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Hockey is in the blood of this team because they even adapted the music to their favorite sport. Indeed, the club uses the unusual logo St. Louis Blues – with a stylized note that resembles a hockey stick. Hockey players are inspired by the support and are happy to enter the ice arena to show their skills.

St. Louis Blues: Brand overview

Founder:SLB Acquisition Holdings LLC
St. Louis, Missouri
St. Louis Blues is an American professional ice hockey team formed in 1967 in St. Louis, Missouri. She is part of the National Hockey League, is a member of the Central Division, and is a member of the Western Conference. The club originated as one of the NHL expansion franchises. It is currently owned by SLB Acquisition Holdings LLC and is under the direction of General Manager Doug Armstrong.

Meaning and History

St. Louis Blues Logo History

St. Louis is the forerunner of blues and jazz, musical genres inextricably linked to this city. Therefore, for Sid Salomon Jr., who received the franchise, the team’s question did not cause any difficulty. He immediately approved the phrase “St. Louis Blues,” considering it a great option for a singing-loving venue.

There were many arguments on his part:

  1. This is part of the region where the hockey team is stationed.
  2. It is the connection with the legendary performers and traditions of the city.
  3. This is the name of the famous composition Saint Louis Blues, composed by WC Handy in St. Louis when one morning he was thinking about his beloved.

As a result, a symbolic element for the logo was unambiguous – a winged blue note. Over the years of the club’s existence, the emblem has changed seven times, but it has always remained associated with the musical theme. Despite the redesign, it accurately conveyed the geography of the athletes.

What is St. Louis Blues?

This is a professional-grade hockey team from St. Louis of Missouri. She is a member of the NHL, plays for the Central Division, and is also part of the Western Conference group. The year of its formation is 1964. Home stadium – Enterprise Center. In 2019, the club was awarded the Stanley Cup.

1967 – 1978

St. Louis Blues Logo 1967-1978

The debut version contains only one element, being clean, precise, and capacious in meaning. She fully supports the concept of team leadership: reflecting the connection to the city of blues that the whole world has heard about.

The note is depicted with a tilted leg pointing to the left. There is an improvised wing on it – a sign of take-off, high frontiers’ attainability, and the ease of career growth. It consists of four different types of feathers, neatly ranked in length: the largest in the top, the shortest is the bottom. The last element has “underpads” in the form of two miniature protrusions. All lines are straight, strict, verified. There is a yellow outline along the edges of the curly logo.

1978 – 1984

St. Louis Blues Logo 1978-1984

In 1978, the club decided to change. As a result, a circle appeared on the emblem, in which the legendary note was placed. The additional element is designed in the same style as the central piece. The wide stripe has a triple edging from a combination of thinner lines.

The upper part of the field, which resembles both a vinyl record and a puck, is the inscription “St. Louis,” below – “Blues.” Blue letters on a yellow background look very readable. The wing was also changed: the deep depression at the beginning of the upper feather was painted yellow.

1984 – 1987

St. Louis Blues Logo 1984-1987

For a very short period, the hockey players’ logo consisted of two separate parts: graphic and verbal. The first contained a musical note but with a red border. The second was located at the top and looked like a semi-arch from the word “Blues.”

1987 – 1989

St. Louis Blues Logo 1987-1989

A year later, the club’s administration approved an updated emblem: the famous double-edged winged note. The developers removed the top inscription, leaving “St. Louis” on the first nib. Moreover, they increased the central detail in this version.

1989 – 1998

St. Louis Blues Logo 1989-1998

In 1989, the team switched to a logo with a refined red stripe along the outline. It has been in use for almost ten years.

1998 – 1999

St. Louis Blues Logo 1998-1999

After another redesign, the club returned the old version of the emblem, which is still in use today. The developers darkened the blue color, removed the red outline, removed the “St. Louis” lettering, and sharpened the leg’s upper part. Also, we made all the lines sharpened and even.

1999 – 2008

St. Louis Blues Logo 1999-2008

With the arrival of the millennium, the shade of the outer edging strip changed on a musical note: it became much darker.

2008 – today

St. Louis Blues Logo 2008-present

In 2008, the designers corrected the yellow color, increasing it to golden. No other changes followed.

Font and Colors

St. Louis Blues Emblem

Throughout the years of the franchise’s existence, the musical note has been considered the logo’s leading element. In the current version, it is single, consists of a head (oval), a calm (a leg with an inclination to the left), and a flag (a wing with four feathers).

Early versions used two types of typefaces: a chopped sans serif from the Sans Serif category and a custom wide serif. All letters were in uppercase. In the current version, the text part is missing.

The emblem’s corporate palette is associated with the hockey club’s name and the blues, so blue is considered paramount. It changed from classic Oxford blue to Royal blue. The logo also features white and Spanish yellow.

St. Louis Blues color codes

Royal BlueHex color:#002f87
RGB:0 47 135
CMYK:100 75 2 18
Pantone:PMS 287 C
Navy BlueHex color:#041e42
RGB:4 30 66
CMYK:100 90 13 68
Pantone:PMS 282 C
GoldHex color:#ffb81c
RGB:255 184 28
CMYK:0 31 98 0
Pantone:PMS 1235 C
GrayHex color:#a2aaad
RGB:162 170 173
CMYK:21 11 9 23
Pantone:PMS 429 C
Dark GrayHex color:#7c878e
RGB:124 135 142
CMYK:33 18 13 40
Pantone:PMS 430 C

Where did the St. Louis Blues logo come from?

The club got this name in honor of the WC Handy song called Saint Louis Blues. And it, in turn, reflects the strong blues traditions of the local urban population.

What is the St. Louis Blues logo?

St. Louis Blues is the winged note. It is a blue color with a triple outline of yellow, white, and dark blue. The wing is four-piece with two small “feathers” below and a slight slope to the left.

Why does the Blues logo have wings?

The wing is used in the St. Louis Blues to convey the team’s dynamism, the desire to take off in a sports career. After all, if you look closely, you can notice the similarity of the note with a hockey stick and puck.

Who founded the St. Louis Blues?

The franchise was founded as one of six additional NHL expansion teams. Its first owner was the Salomon family of entrepreneurs (father and son named Sid) and Robert Wolfson.