divided into two parts and resembles a downward arrow. Inside are two large letters (L and A, denoting the team’s location), as well as a classic-style imperial crown.

Have the “Los Angeles Kings” changed their logo?

Yes, the LA Kings have changed their logo several times. The latest adjustments were made in 2019. They only concerned the frame, consisting of three stripes: white, purple-silver, and black. But the most radical changes occurred in 2011 when there was a transition to a minimalist design with a shield, crown, and abbreviation.

Where did the “Los Angeles Kings” get their name?

Cooke chose this name after a contest held among the team’s fans. He aimed for his club to attain “royal status.”

Why do the “Los Angeles Kings” wear purple?

The LA Kings logo uses noble and restrained colors, confirming the royal status of the club, including the shade of Forum Blue. That’s why the hockey players are dressed in light-purple uniforms.