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The Calgary Flames hockey club uses a fiery emblem. The Calgary Flames logo has several meanings: it refers to the team’s origins, is a symbol of its internal energy, and is a symbol of burning oil. The flaming letter perfectly combines all three concepts and represents the sports organization’s name. The style of the emblem is abstract.

Calgary Flames: Brand overview

Founded: 1972
Founder: Calgary Sports and Entertainment
Calgary, Alberta

Calgary Flames is a hockey club that relocated to Calgary, Canada, in 1980. He played for the first time in the 1972-1973 season called Atlanta Flames. This pseudonym exalts the historical past of his hometown and reflects the civil war events when Atlanta was engulfed in flames.

The team’s appearance is associated with the expansion of the NHL, which in every possible way, tried to bypass the World Hockey Association. The club played in Georgia for a total of eight seasons. Then Tom Cousins ​​sold it to a new group of owners led by Nelson Skalbania. He explained this decision by irreparable financial losses.

Meaning and History

Calgary Flames Logo History

Changing logos, the Calgary Flames team has never deviated from the original concept. She continues a line that began in Atlanta, so the design of her old and new signs is not very different, except for radical experiments with black.

What is Calgary Flames?

This is the name of the NHL hockey club that was formerly known as the Atlanta Flames. He moved to Calgary in 1980 and has since won two Presidents’ Trophies, one Stanley Cup, and three conference championships. Since 1983, his home arena has been the Scotiabank Saddledome.

1972 – 1980

Atlanta Flames Logo 1972-1980

For eight seasons, the hockey club was called Atlanta Flames and boasted an unusual emblem in the form of a flaming “A.” The interior of the letter was white, and the main body was dark red. The flames were in the center and stretched upward. In this case, the left diagonal stroke “A” looked like an arrow pointing down.

1980 – 1994

Calgary Flames Logo 1980-1994

After moving to Calgary, the team retained the nickname Flames, but now it has become associated with oil, which was mined in the Canadian province of Alberta. The badge style was also preserved: it was adapted for the new city, replacing “A” with “C.”

The color palette was quite bright: the letter’s orange center was combined with a yellow border, which looked more interesting than the monochrome version. The flame on the left gave the image dynamics. This logo, widely known as Flaming “C,” was created by graphic designer Patricia Redditt.

1994 – 2020

Calgary Flames Logo 1994-2020

The Calgary Flames emblem has a thin black line around the edges. It was adopted in the mid-1990s when the fashion for dark uniforms and black logos appeared in the world of sports. They were believed to intimidate opponents, so the team did not hesitate to create an intimidating image for themselves.

At the same time, another version of the stylized letter “C” was introduced – this time completely black, with a wide white outline and a barely noticeable yellow stroke along the outer edge. She adorned the red jerseys of hockey players and became one of the most global changes in the Flames’ history.

2020 – today

Calgary Flames Logo 2020-present

In connection with players’ transition in the 2020-2021 season to Full Retro, the team’s management revised the emblem, returning the original version – 1980. As a result of the redesign, the logo received minor changes that did not affect its concept and structure. It has remained the same: thanks to the red color and tongues of flame, it also has powerful dynamics and the theme of oil production. The adjustments were made mainly to the color and border. The developers removed the thin black line around the Flaming “C” and left the orange and changed the dark red to a pale scarlet. They did not use rich colors, just like in the debut logo, choosing an alternative to the old and the new.

Font and Colors

Calgary Flames Emblem

The Calgary Flames have a simple yet catchy red-orange C badge with yellow edging and a thin black outline. Although a letter without a dark border is considered traditional: many fans are accustomed to it. However, the black version has moved away from the classics even further, so the unique multi-colored “C” outlined with a black line seems to be as close as possible to the original version.

Regardless of modification, the team logo reflects its history. It has a bit of Atlanta Flames: the owners tried to keep the old concept in the new design. And this is obvious because the logo, as before, depicts the first letter of the city’s name, which is engulfed in flames. The only difference is that “A” had the fire inside and stretched upward, while “C” had it on the side and directed to the left.

Calgary Flames Symbol

If we talk about the font, it does not exist because it is not written but drawn. The artists have worked thoroughly on the “C,” making it unique and recognizable. The base is standard sans serif italics.

As for the color scheme, things are much more complicated here. Officially, there are two versions of the Calgary Flames emblem: regular and dark. The first is used against a light background and is as close to the classics as possible. The second one adorns hockey players’ red jerseys, so the usual red in it is completely replaced by black.

The only thing that remains unchanged is the yellow border around the letter. It can be called one of the main differences between the Calgary Flames, as teams from the world of professional sports are not too willing to use yellow in their logos.

Calgary Flames color codes

Red Hex color: #ce1126
RGB: 206 17 38
CMYK: 2 100 85 6
Pantone: PMS 186 C
Yellow Hex color: #f3bc52
RGB: 243 188 82
CMYK: 0 22 77 0
Pantone: PMS 2006 C
Black Hex color: #111111
RGB: 17 17 17
CMYK: 0 0 0 100
Pantone: PMS Process Black C

What is the logo on the Calgary Flames?

The Calgary Flames logo is a tortured C that itself looks like an extension of fire. This symbol is called: Flaming C. The red C-shape is tilted slightly to the right. Flames are depicted on the left side. The outline is outlined with a thick orange stripe.

Where did Calgary Flames come from?

The original city of Calgary Flames was Georgia State Atlanta. The team appeared there in 1972, and after eight years moved to Canada – to Calgary. It is now one of two National Hockey League franchises in the province of Alberta.

Who owned the Calgary Flames?

The hockey club is owned by the Calgary Sports and Entertainment Corporation. It is a privately held organization based in Alberta that operates four sports franchises from Calgary. Its chairman is the Canadian financier and billionaire Norman Murray Edwards.

When was the Calgary Flames founded?

The Calgary Flames team was founded in 1972 under the name Atlanta Flames. And she received her current name in 1980.