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The grandeur of the Los Angeles Kings logo is fully emphasized. Crown, rapier clubs, shield – much in it from the imperial status. This obliges the team’s name, leading to the beginning of the noble roots and striving for the highest nobility. This shows the focus of athletes to win.

Los Angeles Kings: Brand overview

Founded: 1967
Founder: Philip Anschutz, Ed Roski
Los Angeles, California
Website: nhl.com
The Los Angeles Kings have played in the National Hockey League since 1967. Still, its history began even earlier – in 1966 when Canadian-American businessman Jack Kent Cooke received the NHL franchise for Los Angeles. The owner chose the name Kings and a golden purple color scheme to highlight the team’s high status.

Meaning and History

Los Angeles Kings Logo History

The Los Angeles Kings have a standard approach to logo design. It involves placing the city’s full name or its initials over the crown, which can be traced in almost every version of the club sign. The only exception was the 2002-2011 version when the developers removed all inscriptions from it.

What are Los Angeles Kings?

This is a hockey team that is part of the Western Conference. She plays in the NHL, where she represents the Pacific Division. The Los Angeles Kings was formed in 1967 and is one of six clubs to start playing as part of the expansion of the National Hockey League. His home stadium is the Staples Center.

1967 – 1975

Los Angeles Kings Logo 1967-1975

The team made its debut in the 1967-1968 season. Purple and gold hockey jerseys were decorated with an emblem in a rectangular shield with a sharp base. Inside the arms’ coat, a crown was drawn, consisting of many small details: circles, ovals, crosses, and lines. Above the symbol of royal power was the word “KINGS,” and even higher – “LOS ANGELES.” The club’s nickname was written in serif type, with the lower diagonal “K” line curving gently. A standard chopped typeface was used for the city name.

1975 – 1987

Los Angeles Kings Logo 1975-1987

Eight seasons after a successful start, the team updated the logo for the first time. The main changes were made to the word “KINGS”: the designers enlarged it, moved it to the center, made the letters italic, and surrounded by many horizontal strokes to create a sense of movement. They also worked on the typeface for the phrase “Los Angeles,” reduced the crown and thickened both the outline of the shield – yellow (inner) and purple (outer).

1987 – 1988

Los Angeles Kings Logo 1987-1988

In the twenty-first season, the hockey club introduced a completely new emblem. This event coincided with the acquisition of Wayne Gretzky. The designers changed the logo’s palette to match the color scheme of another NHL team, the Los Angeles Raiders. As a result, the shield turned dark gray and the inscriptions and outlines black. Only the crown was not affected by the modernization: it remained the same purple-yellow as before.

1988 – 1998

Los Angeles Kings Logo 1988-1998

The purple-yellow crown did not last long – a year later, it was made black and white. The changes also affected the shield: the developers chose a lighter shade of gray and added a wide white line along the entire outline. Also, they expanded the shield in the middle, giving it a cruciform shape so that the word “KINGS” does not hang in space.

1998 – 2002

Los Angeles Kings Logo 1998-2002

Ten years later, the team had an emblem with a triangular shield and a new crown, which took up the upper left corner. In the right corner was the sun: a circle with rays of different lengths. Below was a lion with a hockey stick. Two more clubs crossed the shield. Above and below, inside two inverted trapezoids, were the words “LA” and “KINGS.” Compared to previous years, there is less gray and much more black and blue.

2002 – 2011

Los Angeles Kings Logo 2002-2011

In 2002, the logo changed radically. The main hallmark of the Los Angeles Kings was a large crown with two crossed clubs on a sharp top. The shield, inscriptions, and other elements have disappeared.

2011 – 2019

Los Angeles Kings Logo 2011-2019

In 2011, the traditional shield, which the club originally had, returned. The designers divided it into two parts: the city’s abbreviated name was placed in the upper part, and the crown was placed in the lower part. This time they dispensed with the blue color, focusing on black, gray, and white.

2019 – today

Los Angeles Kings Logo 2019-present

In the latest version of the emblem, the colors are slightly changed: black is more saturated, and an additional silver outline is added around the shield’s perimeter. By expanding the border, the elements are slightly reduced in size.

Font and Colors

Los Angeles Kings Emblem

The Los Angeles Kings logo has evolved significantly over half a century, although the designers tried to stick to the classic concept. They retained a quadrangular shield with a sharp base and crown, albeit in a modernized form. And they also considered the arrangement of the elements: the inscription is traditionally located at the top, while the symbol of royal power takes place in the lower half of the emblem.

In the modern version of the logo, only the abbreviation “LA” remains from the phrase “Los Angeles Kings.” It is written in an unusual font, which was introduced back in the 1998-1999 season, making it noticeable and self-sufficient. The letters are original in design: the lack of serifs compensates for the pointed and flared edges.

Los Angeles Kings Symbol

The original palette includes gold and purple. Black and gray were added to these colors in 1987 and completely replaced in 1988. But the chosen combination of shades became associated with gangster culture, so in 1998 it was supplemented with dark blue. However, the 2011 redesign has restored the usual silvery-black palette.

Los Angeles Kings color codes

Silver Hex color: #a2aaad
RGB: 162 170 173
CMYK: 21 11 9 23
Pantone: PMS 429 C
Black Hex color: #010101
RGB: 1 1 1
CMYK: 0 0 0 100
Pantone: PMS Process Black C

What is the Los Angeles Kings logo?

The Los Angeles Kings logo is a pentagonal shield with a black background and a triple outline. It is split in two and looks like a downward-pointing arrow. Inside there are two large letters (L and A, which denote the location of the team), as well as the imperial crown of the classic style.

Did the LA Kings change their logo?

Yes, LA Kings have changed their logo several times. The last adjustments were made in 2019. They concerned only the frames, consisting of three stripes: white, violet-silver, and black. But the most dramatic changes took place in 2011 when the transition to a minimalist design with a shield, crown, and abbreviation took place.

Where did the LA Kings get their name?

Cooke chose this name after a contest held among the fans of the team. He strove to ensure that his club received “royal status.”

Why is the LA Kings wearing purple?

The LA Kings logo uses noble and discreet colors that confirm the club’s royal status, including the shade Forum Blue. That is why the hockey players are dressed in light purple uniforms.